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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » AoK Punk Massacre v1.0

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AoK Punk Massacre v1.0

Author File Description
AoK Punk Team
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of players: 4
Howdy. This is our new small mupltiplayer project (with triggers). Maybe you have played Bunker Commander for StarCraft, well...this is something like that, madness type.

In this map there are 4 castles (with walls, gates, towers), each player controls one of these castles, player doesn`t need to train unts, he/she gets them from triggers (approximately 34 units per minute per player). To stop your opponent you must destroy his castle (this won`t kill him but it would stop his unit production). This is 2vs2 map, but it playable FFA and single player as well.

Here`s some info about this map:

-48 triggers line: 16 conditions lines, 145 effects lines. -No Dialogs or dialogs sounds, but a kick-ass custom music (from Brave Heart)

This mp3 is from Brave Heart the Movie soundtracks CD, I have downgraded quality to 2200mhz, but anyway, this sample is for sampling only, if you like it, go and by Brave Heart the Movie soundtracks CD (17,66 $US) or tape (12,99 & US). You won`t regret buying it. -Once you started to play you can`t stop

-Detailed awesome terrain
-You`ll be challenged no matter how you play it: FFA, 2vs2 or Single player. Even newbi can kick your ass in this madness
-First AoK Madness type map

The point ot making this madness, is to inspire other map makers to make other kick-ass mulitplayer projects

Scenario Instructions:

Copy scn file to your scenario folder, and mp3 file to your sound/scenarios directory. In multiplayer set maximum of 4 player (you must have 4 players in order to play, set 2 comp players if you have only 2 players), other VERY IMPORTANT thing: don`t change your player # (if u r in slot # 1 you must be player 1, if u r in slot # 2 you must be player 2 e.t.c). If you are playing coop you must have first 4 players to set player 1,2,3,4 and other 4(or whatmany u may have) can set any player they like.

Other thing: (this is not necessary) set following civilizations:

Player 1: Britons or Franks
Player 2: Turks or Byzantine
Player 3: Japanese or Chines
Player 4: Teutons and Vikings

Here's a couple images from the scenario. Also... to hear the music properly, you must set your music setting to off but leave your sound setting on.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
The AoK Punk Massacre is a massive battle in which each player receives a never ending stream of units. The players throw these units at one another and in the ensuing massacre the players’ units reappear. There is no limit to the number of units each player has, unlike most bloods, and some strategy is involved.

Playability: Highly enjoyable! There is a degree of satisfaction in massive conflicts, and surprisingly a lot of strategy is involved in the battle. There are no bugs that I noticed. In conclusion, this is fun, but it gets a bit repetitive after 30 minutes. There is lag, but lag is a fact of life in multiplayer. The only problem is that if a player resigns, the game keeps spawning units for that player. The result is a massive pile up of units that can seriously lag the game.

Balance: Despite the fact that each player gets a separate set of units, these units balance each other well. The only thing I would suggest is that the author removes the elite war elephants for player 2. These units are very hard to kill and can cause a lot of damage to a player before dying.

Creativity: There isn't a lot of creativity in this scenario. All it is are massive armies being thrown at each other, trying to advance a few inches with each battle. Try experimenting, add new things, and maybe add some obstacles around the arena. Maybe a naval element should be added.

Map Design: The map is good, with plenty of eye candy, but the map seems to open for my tastes. Try adding forests, a few more rivers with bridges, and maybe make the players’ towns seem more interesting.

Story Instructions: The scenario features a small cryptic plotline, but after the opening sequence, the battle begins and the plot has little or no influence on the scenario. The opening sequence also doubles as instructions. According to the review tutorial, this is a four.

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Map Design4.0
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Size:1.64 MB