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Relic Central 6

Author File Description
Cheerful Chum
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 8
War story:
[b]The day Zen & cherryfunk whooped everyone's bottom...[/b]


[b]The Location[/b]: On a lonely island, in a galaxy far, far away.
[b]The Occasion[/b]: The Forum smurf party *& how it came to be*

It was a war of great warriors. We were all fighting for the riches that the central land held for us, for though rich... our riches, if not augmented, would not last forever. Legend has it that the central hill held many ancient relics protected by the forces of gaia. The legend further states that the warrior who could unpack a trebuchet on top of the hill would, in doing so, declare himself to be the [b]king of the hill[/b] and we would be forced to pay taxes to him... making him richer by the second, until he was dethroned by one of us.

So it was for this noble quest that we started fighting, and fight well we did. The fighting was intense for [b]the general with the highest score at the end of 700 years would win.[/b] Generations to come will see their forefathers locked in vicious combat and applaud their heroic deeds.

A look at the warriors and their clans...
Leader of the Turkish warriors.
Kman had one of the strongest foot-ranged units under him. They are weak under a cavalry charge, but Kman, being more than just an ordinary general, realized this mad supplemented his army with camels. The Turkish skill in making bombard cannons is legendary, and though expensive, these siege weapons were put into good effect by him.

Korean general.
Who has not heard of the war wagons and Korean onagers wreaking havoc over the opponent armies? Cherryfunk makes full use of his expensive army to rip apart his opponents to shreds... for most part of the game.

[b]Angel Zen[/b]
Aztec commander.
Talk about infantry! Commanding one of the best infantry armies, Zen pulls off some amazing small victories. One of the huge advantages that the Aztecs have over all of us is mobility. Their Eagle Warriors are fast and sure can take a beating. Keep a lookout for the guerrilla tactics that he employs throughout the period of recorded history.

Koreans again.

Briton General.
The Briton army... cheap and deadly, in the right hands. The only four things that the Britons must hate are Korean Onagers, Massed Eagle Warriors, massed Huskrals & Cataphract charges... all of which were present in ample quantities throughout the game. So The Briton army pretty much had its pants down from the start. It was only because of the leadership of Habidakus that they managed to save face... or did they?

[b]Angel Spineman[/b]
Byzantine Leader.
What can one say about the Byzantines... nothing apart from the fact... that they totally own you. Byzantine cataphracts are the best all round units in the game, and if some backup is provided by HCs or Arbs, then they can totally devastate any army fielded by anyone else. Provided of course that one manages them well.

Goth Warlord.
Goths... hmmm, food for the Turkish HCs. Food for the Byzantine army. Not bad for a start ;) This variable makes things interesting because though the goth are ill equipped to deal with anyone else, they can totally rock the boats of a Briton who will mass longbows and an Aztec who chooses to go heavy on Ews.

Back to the topic
What actually happened?

[b]700 years to go[/b]
Nothing much, everyone prepares their first wave of warriors, and pays for spies.

[b]650 years to go[/b]
The Goths as always flood the center, and are instantly fighting on two fronts. The Turks and Byzantines, traditional rivals that they are, instantly start some minor cavalry skirmishes. One band of Turkish camels lead the Byzantine Phracts towards the strongpoint of the Turkish army, with interesting consequences.

[b]600 years to go[/b]
The batch of Korean onagers by sandyman meant for the center are intercepted by a vew champions of Habby. Precious gold wasted. The Turkish army marches to the center, and is trying to destroy the Gothic trebuchet that's sapping up all gold. Habby, wedged between two Koreans finally starts to feel the wrath of Korean onagers. Spineman sends some of his cataphracts to the central hill, where the Goths were fighting, and immediately the cataphract bonus is visible :) meanwhile, Zen decides to play it cool and gather some relics instead.

This game, from this point on needs to be watched to be truly appreciated.

1. Watch the recording [HERE]

2. The game at 600 years...[HERE]

3. The Scenario File...[HERE]


PS. Those who played ;) can they please post their gaming experiences here?
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