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Th¡çk ßløød v2_4

Author File Description
Çérw¡ñ Vêgå
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of players: 4
Th¡çk ß|øød v.2.4
Created by: Çérw¡ñ Vêgå
Thanks to Shadows for trigger help.

The objective for this scenario is to destroy the enemy Castles.

If you place your soldiers on the flags behind your fort, you will receive more of them at their respective spawning flag in the middle of your fort. ALL SOLDIERS WILL PRODUCE MORE OF THEIR OWN KIND (except Villagers, War Elephants, Bad Neighbors, and Furious Monkey Boys). There is a limitation on how many soldiers spawn by themselves (75), but you can manually move soldiers/boats off of the spawning flags and more WILL be produced. When you have gotten up to a certain number of kills you will receive different and more powerful soldiers. When your kills get high enough you will start receiving boats. The boats spawn in the same manner as the soldiers with the exception there is only one creation flag and one spawning flag. Both are on the sides of your fort within the moats.

During the scenario you will receive Villagers, Bad Neighbors (Trebuchets), and War Elephants for back-up at pre-deteremined time intervals.

Very important part!! If you keep 5 of your soldiers (doesn't matter what kind) on the middle island on the sacred slab, every soldier in your army will receive 1hp every 4 seconds. This includes your entire population with the exception of your Monk and Villagers.


100 kills you will get Aethelfirth

200 kills you will get Knight

300 kills you will get Charlemaine

350 kills you will get 4 Siege Onagers

450 kills you will get Cannon Galleon

550 kills you will get Demolition Ships

650 kills you will get Robin Hood

750 kills you will get Paladin

850 kills you will get Jean Bureau

950 kills you will get Elite Turtle Boats

1100 kills you will get El Cid Campeador

1300 kills you will get Genghis Kahn

1450 kills you will get 6 Furious Monkey Boys


2 razings you will get Plate Mail Armor (Infantry Full Armor)

4 razings you will get Ring Archer Armor (Archer Full Armor) & Chemistry

6 razings you will get Bracer and Blast Furnace

8 razings you will get Siege Engineering

10 razings you will get Plate Barding Armor (Cavalry Full Armor)

12 razings you will get Hoardings (1000 hp added to each castle)

14 razings you will get Spies/Treason and advance to the Imperial Age
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Çérw¡ñ Vêgå
File Author
Additional Notes:

*I've heard a lot of people ask; Why do you get Villagers?

- The villagers are there to repair the castles/gates and to build addtional gates.

*Somethings I didn't include in the hints:

- You can use your gates within the fort to control where your units go. This is usefull if your being bombarded at the front entrance and that's where your soldiers are going. Lock the front gate and the soldiers will use the other gates instead.
- Immediately take the middle and let your Bad Neighbors (Trebuchets) build up hitpoints so that when you get 4 or 5 Bad Neighbors together they will be unstoppable when attacking an enemy castle.
- When you get the Cannon Galleons, make up a posse and go to the the side lakes and take out the enemy Bombard Towers. This accomplishes 2 things: First your Bad Neighbors won't have to stop to take the towers out and possible take on damage, and Two you will get easy razings and upgrade quicker.
- Once you get Robin Hood, use them to defend the middle area. They seem to be most effective, especially after their hitpoints exceed 300.
- Don't bother with taking out the Bombard Towers and Gates within the fort itself. Just go straight for the Castles with your Bad Neighbors.
Cerwin Vega

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