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Becking Shire

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 3
A marauding force of evil that resides in the south is threatening Becking Shire. It is your task to rid the land of the Dark Prince’s terror, or play as the evil menace.
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 2
The scenario started off okay but got more aggravating as it went on. All players are capped at Castle Age, making the end-game almost impossible. In addition, the inclusion of multiple Furious the Monkey Boy units makes for a Nintendo Hard player 3.

Balance: 1
Since this game is a free-for-all, player 3 has the biggest advantage by far. It seems the intention was that players 1 and 2 cooperate to fight player 3 but they're all set to enemy with teams locked. Since #3 starts with a huge number of Teutonic Knights and monkeys, they're ridiculously overpowered. Player 1 also has a powerful custom tower guarding them that player 2 doesn't.

Creativity: 1
I swear, stuff was just thrown in at random. I don't think there was any creative thought put into this at all. Powerful towers stuck in weird places on the map, hunting wolves and iron boars everywhere, Furious the Monkey Boy... It's nuts. Players 1 and 2 also start with a strange mish-mash of random heroes for some reason. As Player 1, I also got a War Wagon in the middle of the map. Player 2 also found an elephant belonging to Gaia that served no purpose.

Map Design: 2
The map was decent-looking, but the large bridges separating players 1 and 2 from the mainland caused navigation issues that eventually became very challenging.

Story/Instructions: 1
There's no story or instructions at all. In fact the filename is just a generic title: the_game_4.

Additional Comments:
This scenario would be a fairly normal ordinary scenario but with a few issues that make it less than ideal.
To begin with, player 3 is hugely powerful, starting with loads of special units, including a few dozen Furious the Monkey Boys. If he decided to, he could rush both player 1 and 2's bases from the start and they wouldn't stand a chance. One of these guys can take down a castle in seconds and units don't even target it by default so they can do the whole thing as a sneak attack. The only hope players 1 and 2 have is to team up and keep him occupied long enough to be able to defend themselves and then eventually slaughter him. This is very difficult to do, especially since players 1 and 2 are not on a team and their units will attack each other by default.
Imperial Age is also disabled and the three players can only proceed to Castle Age. This by itself wouldn't be such a huge issue, except that players 1 and 2 have a long bridge leading to their bases that are easily protected with gates and towers. Being unable to build trebuchets or cannon galleons or bombard cannons means those walls are not coming down. Ever.
When my friend and I played, we were at a stalemate until I surrendered. I even used monks to convert about a dozen of player 3's Furious units and demolished player 2's forward base. But the bridge created too small a choke point for even Furious to get through and they were all blown to pieces one by one. I tried everything I could to get through and nothing worked. Petards get sniped before they're even close. Rams can't even navigate properly. When I tried using rams, player 2 stuck a bunch of Woad Raiders out on the bridge that prevented them from reaching the wall and they were wrecked. If I could upgrade the rams to capped or siege rams, there might have been a chance of success, but no Imperial Age, remember? Even though I was Britons, the towers outranged my archers and I couldn't even shoot down the Raiders clogging the bridge as I'd get killed instantly.
I even tried with a navy, but the most powerful ships aren't available and heated shot meant the strategically placed towers and castles tore them to shreds. Resignation is the only possible outcome to this scenario.

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Map Design2.0
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