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Running Man v1.1

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SCN Punk
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of players: 7
Running Man is a multi-player scenario created by Enrique Orduno.

You can view the pre-game screen here.

To download the Sound pack(5 megs), click here.

Running Man is a multi-player scenario for 2 to 7 players. In this scenario, roles are the key. One running man, alone against the other players who want to catch and kill him. He will have to survive 15 minutes in a town where everyone tries to kill him. Will you be the Running man(a red THS who has to avoid any other players and survive 15 minutes), the Hunter(1 janissary and 2 militias who have to hunt and kill the Running Man) or one of the Civilians(6 villagers per player, they can build outposts and palisades and find the Running Man to give his location to the Hunter) ? It's your choice.

Running Man is based on Stephen King's book : The Running Man. The scenario takes place in a small city with many special areas.

Read all the text files in the Zip file, look at how a pre-game screen should look like and test the scenario before playing it on the zone. Also read the Objectives, Scouts and Hints. You should explain carefully to the players how to play before the beginning of the game.
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Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Year 2025. Pollution, segregation, poverty, death. The world is a terrible place to live in. But there is one thing that captivates everyone. A game show. "The Running Man". Step into that year in this masterpiece.

I must start off by saying that you're not mistaken. The above score, 4.8, is one I definately think "The Running Man" deserves... with some reservations. As with AoKasino, (another great scenario by Enrique Orduno), I encountered some conflict with myself about what score to give, and once again I compromised for the higher score with reservations mentioned in the review.

Here goes, worst first, (to leave the best for last). Map Design was indeed better than a random map, (as specified in the guidelines), but it was also unrealistic. The incredibly straight lines (even with the coastline and the river), the multiple wonders and monuments, and the fact that the only bridge between the two parts of the city is built on the widest point of the river, made the city in which The Running Man takes place rather cartoonish.
If the posh side of the city was decent, despite the multiple buildings of the same sort, the southern, slummy side of the city was a catastrophe. I realize that slums can never look nice, but they weren't slummy enough; The dead trees were good thinking, but more of them should have been put down. Carpets, broken roads, varying elevation, all kinds of buildings people wouldn't like to live next to, are good ideas for things to put in slums.
The giant inscriptions made on the terrain of the map, "ENRIQUEORDUNO", "RUNNINGMAN" and "EO" are newbieish and unfitting for such a great designer and scenario.
That about sums up the bad part about The Running Man and it was the only fault I could find in the whole scenario.

On the other hand, Playability, (probably the best part about the scenario), got 5. This is for three reasons:
1. Being the hunter is as fun as heck
2. Being the Running Man is as fun as heck
3. Being a villager is as fun as heck
Enough said here... The author dedicated a lot of thought to the way the scenario will be played and every game is different than it's predecessor.
Also, the game isn't laggy. At all. That was a very pleasant surprise. It's probably due to the fact that there aren't dozens and dozens of units moving around all the time, and the map isn't 99% trees (two very common mistakes).

Balance also recieved the same score, for the same three reasons mentioned above, just swap the word "fun" for "difficult"... excellent balance to the last hitpoint. Bad players will lose and good players will win in this game.
One would expect such an intricate game of guesswork to be buggy; it isn't. Pure fun-fun-fun for 15 minutes maximum, and though it sounds really short, try being the running man with 7 other people chasing after you without dying for 15 minutes.
A comment though: The instructions say it is a game for 2 to 7 players. Correct - the AI plays it foolishly so it won't work single-player. With 6 people to help a hunter out, it becomes a very easy game. I would reccomend maybe adapting it a little for 2 players... maybe something to give the hunter a clue where the running man is every once in a while.

The Instructions are superb, precisely depicting what everyone's job is, giving tips and descriptions for full understanding of the game.

Creativity... exquisite. AoK:TC as you've never played before.

You absolutely MUST download this, even if you'll only look at it in the editor for a second. We have a lot to learn from such "think outside the box" scenarios... playing such a game is great. May we see more games in the future.
LoD_Slider0 this is fun if you're the running man or the hunter, but it can get boring if you're the civilians. my favorite part is that you don't have to play it online(even though it works best then)
GraphiteFused ***********************Running Man v1.1********************

Run, run as fast as you can you can't catch me i am the Two Handed Swordsman. Running Man is all about running fast and far. This game is for 7 players. Player 1 becomes he prey (the hunter) player 2 is the hunter and everyone else is civilians. The object of the game is to kill the prey anyway you can, if your the hunter. If your the prey you want to run fast and far.

Playability 2

This scenario has the promise of being extremly fun, but sadly that rarely happens. Generally the game takes about 3-4 minutes to play. Now starting a game in the zone can take hours. Its just not worth it, an hour of waiting for 3 or 4 minutes of play time. Being the prey (running man) can be a lot of fun. There are lots of places to hide and secrets to be found. Being the Hunter is also a lot of fun, tracking the running man down, following the clues and then when you find him openning up a can of whop-ass on him. However being the civilian is extremly boring. You rarely get a situation where the civilians skills are useful.

Playability Improvements

-Instead of having 5 civilians there could be two running men and 2 hunters, and making the game only for 6 players.

-make the game longer, allow the host to choose how many rounds the game will go for and allow people to switch teams after every round

Balance 1

The Balance between the running man and the hunter is generally good, although the running man could have more places to hide, or the map could be larger. The balance of fun and enjoyment in this scenario is terrible. Only the Hunter and the running man get to have fun, the others basically just wait for the game to end, how boring.

Balance Improvements
-Things could be made better for the civilians so they could have more fun

Creativity 3

Overall this scenario is pretty creative, but when you boil it down its just your basic hunter and prey game. The idea of having civilians is something new however. The only problem is that the civilians really don't do much and the options they have been given really don't help them that much.

Creativity Improments
-Your department, not mine (sorry)

Map design 3

The map design is overall clean and crisp. You feel like your in a city, and your suppose to feel that way. I did feel that this scenario really lacked in eye candy and some parts of the map looked blocky and plain.

Map design Improvements

-Jazz things up, why does everything have to be so desolate and bleak

-The addition of some eye candy would also help

Story/Instructions 3

The Story/Instructions are exellent everything is explained clearly and it is concise. The only problem is there is not time to read them. The game takes only 3-4 mins and so by the time your done reading the game can be over, because there is a lot to read.

Story/Instructions Improvements
-Give the people some time to read at the start before the game begins.

Personally I don't think this scenario is that good (i hate to say that because now i feel like a jerk), but its the truth. This scenario has a good backbone it just needs some work. I would not recomend this scenario be downloaded (still feel like a jerk, sorry).
evincer_of_pain This was a very delightful game. It entertained me for many a good hour. I have tried bieng both runner and hunter they are both enjoyable. Ahh, but being a civilian is a bit tiresome. Oh yes, and i read the book too!
Jeffery Jair
Map Design4.0
This is a wonderful Multi-player scenarios, a unique style of way. Never played anything like it! I'm glad.

Playability - Dude! Being the runner, hunter,and the villagers was really fun!. Lots of option to be who ever you want.

Balance - It's fun. It's hard if you are the runner! But experts player should at least stay alive for 15 minutes with 6 chasers chasing after you!!! It's really fun.

Creativity - Magnificent! It's one-of-a-kind. It's a unique multi-player scenario.

Map Design - The map, could be lot better, and wish there would be more eye-candy for me to look at. The map is just plain...but the buildings are well arranged.

Story/Instrcutions - Perfecto! It show's all objective, hints, tips, and every profession's goal to complete the scenario. It's precise, and neat, well-organize, and I can't trace any grammar, or spelling errors. It's just great.

Improvement - More complicated eye candies should help =)

Overall - I'm proud to review this wonderful multi-player scenario. It's fun for all players! Great Job!
Woad Creator Three words: 5 out of 5
Tobster thats 4 words
Official Reviewer
and your comment is 2 years past the other comment

and mine is 1 year after yours :p

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Map Design4.0
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