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The World Cartograph

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of players: 8
The Cartograph Series is a series of carefully crafted real-world maps by Ballard.
The World Cartograph, the third map in this series, is a beautiful map of the entire world using the basic template of the original World Cartograph, but vastly improved from the original.

Click to view the full screenshot.

Beginning on one of the two icey poles of the Earth, the player must hastily load their colonists onto a transport and begin the mad rush, whilst dodging treacherous icebergs, to be the first to colonise their desired continent, where a most exciting game of world-domination will begin...


-An accurate and spectacular world-map design, accompanied by beautiful and geographically-accurate terrain.
-Typical RM resource placement (except trees) on each continent. Aboundant seas in which to fish. Relics included.
-Treacherous icebergs lurking in the polar extremes, capable of sinking entire fleets of ships (beware!).
-Particularly fun SHIMO playability, but very exciting gameplay nevertheless.
-Wolves, dingos, hyenas, and jaguars - all on their appropriate continent.


-This is designed for multiplayer purposes only, and is therefore not playable as singleplayer.
-As with all multiplayer scenarios, when playing, all player numbers and colours must be the correct order. These not being in order will result in one or more players with their population limit messed up.
-This map must be played with medium, or high resources, as the building of a Town Centre is necessary at the start.

From the tropical rainforests of South East Asia and northern Australia, to the icey tundra of Siberia, to the vast Sahara desert, to the varied climate of the Americas, let your national patriotism explode, I'm sure you'll find some of the most fun games playing this map - The World Cartograph.

Carefully crafted by Ballard.
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Cheesius Maximus ATTENTION: There is a trigger mistake, the iceberg, piranha, and probably mosquito messages I have accidently put on looping.
Meaning once the message is activated, it will keep coming up the rest of the game.
If you know how, change it to not looping!
Lord_Death Could you help me a bit? Whenever my villager comes to the piranhas, instead of dying, the whole game quits and returns to the desktop, with the music still playing. Put up a reply here.
Cheesius Maximus A trigger bug, I'll see if I can fix it and post an update.
Cheesius Maximus

View the full map screenshot

The Conquistador
Map Design5.0
Once in a while we get a truly excellent Multi-player map. This is such an example.

The playability, to be honest, this was not a good aspect of the scenario. Like all World Maps, this was pretty much like a random map. However, don't despair. If you like random map games, this is a good map for you.

The balance was good, but juding from the distance I would say that the people on Antarctica has an advantage since they could arrive on a continent faster than the ones in the north pole. So, the mark will not be a perfect 5.

The creativity would've gotten a 3 since the concept of a world map is nothing new. However, I found it quite interesting that the author managed to get rid of the problem that you cannot randomly generate a town center with villagers beside it like a RMS by having the players starting in the poles. However, one innovation is not enough to get a full 5.

The map design was fantastic and has every aspect needed to get a 5. Maybe I am being more lenient than usual as I am aware that multi-player scenarios cannot have too much eyecandy.

The story was not needed in a multi-player scenario and instructions are ample. Very well done in this section.

+ Points

-Great map design
-Enough instructions

- Points

-Could make the north pole closer to Canada

Final Thoughts: A truly outstanding multi-player scenario. I believe that there are only 5 other Multi-player scenarios that are in the Best of AOK so you can see how much this scenario deserves to be regarded highly. Good day :-)
Cloud 1: Loops

If the Message thing is in the same trigger as the kill object thing, it must stay on looping, or it will kill only the first villager that enters the area.

2: TC's

Can you make a single-player version of the cartograph please (only a player and the computers?) Here's how to:
Instead of having everyone starting on the North/South pole, remove all the belongings of all the players. This way, they will start with a TC, three villagers, and a scout at a random location on the map (just a suggestion).

The Dragon Reborn Excellent work, Cheese...graphically, anyway. I have yet to encounter this evil trigger...

I suggest following the idea of making a single player version, with the TC already placed.
Lightning Great work Cheesy! :-) But I'm having the same problem as...whoever had this problem (forgot his name) When I go by the piranhas, AOK crashes! Me and my brother were playing it, and when I went by the piranas BOTH our systems crashed, and we was all the way over in Africa! Weird... |33+ scensrio though. =D
Duncan I have 2 things to say, first this is by far the best world map detailed realistic etc that i have ever seen (i in a elite World Map clan so i have seen alot)#2 i know tons about triggers and the piraha trigger is a glitch, to keep the pirahas and not have the glitch simply redo the trigger and do the same for other ones that causes your game to stop and keep the music playing, hopefully this helps :) P.S. keep up the great work
P.S.S did u make a map of europe and its surroundings? if not plz make one i love europe maps :)
File Author
Thanks for the comments, I think I've reached my goal of having this map fairly well known and prominant in the AOK world (yayness). :-)

About the piranhas - though I did fix the trigger some time ago and post an update, in the latest update I have removed the piranhas (and mosquitos) for balance purposes. It made for a slightly unbalanced game if units could be killed by triggers in the Americas, whilst in the rest of the world there was no danger from such things. The icebergs though, remain, as they don't unbalance the game.
Map design was also improved considerably in the latest update.
So do please consider downloading this map again, as it has been updated with many, many improvements.

-Ballard (aka Cheesius Maximus)
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Map Design5.0
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