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monk and elephant II

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 4
well,it have many new feature so i can say it's better than any sinple blood,u have to control 3 unit:monk elephant and archer,kill for ele and archer update ,covernt for monk update,when ur gate is almost broken in u can destroy enemy's wonder or kill his hero to make him say nothing but then u can say gg...i don't have enough time to make scenario but i did afford much to it becauz it's my first scenario.i am sure u will enjoy it although.
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saxsavagejr What!?!?!? What kind of descrption is that!?! First off, most of the sentences don't make sense. I don't understand many of the word either? Where does some one learn to speak such absolutely horrible English!?! It's sickening! Learn to write!
Dispari Scuro
Map Design1.0
Playability: 2
This was an okay map scenario, so I'd start off with a 3 just to say average. But it loses a little bit because it's really repetitive and for the longest time just results in a crazy-long stalemate unless someone gets any slick ideas.

Balance: 4
I can't really give this any balance points that are low. Everyone has the same stuff... I believe. The only way I could possibly take away points is that I believe the map isn't perfectly symmetrical and I had an easier time squeezing between trees than my partner did.

Creativity: 3
I think this was creative, it was just poorly executed. I give it an average score because I could tell the author was trying.

Map Design: 1
Map was pretty bad. Besides the possibly asymmetrical advantages, the map was really boring. Flat, underdetailed, and mostly symmetrical design meaning it's just four square bases facing eachother. Also, while I'm not sure what objects in each base need to be destroyed to win, there's a cathedral in the back that's basically unprotected and it was easy to run around the castles and destroy it.

Story/Instructions: 2
Ehh, I've played a lot of scenarios that don't bother with instructions so I can't stand to give this a 1. But I really would like to. It has instructions, but every single one of them is misspelled and impossible to understand. You get messages that flash up and say garbled things, all while it plays totally irrelevant sound bytes from normal scenarios.

Additional Comments:
To properly understand this game, let me give you an idea of how it plays out. You get three kinds of units. You get monks, war elephants, and archers. At first we thought this was a paper/rock/scissors type thing. Monks beat elephants, elephants beat archers, archers beat monks. You move your hero onto platforms to spawn each type. However, you can have 20 of each. At the same time. So you start off with 20 rocks (elephants), 20 papers (monks), and 20 scissors (archers). Sometimes you get a bombard cannon but it's so rare and they die so fast that it kind of doesn't matter.

Right off the bat the best thing to do is run around converting elephants with paper. By the way, this is really annoying. You don't have the multi-convert tech so you have to click one monk at a time to do conversions. This micromanagement gets old really fast. Once you have a lot of rocks you can try to assault a base.

For a long time, it's pointless to make scissors because of all the rocks just rolling over everything and making walls and even paper get splatted. Then one of the early bonuses for conversions lets you convert monks. So to recap, rock beats scissors and paper, paper beats rock and also paper, and scissors is stupid.

Once you start getting more kills and upgrades you begin to get Longbowmen and elite war elephants. At some point the game either breaks or decides you just really need a crapton of Longbowmen, and starts spawning them indefinitely, once a second. Around this time, I think, the triggers start to just spawn everything no matter where your hero is standing. You soon get so many scissors that they just swarm and fill the map and there are hundreds of them. At this point, rock beats scissors except there are so many scissors that rock can't get to them without dying, scissors beats paper, and paper's results aren't worth spending your time on. So scissors beats rock, scissors beats paper, and scissors beats scissors. At this point, scissors still sucks but there are SO MANY OF THEM that all you can do is just keep sending them at other scissors and watch all the sparks fly because damn.

Then for some reason after a number of kills you start getting Genghis Khan units, which is like super-scissors. They have like 400 HP and 25 damage, so you just send them into the giant swarm of Longbowmen and have scissors and super-scissors cutting everything to shreds.

Eventually there are 300+ archers all standing around killing eachother indefinitely and you reach a stalemate because nobody can advance and you're spending all your time telling archers to go somewhere in groups of 40. At least until you send your rocks on a secret mission to circle the map and come into the enemy base from the side and take down some castles. Eventually, through unknown events, the other player's units stop spawning and you win.

Also this is a 4-player scenario so if the other two players are actually humans, expect this to take at least 8 hours.

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Map Design1.0
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