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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » The ultimate multiplayer 3 pack

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The ultimate multiplayer 3 pack

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 6
The ultimate multiplayer 3 pack

This pack contains 3 amazing multiplayer levels that redefine the way you play online. Also included is a kick ass sound track and its all for only 2 megs.

1) Six way to die

This level was designed to be anti rushing. This level has amazing detail and is great for 3 vs 3, free for alls and 2 vs 2 vs 2. But when playing this level you have to beware of the middle!

2) ice and snow of discontent

This is a sea battle level. It is a good 3 vs 3 level. In this level the map is divided in half by clifs, except for a gate in the middle which can be controled by the different teams. This level makes for exciting sea battles!

3) A Bridge too far

This i another anti rushing level. It is a 3 vs 3 level. In this level there is a bridge that is broken, so you have to repair it before you can go over it and this slows down potential rushers.

A spokes person from ensemble studios

These are all fantastic levels and anyone who doesn't download them is a fool.
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Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
This multiplayer pack, composing of three individual scenarios, is certainly an interesting one, and most definately a great place to start. A couple of things that can be added (or subtracted, for that matter), can do wonders to the score of this scenario.

An excellent example of this is in the Story/Instructions field. While even a short description of the map - either in the instructions field or in in-game instructions - could contribute to the overall feel of the game, this privilege was denied from us in both first scenarios, although not in "A bridge too far".

The creativity category stands as a contrast to this, however. All scenarios start out in a typically RM-style, but with a small twist. In "Six ways to die" there's a narrow strait of land that connects you and the other players, in which all the gold is. In "A Bridge too far" there are two teams, each team has a "captian" in which a blocked bridge passes. The bridge can only be opened once, and once it is open, it can't be closed. Any captain can open the bridge, but it costs 1000 of every resource. This, I must admit, makes for some very interesting situations.

But it's not all good, either. Balance is something that troubled me in this Mutiplayer pack. For example, in "The Ice and Snow of Discontent" you're on the same island with two other players, and there's another island with three other players. But there's a long wall of cliffs that seperates between the islands, with only a gaia gate to pass through. Now, this scenario isn't balanced because the first human player to reach the gaia gate is in full control of it, which gives him an advantage, and not all the players are in equal distance from the gate. A shame.

I gave Playability a 3 because I felt it was average fun, with a small twist. But not a twist deserving to be a 4.

Map Design recieved an average score mainly due to either over-detail (in "six ways to die", you could see haystacks in the middle of a forest) or under-detail (I couldn't find any eye candy in "a bridge too far"). Another interesting detail is that I saw mesoamerican plants on the snow in "the ice and snow of discontent.

Since some of the ideas used here are brilliant, but other things are screaming for improvement, I'll take the liberty to specifically point out the main stuff I'd love to see improved:
- Add instructions
- Optimize maps
- Try to put yourself in the place of each and every player
- Change more things in the gameplay... (Why does everyone start out with one TC, 3 villagers and a scout? Experiment!)

I think I'd reccomend this for download, even if only for "A bridge too far", which I think is by far the best scenario in the pack. Enjoy.

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Map Design3.0
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