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The Swallowed Realm Chapter 2

Author File Description
SCN Punk
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
The Swallowed Realms Chapter Two: Over the Great Wall, continues where Chapter One left off. You start with Yrdsil,Davub and Tijis as they go on a spying mission across the great border of the Orcain lands. Their main mission: Cross the Great Wall and spy on the neighboring cities. FInd imformation on the whereabouts of the royal family, and report back to General Hade. But..things do not go always as planned. As the two elves and one human find out.

Things are never as what they seem, alliances are easily broken, and lies are made with ease in this fantasy filled world of Darron. Expect the unexpected might not be enough, as through the twist and turns of this world, one might find themself lost intertwined in the very balance of it all. Confused and lost are close thoughts.

Entering homes and quaters, if a building has a flag beside it is enterable.
A knock-out trick
The Old Click=Talk trick.
Custum Sound Track
Two Cutscenes
Continued Story of SR1.
And other things.

I hope you enjoy this time consuming map, it was made to challenge, and fill one with this story. Alot of story fillers are in this scenario, to make the player understand the story better.

Scn Punk,AoKasino

Map Design ,Story Creation, and Trigger Work done by :Shadows
Custum Music Composed by:Chrono Chross". Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. This is Demo Track. If you wish to have the entire version you will need to purchase the CD" Chrono Cross Soundtrack.

BETA TESTING: Angel Zen,Park305, Dastal, The Great Alexander, The Conquistador (Stan),Zverushka,Crusader14,Mental_Dwarf,NewBye.Angel TDS.

Additional Credits:
Angel The Downward Sprial: Thanks just being there for someone to talk to. Making the SR scenarios is rather stressfull at times.
Ex-T: For accepting my request to join the AoK Punk Team.
Elite Raider: For showing me this community is all about creating great scenarios, and should be less about silly conflicts.
Rodrigo: For one, not being sour about me leaving, two for being a nice friend,three for being a dedicated team leader. I wish you and AoK Dragons the best of luck in the future.
Cat: For being able to solve our differances.
EO: For, as always, creating the BMPs that have been in almost EVERY scenario I have created.
Red Monk: Your one of my only writing freinds. I have learned numerous things from you, and I plan to learn much more.
Park 305: For the excellant testing, and the grateful opinions I recieved from you about SR2.
The Great Alexander: For the fantastic bug testing you have done since Shadowmind Episode one. Maybe I should try to get you your own testing service ;-).

Everyone at AoK Dragon, for I learned much about the arts of flaming from you :-P, and numerous tricks and ways that I will not easily forget about scenario designing. I wish you the best of luck in the future. And just maybe, things might be able to go back like they used to be.

Everyone at AoK Punk for the warm welcome I recieved, and the nice page just for my project. I am forever grateful.

I am sorry if I happened to miss anyone....

If you have any questions or comments, please stop by at and ask me in the forums, or you can email me at

Thank you for Downloading The Swallowed Realms Chapter two, look for Chapter 3 soon.

The story starts in The Swallowed Realm and continues in The Swallowed Realm:Chapter Three
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
This campaign left me wanting for more. I was so crazed at the end waiting for more.

Absolutely fantastic. It left me wanting for much more. Once I got the hang of how to play it(after infinity amount of times), it was fun all the way.

What can I say. Great. Though it would be recommended to make this easier. I did win though. Fortunately. But other than that, great! Btw, it's an understatement in the hints that there will be a lot of enemies. There will be an infinite amount of enemies.

Absolutely fantabulous. The author has revolutionised the scenario editor.

Map Design:
Wonderful. There were some cool things which I had only seen in Ingo Van Thiel's campaign before. Anyway, it's impossible to describe the beauty of the map.

Beautiful. At the end, I nearly cried when it ended.

Final Verdict:
I command you to download this now! If you are a fan of RPGs, this is the one for you! Download it now! And offto the Best of AoK.... Btw, one last thing Shadows...I didn't find any magic noodles...where were they? I got everything else except that.
Map Design5.0
Shadows, other of The Swallowed Realm, has greatly improved his skills after Shadowmind and The Swallowed Realm Episode I. The Swallowed Realm Episode II was one of the most brilliant and excellent scenarios I have ever experienced... but it is no 5.0... yet, I'm sorry.

The playability was great. The music just set the scene and made everything fun. I believe the music in this scenario is from Chrono Cross. The up-beat song pumps you up and you get into the scenario which makes it a blast!

The balance, I believe, was off. The enemies consistantly attacked Yrdsil rather then Davub or Tijis at the beginning. I believe if you had given Yrdsil some more HP (even though you can find him weapons and armor), the balanec would have been just right. Because it took me atleast 6 or 7 tries before I could complete this scenario because Yrdsil always died at the beginning.

The creativity was nothing less then a 5. Shadows and the SCN Punk team have a reputation for implementing new tricks into gameplay which make their scenarios extremly creative... Save Points, White Pennants, Accessable Buildings, Optional Hidden Equipment, and much more!

The map design was just... there is no word to describe it! I loved the map design! Shadows is a (a, not the) king of map design and I'm sure that there is nobody who would disagree with me.

The story/instructions was great! Although the story isn't exactly up to par with Shadowmind, it is much more professional, realistic, and understandable. The instructions are easy to understand, and the intro bitmaps are average.

Overall, this is a great campaign, but I just don't think it deserved a 5 yet. If when the campaign is finished and all the scenarios are put into one CPX file, then the campaign will deserve a 5.0. But I just don't think single scenarios deserve 5.0s unless they are masterpieces or classics (AOKasino, The Quest, etc). I hope to see many people download it and comment on it! Way to go SCN Punk team... especially Shadows!
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Beyond The Great Wall is a single scenario, a RPS. It is the second part of the unfinished three-set Swallowed Realm Series. On the first Orion Award, the scenario won the awards for Best Music Featured in a Scenario and for Most Challenging Scenario.

The humans, with the help of the Elves Yrdsil, Davub and their human friend Tijis destroyed the two Orcian boarder cities. Now they are send on a spying mission and Xaxerns separate them from the homeland of the Orcs with the Royal City of Tuscan right behind the great wall, which the Orcs built against invading Dracions.

PLAYABILITY: I played the scenario the first time in less than an hour and was disappointed. Do not get me wrong, it is a great scenario, challenging with fun game play and perfect pace. I looked in the best of AoK for a high rating and played "Beyond the Great Wall" before the other two chapters. The story did not make any sense to me, why would two elves and a human take a spying mission into Orcian land having to fight Xaxerns to get there and who was general Hade? The characters developed in chapter 1; here you only knew their names and race. The fighting on the mountain pass seemed repetitive against archers, wolves and infantry, even though it would have been a good variation if you played chapter 1 first, which is more complete in many aspects to rate. After watching the ingenious cut-scene, the scenario ended abrupt and I was still wondering where I missed some upgrades. I replayed lately and discovered more areas to explore, which included two of the missing upgrades. I did not encounter any lag or bug. Just one thing, where are the magic noodles? 4

BALANCE: I played the scenario on moderate and hard, the balance is perfect for this short RPG and I had the required reloads. The scenario is challenging and quite demanding in tactics and micromanagement. You can choose your own difficulty level, taking the short way, following the instructions or explore all roads, find two more upgrades and have more challenge. Some people complained about the balance being too hard. This is the second chapter of The Swallowed Realm series and the RPG part got a little harder, it has a good learning curve if you practiced chapter one. Yrdsil, armed with a longbow, as the weapons name also implies, has a long attack range, so keep him behind and use elevations. In RPG/RPS, always attack a unit first with a swordsman and than with the bowman. If attacked, make him move towards Davub and Tijis, you should bring Yrdsil to the save point without too many scratches. Still, I found using the same tactic during the whole scenario unsatisfactory for a perfect rating. You could have added supporting troops of humans and dwarves for a short way giving some varied small battles with different enemies. 5-

CREATIVITY: Undoubted high creativity, I especially liked the final cut-scene, well done! There were explosions, a closing wall, a triple knock out, great music file, and buildings became "accessible" by clicking, good variety for hidden upgrades, great save point, and click and talk triggers. On the downside repetitive down- and uphill fighting regarding the composition of the small enemy groups, the bitmap from ID 353 and a great story, taken out of its context. 5-

MAP DESIGN: The map has everything to deserve the highest rating, nothing more and nothing less. 5

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Clear main objective, many hints and a good spell check this time. When you follow the in game objectives, you will miss two upgrades as well as some enemies, which was confusing, but intended. The fantastic story does not work as a fragment and IMO a designer should provide a different BMP for every upload. 5-

OVERALL: The workmanlike perfect scenario by Shadows, not up to the high level of chapter 1, misses the charm of chapter 3 and the unique atmosphere of Shadowmind.

OBSERVATIONS: Somehow "Beyond the Great Wall" does not work as a stand up alone scenario, especially not if you only play this chapter, like many do, as it has the most downloads of the three parts. Compared to the first and third part, the scenario is rather short; it serves mainly to develop the story, as a link between two pieces of an epic tale, marking the transition from the land of the Elves to the more hostile areas of the Orcs, Xaxerns and Dracions (Human-Dragons). The Swallowed Realm series should be in one .CPX file, which would be more user-friendly. To play the entire campaign you have to do three downloads, provided you know they exist and it takes some time. The campaign was very difficult to rate due to the fact that none of the categories was a clear 5.0 except map design. In the end, I decided to take one point off playability, being the most subjective category.

SUGGESTIONS: It is a great scenario; just fix the other two chapters, bring the three scenarios into one .CPX and tell us the end of the story please. :-)

IN CLOSING: If you did not play ID 353: The Swallowed Realm yet, you should play it first, not to miss the fantastic story, great game play and challenging experience. I also recommend the four chapters (three downloads) of Shadowmind of the same author, they are entertaining, challenging; have a very special atmosphere and a great, complete story; a must have.

[Edited on 10/10/06 @ 06:31 PM]

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Map Design5.0
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