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Realms Of The Gods-Fusion Studios

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of players: 6
Realms Of The Gods, a Fusion Studios presentation by Ershin_. I mostly make campaigns and this was my first attempt at a multi play. You pick to either be good or bad. If you choose good you will pick from good gods and vise versa if you pick bad.When hosting this make shure all slots are full. The teams are PRE SET meaning you do NOT halft to set them. If someone leaves do not change color just add a comp in. Make 7th comp huns. You level up with kills you can tell what level your at by how much stone you have. Thats it and have fun ciao ~_^.

Other projects from Fusion Studios Ershin_; Voices of The Haunting-Under Cunstuction
Pland AOM projects; Embodied Forces
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TheCampeador Excellent Scenario Ershin!
Congrats from me ;)
Map Design3.0
“Realms of Gods” is pretty good an average scenario but this map looks kind of incomplete. Its is nice first try by Ershin. Most of the time was put on terrain and there are lots of Gaia units like too much forages and trees. This is kind of fantasy Multi-player Rpg scenario with pretty good game play (without bugs).

- Story instructions: All the story was totally based on the Cut scene intro and there was no instructions after the cut scene. There should be some hints and continuous story, which isn’t there L so this story is average between 2. Another things I found in this map related to the story were the hints section, victory and Loss sections. I think rather than putting credits in Hints you should put some hints which can help players. And for the victory and loss there should be some thing related to story not , you lose :p or you win J.if you concentrate little more, you can improve this part of scenario and easily achieve 4.

- Playability: Playability of this game is average, not in good. The reason which effects the playability of this game is lots of bugs. I found at least 3 major kind of bugs in this map. The first but in this map is that players can select almost all the heroes. In the starting on first battle field, you can convert lots of militias like 3-4 or may be more. After you convert you can use them to select hero. I think there should be some deactivate trigger to stop this. Same thing happens again when you find the Gaia base. You can make whole base and make lots of militias from the barracks, and use them to select the heroes. Another major bug which I found was on the Good side, which was when player 1 selects the eagle warrior , militia doesn’t removes and you can choose 2 heroes. With so many major bugs I cant give perfect 3 points in this category, but the score is between 2-3. It could be easily improved to 4 or may be 3. Over all this makes the map very easy to finish and i!t took me first try to finish this in single player mode and on multi-player. This is most likely B&D. with so many bugs on Rpg and playing it as B&D makes it really boring, and it shows lack of testing.

- Map Design: map design of this map is average and it is nothing less than 3 but not total 4. There are lots of Gaia units on the map like lots of forage and too many trees on the Evil side. There is no mixing of trees. There are lots of Bombard Towers (group of 3-4 towers joined together). And if you play the evil side there will be lots of empty path with leaves and few enemy units. Good side of map is done pretty well but lots on forages. I think using hay for selection heroes isn’t good idea for map design. You can find lots of square walls, which are usually used around the heroes selecting area and some enemy group of heroes, are surrounded by Square structure walls (I think Zombie area) this is – for map design. With so many bad things I cant give 4 which is good, but I think its deserving 3.

- Creativity: Creativity of this map isn’t strong because there is nothing new instead of 2 sides you can choose. Lack of trigger effects i.e. Farms eye candy (fire effect), which would be good for the bad side (hell side). There should be some explosions kind of stuff on hell sides. But as it gives you option of being good or bad, that is + point of this scenario. Creativity of this map revolves around 3.5. and it have lots of units option but I dint see any reason of making 2 Joan of Arc and 2 hellbenders on the Good side.

- Balance: as an average scenario, this section of map is also average with 3 points. I think on the bad side there are lots of units to buy like marmalukes, Sumari and plumb archers. But on the other side you can only buy archers as military units. And this scenario is easy because of bugs, which affects the balance of this scenario. If Ershin improves the bugs he can have lots of + points. If you are good Random Map player you can beat this map very easily with lots of military.

Overall this is an average scenario around 3 with few bad aspects like Bugs and Lack of Story instructions. Ershin as being in Creative Guys you can learn lots more from your experienced team mates and I think if you concentrate little more on map testing, and Story instructions, you can be pretty good scenario maker.

Comments: pretty good map but lack of map testing and weak story. And if you like multi-player Rpgs this will work fine.
atmosphere2003 Well done, this is a great scenario. It's a bit confusing but the amount of choices for a multi- player scenario is outstanding. Ershin must have used atleast 400 triggers. There was only one error that I saw, it was that you can choose(if your on the Mt.Olympis side) Pontus (i think hes the eagle warrior)and choose another god. Use this to your advantage. No offense but i dont understand the reveiw you got... This is well worth downloading. Any one who likes multi- player rpgs should download this. (remember the eagle warrior bug) The dark side is easier to beat this scenario with, I think. He used nice terrain (although its a bit gloomy). Of course your in Hades! I know . The gameplay is quite good. It uses a very interesting way of leveling up, as well. You can tell your level by the amount of stones. A sequal would be nice. lol This shows a lot of knowledge of Greek mythology. This scenario has almost every Greek god, titan, giant, godess, titaness, mythological creature, hero, etc etc. Anyway if yoou're a fan of Greek mythology and not a fan of multi- player rpgs this one might change your mind.. hmmm.. maybe i dhould type up a reveiw...
timo_mass this map was "ok"... but it was too easy. not to sound stupid,, but where was the relic thingy??

-gots the name from one of my fav. djs

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Map Design3.0
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