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the Chronicles of the Warlords

Author File Description
Derfel Cadarn
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 6
Britain is dominated by sparsely placed oaktrees... and Saxons.
Join Arthur on his quest to defeat the Saxons, Scottish and unite the Celtic kingdoms.
Based on the books of Bernard Cornwell and historical facts, you get to play a creative campaign.
This campaign has been created by Woad Creations leader Derfel Cadarn.

- Side quests
- Historical background
- Good story and plot
- 5 playable scns, 1 slideshow
- Good looking terrain
- A fun time playing!!

Thank you for downloading, Derfel Cadarn, Woad Creations leader.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
The Downward Spiral
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Well I haven't written a review in ages, but this grand campaign inspired to me to review it. The entire campaign was a brilliant masterpiece.

The scenario's playability was the only downfall of this campaign. There are secrets and tips to make a scenario a blast to play, but Woad Creations concentrated on an ES-style fun-factor (which isn't very good), IMHO. The balance was nothing less the perfect. All of the scenarios were a challenge and you had to put some effort into them in order to complete them. This witty campaign was definitely creative. The map design was incredible. It reminded me of a mix of ES_Deathshrimp's, Cherub Loco's, and Shadows or Ingo Van Theil (the top terrain designers in my opinion). The story was average, but the instructions were clear and the bitmaps were wonderful so I gave this criteria a 5.

Overall, this campaign is almost a masterpiece. If the fun-factor/playability was improved, this campaign could have hit it big. Well I suggest you download this campaign today if you're in for a great campaign!

-Hard but possible gameplay
-Several witty concepts and ideas
-Brilliant map design
-Bland but epic story (Good for an AOK scn., but not for a novel)
-Clear-cut instructions
-Beautiful intro bitmaps.

-Dull fun-factor

There's way more good points then bad points in this campaign. So its obviously a great piece of work! Download it now!
Map Design4.0
"Chronicles of the Warlords" is a mostly FF-style campaign (with occasional RPG elements) based on the books by Bernard Cromwell portraying the wars between Celtic Britons and their enemies (Scottish, Irish, but mostly the Saxons who by now control the Eastern parts of Britain). The Celtic Kingdoms are divided, ruled by petty warlords who engage in personal rivalries, while the Saxons push further west. Into this comes the warlord Arthur with the goal of uniting the Britons. The campaign is narrated by one of his close followers, Derfel Cadarn.

Playability: 5
The campaign is fun and action-packed. Not much player creativity is required (more on that in the Balance section). It did take me two tries to get into Scen 1, as the first time I killed a scouting Saxon Unit and this triggered the entire Saxon army to charge my little band, and although I ended up bearing them, I lost a few heroes and, even though the game didn't end, it was impossible to win. However, the other scenarios ran pretty flawlessly, and is my usual rule, I give these scenarios a benefit of a doubt concerning playing on HD version, so I'll keep this a 5

Balance: 4
Played on Moderate, this campaign was mostly on the easy side. Scen 1 can easily become overwhelming if you venture against the Saxons without purchasing upgrades (and it takes experimenting to find out where to get money for them first!), but then once you have said upgrades, fighting becomes ludicrously easy. Later scenarios (3 and 5) pit the player's better armed troops against large enemy hordes, but there's little tactical input required from the player beyond "have monks healing units from the back" and following the hint of "don't use knights against spears!" . For the Battle of Brannon Hill, I managed to beat the Saxons before I even realized I had another force of reinforcements available!. The last scenario can be overwhelming due to a few nasty surprises, but map design allows you to complete objectives out of the intended order, and still win even in the face of imminent slaughter of your troops.

Creativity: 5
There was a good mix of ideas here for various tasks the player had to achieve, and a few of the Battles were quite spectacular.

Map Design: 4
The first 3 maps were incredibly well-designed, with pretty much all of map space being used to further the scenario in some way.

The last 2 scens, however (scen 4 was a cinematic cutscene) did not use the space as well, and there were large swathes of empty map in there. In scen 5, it was also possible for the player to stumble onto his supposed "reinforcements" before the appropriate triggers would fire-and this was also true of the special transport ship in the last. Mission- it was possible to find it before landing your troops for the last Battle.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story, used both in the introduction and aftermath scenes (both win and lose ones) was quite good. The scenarios themselves had solid story-telling. My only comment would be scenario 5, where the only "instruction" was to "defeat Player 2" , and you'd have to read the Scout's section in order to try to figure out where to go (coupled with large empty spaces on this map, it was a bit annoying/confusing). But except for that, the campaign told an exciting, if somewhat tragic, story, and told it well.

Additional Comments: I know of Bernard Cromwell, but I am not familiar with the source material for the campaign. I'm not very knowledgeable in the Arthurian mythos, either. Regardless of that, this was a fun campaign, and if you're looking for a fairly light FF experience, it's a good way to spend an evening

[Edited on 07/09/19 @ 08:57 PM]

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Map Design4.5
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