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tHe SeVeNtH wAy To DiE

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 6
*************** tHe SeVeNtH wAy To DiE ******************

Important Notice: If you have downloaded a version of tHe SeVeNtH wAy To DiE before July 25th 2001, that version is unplayable, it had a bug that has only been discovered now. That bug has been fixed in this version.

I appologze for the innconvience. Thank You :)

This scenario is based on the six ways to die scenario.

This is designed for play on the zone, you can try to play against computers but the experience just won't be the same.
It can be played many different ways, shimo style, 3 vs 3, ffa 2 vs 2 vs 2. This map is designed for only six players currently.

What you can expect from tHe SeVeNtH wAy To DiE
- great looking scenario, dripping with eye candy
- a unique bonus that each player recieves upon reaching the imperial age
-the ability to sacrafice a military unit to your god at your altar and recieve a gift of great power
-the ability to lay waste to your enemies with the devistating power of your god
-no idiotic story to waste your time

*******************NEW FROM LAST TIME**********************

-Conversion tribute: The ability to tribute your units to your allies or even your enemies

-Unquie upgrades for each player

-More eye candy

Since this scenario is becoming more popular, it will now be updated on a weekly basis, if you have any suggestions or comments do not hestate to send them to
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File Author
I have found i bug in my level. For some reason sometimes you cannot use the wrath of your god. It seems this only occurs for people with slower computers, i have absolutly no idea why, it does make any sense. However i will fix this problem, and improve upon other things in the level.

oh yeah, it says that there are 6 scenarios this is not true there is only 1
Christopher I have no idea how what the reviewer was thinking but he was either a "smurf" or just simply...I really do not know.

Intrepid, the scenario is not bad, but it is not a 4.8. Personally, I do not like to put numbers on a map, but it seems that is all that matters at Aokh.

Quote from the Review "The playability of this level is fantastic. This is the most fun a multiplayer level has ever been summited. The scenario was bug free, which is always a good thing."

The triggers you used contain conditions with "object selected". Those do not work in a multiplayer game. Therefore it is not bug free. The map design itself is ok for a build and destroy.

I suggest you try to "release" this on the zone and maybe you will get some real feedback to help you improve. And the best way to tell if a multiplayer map is successfull is to see it played on the Zone often. Good luck.
File Author
Thank you for the comment christhoper. I have fixed the problem and i will be resubmitting the level soon. I took the new version online to the zone and i was given a lot praise, thanks for the suggestion. Could you give any other tips on how i could improve this level, you seem to be an expert
File Author
I will be updating this level again in about 7 days.

-some new features will include massive unit conversion
-A mystical intity that will grant your wishes
-and some new bonuses
Jeffery Jair
Map Design4.0
This is a must download if you want some action against your friends or any opponents! If you a RPG player, this is a no way download!

Playability - Quite fun killing people on ffa! For this game, I think FFA is the way to do it to have 100% fun!

Balance - Very balanceful, Each player got the same option, and have the same units that they can get. And some nice upgrades!

Creativity - Very nice! Sacrificing a unit to the god to receive kool rewards to help you defeat your opponents, but its too cheap, almost every player is doing that, and there should be some way to stop him from doing that to make it more challenging.

Map Design - Lots of Eyecandies, but simple eyecandies. But the author took some time to make the map more nicer. It's not a old-school map design.

Story/Instruction - Well...Multi player scenario cannot have a "5" for story, but can for instructions. He display some hints, and I think the author could put some more stragedy for newbies to play and more detailed instructions. Found 2 grammars, oh well.

Overall - For me, I don't care about instructions and hints, but I need to review hard for it. But it is really fun to play with friends, and laugh when you kill your friends!

More Improvement - Detailed Instructions
Complicated to do eye candies
More Upgrades to enhance playabitlity


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Map Design4.0
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