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Zone Control 3.1

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of players: 8
You will get a king. Put that king on the corresponding flag to get a tower in a specific zone. There are a total of 16 zones. You don't have to keep your player #'s/color's in order because i have fixed that in my scenario so that you won't have to worry about it. For each tower that you have a militia or archer will come out every second. Upgrades start at 1 kill then 50 then 110, and it gets a little weird but it ends up at 3500 with an instant win, you get archers at 560 kills. Check hints for the rest of the upgrade order. Fun game. Tell me what you think of it in your comments. It may be hard to get the concept at first... but after a while I think you'll get it!
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Map Design2.0
When I first looked at this scenario, I thought it would be cool since I found out that it was made through teamwork, However, it wasn’t as good as I had expected.

Playability: 2: At first, everything was confusing since you didn't know what to do with your new kings, or whatever. Finally people know what they get to do, but then it's often too late as one player can easily get an edge and it gets boring. Once the game was under way, there were some bugs, and well, after the automatic win takes place, everyone gets angry. So I would give it a 2.

Balance: 2: Many people don't get upgrades. For example, a Persian only gets longswords and crossbowmen, which is a sever disadvantage. On the other side, the Koreans get automatic tower upgrades, and often gives the Korean player an edge. Also, I don't like the automatic win either.

Creativity: 3: This map was different than any other map that I played since you choose where you want your tower to be and you can get extra towers. However, other than that, it is a blood map.

Map Design: 2: There were plenty of white space and little eye candy.

Story/Instructions:2: There was no readme for the game, which is extremely important, and the hints contained the same information as the objectives and scouts tab. It said virtually nothing about the kings on your little island and said nothing on sheep. The beginning was extremely confusing also. So I would give a 2 on this.

Overall, this scenario isn't a very good scenario but it could really be improved if the author took more time on this, especially when writing the instructions.
Map Design2.0
When Turbo_Leader2 first introduced me to this scenario (one or two months ago, it was in its early stages), I realized it was a *port* of Zone Control from Starcraft. I was already familiar with the gameplay so I decided to try it out.

Playability (3): Some people who never played this scenario before, would not know what to do, since there are no instructions, and the messages go by a little too fast for the average reader. It was a little unfair, because people who play SC should have played Zone Control before, and they would quickly get their tower up, and the people who haven't played before, would still be trying to figure out what to do, thus losing the game quickly when they finally get their tower up. Incredible as it is, there was no lag at all, even with the huge amount of triggers in the scenario. More positive things were how you could strategically place your tower like in Chess games, in order to kill your opponent. There were a number of bugs, which would automatically let someone win, and also, you would lose your king if you put it in a square where it is occupied by an enemy.

Balance (3): You had to manually lead your king to the flag where you want your tower to appear in at the beginning, which means a great disadvantage over the newly beginning players. If all the players are experienced, the balance in the beginning would be excellent, since most people would rush to get the best spot for spawning.

Creativity (3): It was a copy of the original SC map "Zone Control" so it wasn't very creative, though this must be the first multi-player scenario to be originated from a SC scenario, so I give it a 3.

Map Design (2): There were many open Dirt spaces, and poorly made eye-candy. There's not much to see, just some square grass terrain, and dirt. I give it a 2 for effort.

Story/Instructions (2): There were some instructions at the start of the scenario, but it went a little too fast to be able to read. There was little or no help at all, just the credits and history of the scenario. A Multiplayer scenario doesn't need a story, so I give it a 2.

This is not a newbie-friendly scenario, and it could be improved if there were some instructions for new players, but overall, a fun game.
Map Design3.0
Playabilty:3 The playabilty on this scenario was normal. There were no bugs, and after playing it repetitivly a couple times it get boring.

Balance:4 The balance was good, except for the newbies who had no idea what to do, and they really had a disadvantage getting their tower up abut 2 minutes after everyone else. Otherwise, it was perfectly equal for all players.

Creativity:3 I was going to give a 5 for creativity, but then I learned that it was from starcraft...but, since it was the first starcraft scenario conversted to aok, you get a 3

Map design:3 The map design on this scenario was ok, and the chess board fit in with the way the game is played. The only thing you did wrong was fill the unused portion of the map with eye candy that had no purpose except to lag the game.

Story / Instructions:There was only one, quick instructions, and the newbies had no idea what to do with their spearman!

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Map Design2.3
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