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Medieval Blood (Final Version!)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 8
~ Final Version Improvements ~

Medieval Blood Final Version is the pinacle of the Medieval Blood series, adding the polishing touch of pure fun! There exists a hill in the center of the map with a mystical power that grants units +1HP/second! Joan of Arc and William Wallace are at your disposal, and you'll need them, for wresting control of the hill is a task worthy of heroes. Consider this scenario the expansion to Version D. Consider it THE MEDIEVAL BLOOD!!

~ About this scenario ~

Medieval Blood, in simple terms, is a multiplayer scenario (Conquerors) meant to be played on the zone with 4-8 players. This scenario focuses entirely on strategy and military might, so there is no resource gathering and advancing required. Rather, you can clone military units (as in all blood scenarios) and send these clone armies to battle on a map that resembles the Union Jack flag.
To upgrade these armies, kill a set amount of enemy units, and to win the game, kill all enemy kings while keeping your own safe.

Scenario by: StG_Phoenix and StG_Panzer
Triggers: 700

~ What You Start With ~

You start off with a well fortified base (Four Accursed Towers surrounded by walls and a gate). Inside this base you must keep your king safe (garrisoned) with help from one frankish paladin. As for your clone armies, you start out with four clone-able units: a miltia, a light cavalry, a spearman, and an archer. With the accumulation of kills, these units receive combat upgrades like the upgrade to men-at-arms, forging, and ballistics. When you clone these units, they assemble inside your base. From there you can lead them across the map to aid your allies, to accumulate kills off weaker players, or to raid enemy bases. Your choice. Good luck and good playing!

I have included a README in the zip file. If you forget to read it, the information is included in the In-game objectives screen.

If you have any questions or concerns or any of the such, please submit a comment. I would love to hear you out in your advice, praise, critism, etc. Thanks.
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Map Design4.0

I found this scenario to be easy enough for beginner players to comprehend and play, yet challenging enough for expert blood players, as it takes an entirely new approach to combat. The cloning process is a sinch, and unlike some of the other blood scenarios, it lets you use your own strategies in terms of how many archers, spearmen, cavalry, and swordsmen you use, and the position you take up; offensive or defensive.


The balance in this scenario was perfect! I liked the fact that monks and heroes didn't count towards your military population, and I felt that the bases and the towers were great fortifications against early invasions. I found that unique units didn't dominate all of the battles, and I felt the way the author intigrated the technologies was superb!


What can I say? It's a Blood Scenario! It's overall concept is good though, and a lot of things people don't like about blood scenarios are not applicable in this one. It's more of a strategy blood than a blood blood scenario.

Map Design:

The map might be the weakest part of this scenario. With less than 6 players in the game, the map might be way too big, but with 8 players the map is perfect! The map is basically a wide open field with little eye candy. I can see the author's intention was to create a lag-free game, but some eye candy would help! The monkey boys and the iron boars in the middle rock! A perfect place to lead your enemy if he is stupid. I felt that the hill in the middle was a huge advantage to whoever controled it. The good thing was that this hill could be captured easily, so that the balance of power shifted a lot.


This scenario has a thorough set of instructions, hints, and scouting, as well as a readme included in the zip.


More eye candy!


If you play multiplayer scenarios, this is a must download! It's a fresh new look at the world of blood scenarios. Download it now!
The author has put a lot of good work in this scenario, and the result is superb!
Great job Phoenix.
Jeffery Jair
Map Design4.0
Playability - What can I say, it's a stragedy type of scenario. I love stragedy. This is really thought out scenario. You have to plan how much units you must get for each type to kill your opponent wisely.

Balance - Perfecto! Every player gets the same option of getting the same units. Each player have there own wonderful fortification. And in this scenario, you can't rely on your heroes to kill your opponents.

Creativity - It's a multi-player scenario, so I don't rate this section badly. The creativity is just like Archers Hellfire, but not that excellent. The creativity is good.

Map Design - Also again, it's a multi-player scenario. The map is well thought out, and the design is really nice. I think the creator of the scenario could add more or do much better for the map design.

Story/instructions - Excellent. The creator had fill in all the hints instructions and even give a introduction of the scenario once you finished zipping it. He put handy hints, and excellent writed instructions for everyone to learn how to play the scenario.

Overall - If you like stragedy scenarios, and all out war scenario, this is a type of scenario you might like. I enjoyed this alot! Great job.

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Map Design4.0
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