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Chess AoK

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Puzzle
Number of players: 3
Once upon a time there was a fellow by the name of spitfire. Spitfire played a game known as "AoK." He was making an extremely cool scenario in this "AoK" but spitfire had long ago realized one thing. There are an awful lot of people who will bable on about the wonders of AoK editing, and it was quite wonderful. Unfortunetly, some obscure rule somewhere stated that nothing can be fun [i]all[/i] of the time so spitfire finally, after nigh on a month of work, felt the need for a change of pace. That change of pace came in the form of an hour spent doing fun things. One fun thing in the world is doing the impossible. Many people had said that making an AoK version of Chess was impossible, so Spitfire settled down for an hour and made and AoK version of Chess. This is the result. It does not use triggers, nor mod packs, nor AI scripts, nor random map scripts, nor eye-candy. It uses an engine far more powerful. It uses the human brain, to power this chess game.

Trigger Count: 2

I dare someone to make a playable multiplayer with less effort.

Actually, in the end, this scenario isn't half bad. Of course it could be alot better, but it isn't half bad. Maybe 4/9ths bad. I need a strong drink of something strong right now.
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Baja Rajah So what exactly DO you do in this scenario?
Antichrist I downloaded this and it's crap...
Map Design1.0
Playability: 1
The requirement for three players realy gave the playability a hit. Insteed of a massive number of turn based triggers this map leaves players 1 and 2 powerless while player 3 controls all of the pieces. Players 1 and 2 are expected to take turns giving their orders to a trustworthy player 3. He then moves the pieces to the spot indicated by the player. As anyone familiar with chess knows, games can take hours. This leads to player 3 getting bored and I found it very hard to get 3 people with a sufficent attention span to test this scenario. Futher more, only player 3 can win unless both he and the losing player deleats themselfs. Finaly, and possibly most importently, as player 3 controls all pieces, each one is the same color. Unless you are very careful(or the 'rain man') your bound to forget who owns what pieces.

Balance: 5
Theres realy not much to say here. All chess games = balanced.

Creativity: 2
This is not close to the first chess game on aokh. Nor are any new features added that I haven't seen before. The only thing that is somewhat orginal is the use of three players to prevent the players involved in tne game from cheating.

Map Design: 1
The map size is quite large, yet the actual playable part takes up just about a third of the map leaving a lot to be desired. The chess part of the map itself was colored as excepted but try makeing it red and white next time for more chess realism. The pieces took a bit long to move from their old spots to their new ones. As a bit of advice, try down-sizeing the whole thing in any updates.

Story/Instructions: 5
Although no 'true' story was given, spitfire_23 did previde a very good chess timeline that included other events going on at the same time to help generate perspective. The guide to why three players were needed was also included. The author even included some chess tips and master stragies.

Additional Comments: In short, playing this scenario is so complected that it would be far simpler just to pull out the old chess from the back of your closet. But if you have two dedicated friends and time to viciously murder and want to see a battering ram pretend to be a rook, (or your to scaried to enter your closet) try this out.

[Edited on 03/29/08 @ 06:13 AM]

xix_xix I have the best AOC Chess version, full triggers to do pretty much everything.

2 Player game, all u need is two people who know how to play - very good version.

I uploaded it to here but I dont see it listed yet, might be a delay on it. Look for a chess game made by me (xix_xix)

It is an updated version of the chess map I made years ago under my old username Falt_Feck (that version is still listed here, but new version has many more triggers on it)

Find me on Gameranger - username TOAO_xix_xix and ill happy transfer u the map.

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Map Design1.0
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Size:25.49 KB