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TTF(racing game with over 1100 Triggers!!!)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of players: 6
This is a multiplayer map I got at zone!It has really over 1100 Triggers!It's a so good map that I decided to post it to the black smith!I haven't made it!It was made by a Japanese!The only problem is that you can't read the texts,but it's a racing game so you can play it anyway!
For more infos read the Readme!
It takes not long to download it,so give it try,it's really cool!
IMPORTANT:Don't change the colors of the players in the game!It must have the right order!Don't forget the 2 comps!

Have fun!
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Demon_709 it has 1159 triggers to be
Map Design5.0
playability in this scenario was awesome! I have played this scenario about 10 times on the zone, and it still never gets old! I never once ran in to an incorrect trigger or bug!

The balance of this scenario, like the playability, was amazing. There was no luck involved, and no player had even the slightest advantage, unless they got a better civilization. The sheep race was kind of difficult, but not impossible.

I just wish I could give this scenario a 6! I have never before in my life seen a more creative scenario! First of all, it is the first scenario to ever include more than one race. Second of all, each race was creative and no corners were cut. Things considered normal to the average gamer, like sheep being converted and siege onagers destroying trees, were used to the fullest at all times! there was never a dull moment! The first time I played this, I was in complete awe in the skills of the designer. Noone had ever used tricks (to my knowledge) like moving bridges or racing a fireball before!

[B]Map design[/B]
The map design on this scenario was the first thing to catch my eye. I had never seen old stone heads used like that before. Also, the map design always never got in the way of the races, as I have seen in other scenarios.

[I]Nooooooooo![/I] I really wanted to give this scenario a perfect 5, which is what it would give if everybody could speak Greek, but I still gave it a 4, since noone was ever confused about what to do
The Quacker This is map worth downloading. All it is is a bunch of different races, all of them are pretty ingenious...

I gave the story/instructions a none instead of a one so this wouldn't get a bad rating.
Tonto_Simfish This scenario is really funny, especially if you mess with the settings, such as giving player 7 and 8 to human players. :) I've nearly laughed to death 3 times playing this scenario.
Cataphravt its not really that big a deal simfish...
HART19 this game is really kool but the problem is that i cant read nothing i dont know what it say can someone help me to read the instruction pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thats all.

EKen132 This is an amazing multi-player scen with a ridiculous amount of triggers. Unfortunatly, it is written with a bunch of messed up characters, and I think it's supposed to be Japanese or something. It's incredibly fun and hilarious, and what it basically is, is just a whole bunch of races made with creative ideas, and although I didn't understnad everything, this is basically what the scenario is:

Race one: ?
There's areas with sand and your guy has trouble moving. I'm not quite sure what's going on here.

Race two: Shifting bridges
This is a race across a watery area and there are bridges that move around. If you fall of the bridges (or it moves from beneath you, you die- and as always, if you die, you start at that particular race's starting line again.) Very amazing triggers

Race Three: Detonation Path
Explosions will appear on paths. There's really not much to say here.

Race Four: Relic Race
In this race you're a monk and you hafta go through a path of PotTC's and Relics. You can go thru PotTC's and you can put the relics in your enemies way. Very fun, but a little annoying.

Race Five: Sheep Corral
Yes! The best and most annoying race of the game. You're a sheep and you hafta go through this area with shepards, and if they see you, you turn to their side (die). It's incredibly amuzing, and it makes you wish that sheep could go faster!

Race Six: Axe Targets
In this race there are a bunch of targets, and when you destroy them, you go on. Nothing special

Race seven: Shoot to Kill.
I'll finish this later. I hafta go... sry

ax_man1 what's TTF stand for?
Map Design5.0
TTF has become the paragon of sorts by which all multiplayer scenarios are judged. Originally released in Japanese, an English version was later released and from there its popularity spread like wildfire. Whether you love it or you hate it, TTF is one of a kind.


Nothing like it (or at least not on the same scale) has ever been done with the AoK editor before or after. TTF is a multiplayer game that has up to six people racing with each other to get to the finish. But it's more then a ready-set-go affair, you have to make your way through a series of elaborate obstacle courses.

I haven't had the opportunity to have a multiplayer game of TTF yet, but even completing the puzzles on your own in single player mode is fun. One issue in particular, however, detract from the experience. I'm not talking about a bug, but rather a misuse of a good concept.

Every time you complete a puzzle there is a countdown for other players to finish. While a good idea (as it allows for 2nd Place, 3rd Place, etc.), I think that the time is a little long. Each "second" the counter clocks in for is about 5 seconds of game time, so the time the players have to wait between obstacles drags on. When it says that the scenario will continue in 30 seconds, it actually means it will continue in 2 minutes 30 seconds. Also, the countdown continues even if all players are at the finish line. This isn't really that unbeareable a fault, TTF easily deserves a 5.0


TTF is balanced to perfection, it is impossible for any player to have an edge over the others unless he got a good civilization. The puzzles are well-thought out and are neither too easy nor too hard. Even the ones that look most difficult (i.e., the crossfire and Hellmonk's servents puzzles) have easy solutions that may not be obvious at first glance. -5


TTF is creative off the Richter Scale. Its puzzles are well-concieved pieces of art, and it was a pleasure to play every one. There is one that sees the players trying to cross a river on moving bridges, if you fall into the water you die. Another one has you luring boars with units into bonfires. I think my favourite must be the Siege Onager one, where players must cut through a forest to reach the end, but if they strike a Tree E with their shots in unleashes a deadly explosion. 5


Map design is good both aesthetically and technically, paths are laid down well, and are wide enough so that craftly players don't try the old trick of blocking other units from reaching the end. There are some good uses of eye-candy in some areas, such as a massive fire pit, but thankfully the map isn't overloaded with it (gigantic map + heaps of eye candy + internet latency = lag :S). 5


Hints are sufficient, the player is told enough about each puzzle so that he knows what to do. There is even an attempt at a story midway through the game, a fight against the despotic Hellmonk.

Having said that, was the deal with Hellmonk? That part of the scenario was clumsily implented, and did away with a lot of the scenario's racing genre. I appreciate that the designer took the time to add a story, but having Hellmonk spout stuff along the lines of "MUAHAHA! PREPARE TO FACE MY WRATH, MERE MORTAL!" At every turn is both corny and irritating. 4


Rather then mindlessly killing stuff, TTF is a scenario about puzzle-solving. I shame I don't see it played on the Zone anymore.


  • Endless creativity
  • Perfectly balance
  • Wildly addictive even in Singleplayer
  • Raw tonnage of variability


  • Hellmonk. 'Nuff said.
  • Countdown was too slow
theplasmastorm Cound someone please make a english translation. It will be more fun that way.
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Map Design5.0
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