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Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 6
This scenario contains over 1100 triggers and took me almost four months to make. Download it and have fun playing it. I hope you will like it a lot.

Major Features:

· Multiplayer scenario for up to six players (preferably human).
· Gigantic geographic map.
· Random map type of gameplay in the main game.
· Small arena battle at the beginning, the winner of which then gets to…
· Chose between five main game options:
- Nomad
- 1 Towncenter
- 2 Towncenters
- Village
- Transport ship
Note: In the first four options there are six different settings of which one is chosen randomly. There are a total of 25 different possible settings.
· Win by conquest, building a wonder, or collecting all relics.
· Every player gets good old Hero Eric. If he dies your military forces will be very demoralised.
· A volcano, which erupts every now and then, is near the centre of the map.
· Monks can enter the volcano to reach prayer spots, where they can pray for resourses.
· You can get resources and upgrades by making razings, making kills and advancing through the ages.
· You can get valuable bonuses by searching broken tradecarts or shipwrecks.

A detailed readme file is included.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
This scenario is GOOD! You should try it!
Like many of the Pro reviewers, I should give some reasons as to why I like this scenario.

Playability: 5 stars
The playability of this scenario is AWESOME! There's a lot of fun in the Arena battle at the beginning (try to protect your house while toasting the other player's units)! Plus, finding out what each shipwreck and broken trade cart does is pretty cool! One thing I'd suggest improving is the pray for resources part (it's impossible to reach the stinkin' resources 'cause of the stinkin' fireballs).

Ballance: 4 stars
The ballance lacks. If you have an ally, it's too easy sneaking up on hero erik, and he dies too easily, especialy if the enemy doesn't pick up hero erik (like the dumb computers did). However, the 1 town center option does seem to be pretty cool in terms of balance(however, Aztecs and Mayans get a SCOUT CAVALRY, which they're NOT supposed to get). Overall, the ballance is OK, but please give Hero Erik more HP, OK?

Creativity: 5 stars
The creativity is THROUGH THE ROOF! Who would have thought that volcanos could become more than EyE-cAnDy? And the Teleporter! That's something that wasn't in the ES campaigns (if only aliens exsisted outside our imaginations)! And, of course, the different settings for playing! That's pretty cool, 'cause you could only change settings in the pregame screen before, but now, you can choose the settings after a FUN arena battle! One improvment I'd suggest is to make the trials for getting to the prayer site more like a Pac-Man game (it would look funnier).

Map design: 5 stars
The map design ROCKS THE HOUSE! It rules because the map looks like a random map, and has a TON of EyE-cAnDy! Like, A NEW TREE THAT I'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE (Tree I)! And, it also has a cool volcano! Plus, add in TONS OF CLIFFS, the Trial for Praying for Resources, and the SWEET arena, and you've got a PERFECT SCENARIO! One improvment I'd suggest is to make it easier to get to some of the shipwrecks and broken trade carts (like the one burried beneath a TON OF TREES).

Story/instructions: 3 stars
There's no story, but the instructions are quite average. For some reason, the direstions are quite confusing (maybe it's because I'm bad at North/South/West/East directions, or maybe it's because the scenario's directions don't work). I would like there to be a story, but the pretty good instructions make up for it. Big improvment: telling people left/right/up/down directions instead of north/south/east/west directions.

Pauken Congrads!
You're on the Best of AoK!
ElfTheHunter This campaign/scenario has been nominated for a Orion Award for Best Multiplayer scenario. If you wish to learn about Orion Awards go to Scenario Design Discussion...
Map Design5.0
First off I need to say that this scen should be at like download two thousand. What are you guys thinking?! GET THIS SCENARIO!


This game never ceases to amaze me. It is the only one that I know of that incorporates such great (different) starting options. You will enjoy choosing how to start. You will chat war about which one will be chosen. It is perfect plalability wise. The bonuses add a nice touch. They might be cosidered too powerful, but in the grand scheme of things, Everybody has the chance at em, and after playing a few times with my friends, We found ourselves goiing to our favorite bonuses. (I like the spies) So, Playability is spectacular. I must admit, it is not even close to easy to beat computer ememies, (they leave ME the bonuses), if you play all 6. I have fun with friends,and with the comp, even though it's for humans.

I have to say that it is perfectly balanced. I thought it might not have been, but let me vindicate my score. I have a LAN, and I play IPX, so I was able to play with friends; I don't know if Pauken did. At any rate, It is a good, exciting game with the added things like the volcano, the resource praying, (I got dozens of monks through the fire), and I love the militia converting situation where you controll who guards the prayer spots. Also, the bonuses aren't too overpowering, yet they are a nice boost. It is balanced in that you won't automatically win if you get certain bonuses; It is much more player ability, which is what it should be. And about the hero. I (we)did not find this to be too much of a weak point, (nor too oever powering) cuz he's too easy to garrison in the TC, (If you loose whatever building he's in, you're probably already too dead, anyway.)and I never had a problem with him passing away. IF SOMEONE DID, they would just give up, or if they had an ally, concentrate on economy, with a few monks in the fields, and tribute. I do not consider this a flaw, just a great twist, strat change, or tragedy. Giving up if Erik dies does not indicate poor balance, just poor sportsmanship. Have I said enough here?

It would have taken einstein ten years to think up all this. Need any more proof? Download it, and see what I mean with the VOLCANO, PRAYING FOR RESOURCES, BONUS CARTS, AND BEGINNING BATTLE/ STARTUP CHOICES...

Yes, it is colossal, and every inch if it has great design. But it is obviously more than that. Ther are many vantage points on the map, high grounds, choke points, etc... Never did anybody complain about things bing too far away, or in the wrong spot. Things that are "in the way" are there, but it's realistic, and I think that it is very well done.(It's not suposed to be a bloody arena, right?) What I mean is that, nobody has a disadvantage if they start in a certain spot. I would also say that the resources are also well placed and plentiful, for 6 gluttonous players. Even a few hours int a game, I still could find gold, and this is usually a setback that immediaetly sends you to trash units. Good job again.

Since there's no "story", even history, I cannot fairly award a perfect 5. Yes, it is fun, and I never once think about a story needing to take place. Also, the instructions on where to go for picking startup could have been better, like "upper left" instead of "north west". Or there could have been something like a little view change/ create things that symbolize choices to clarify. Anyway, this actually isn't a terrible problem, cuz you have enough time to write it down, or think which is where, anyway. I have to agree with pauken, though, this could have been beter done.

So, we have here a must downlad, people. I would like to award you a staright 5, James, but Story just can't be up to par with something like a multi RPG. But since it isn't supposed to, and me and my freinds never think about it, you aren't punised severly.

In conclusion, this scenario is the most fun I've ever had, and it's perfect,


Sebastian2 WOW this scen very cool, must have took you a long time to make this. This is one of my fav scens now.
ElfTheHunter This scenario has been nominated for an Orion Award for Most Creative Scenario. Congratulations!

This scenario has been nominated for an Orion Award for Best Multi-Player. Congratulations!

***2nd Orion Awards***
Tihocan It was enjoyable, and the trigger-work was impressive, but it felt a little awkward to me... guess it just isn't my style.

Good job all the same! I can tell you worked very hard on it.

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Map Design5.0
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