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Warriors Odyssey II

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of players: 6
Warriors Odyssey II

This Update fixes crashing of the scenario when hosted on moderate. This doesn't mean you can now host it on moderate it just means it wont crash. This scenario is only meant to be hosted on:

Easiest = Easy Mode
Standard = Hard Mode

Finally after an entire year of work on the massive multiplayer RPG I have completed it. This could be quiete possibly the best Multiplayer RPG you will ever play for Age of Empires II The Conquerors.

Scenario Features:

1. An amazing storyline
2. Visual Cutscenes
3. An extra life if you die
4. A unique system of Magic
5. buying upgrades from money you find or steal instead of kill levels
6. 2 different storylines
7. 2 different endings
8. 2 different levels of difficulty
9. A 100% explorable map (if you can't find out how to get to the black areas then try it on a different difficulty when the map is finished)
10. Great eye candy and terrain mixing
11. A higher level of realism from that of your regular rpg (towns, cities, terrain)
12. Tons of hidden stuff
13. Secret paths leading to great rewards
14. The ability to play a campaign like RPG with 5 of your friends (6 player RPG)
15. Most importantly Non stop action, adventure and fun.

One of the greatest features of this map is the difficulty settings. By playing Warriors Odyssey II on Easiest mode you have a world unfolded before you with a good story and visual cutscenes, as well as many magic abilities.

By setting the difficulty to Standard you unlock "Hard Mode" in which you will be immersed in a 100% explorable scenario with more magic, more storyline, more features, more secrets and most of all I much more challenging level of difficulty!

I hope you all enjoy this great project it has taken me so long to finish it that sometimes I felt like giving up but I never did and now I have completed my greatest work to date.

This scenario has 635 Triggers and extremely detailed terrain with many units but does not lag at all provided all the players have a decent connection to the net as well as good computers.

Special thanks to all the people who tested this scenario with me.

Be sure to check out our site @

Where you can download other great scenarios by fusion studios as well as the custom music and sound pack for Warriors Odyssey II.


AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
---Warriors Odyssey II---
By: Sypher_2k1 of Fusion Studios

Playability- 5
The playability is not limited at all on Warriors Odyssey II. Being an epic it has hours of fun. Throughout the whole map it is action and puzzle solving, this is done in a non- repetitive way so it never bored me. There are no bugs at all in this, it has been tested like no other map I have ever seen- I can vouch for this myself. This scenario has many facets of gameplay and throughout them all, I have tested them and there is no tragic flaw. A bug can really ruin a games fun, fortunately this scenario had none. Absolutely playable, Warriors Odyssey II is not non-playable in any matter, that is why it deserves a solid 5.

Balance- 5
The balance can be the hardest part to perfect in a map, especially a multi-player RPG map. Warriors Odyssey II provided me with a good challenge on the hard level and a fun adventure on the easy level. I recommend after you get used to the easy mode you play it on the harder difficulty because you’re missing exciting side quests. The balance is nothing but perfect because it has two difficulties, one is easy and one hard. The hard mode is neither unbeatable nor too easy, and the easy mode is neither too easy nor extremely easy. This is where Warriors Odyssey II truly shines; because it is the only multi-player RPG scenario with multiple difficulties and spot-on balance, I give it a 5.

Creativity- 5
Warriors Odyssey II is a very good map in creativity. Not only was the map design wonderful and diverse, but also the map never bored me. I always found myself on side quests; all the side quests do fall into the plot making them worthwhile. The notebook trick was use along with buying upgrades. There were many ways to upgrade your hero, not just killing men, while people are shouting, "Don't kill the tents". Everything you do in this map is very ingenious from the numerous shops to magic spells. The map shimmers in this area as a true beacon for multi-player RPG designers to live up to. The epic size of the map, makes an illusion that it will be filled with trees and only half of it will be went through, but Sypher_2k1 has creatively designed it where whether by land or boat you can explore the whole map. Very rich environments and custom sounds will set anybody in the mood to play this again and again. There also many secrets in the map, that you can figure out. It shows that this map has been in development for over a year, the creativity is simply astounding. Another 5, rightfully deserved.

Map Design- 5
Warriors Odyssey II has some of the best terrain I've ever seen. As for being a multi-player RPG it makes it all the more sweeter. Imagine bland trees with a grass path, sounds like most RPGs on the Zone right now, Warriors Odyssey II will make your eyes cry out for more. It has great eye candy, on every part of the whole map, not anywhere on the map are there bland patches of grass. The terrain and design of the map is also varied from dense jungles to deserts to snow forests. Since the whole map can be explored, which is awesome in its own right, than I should grade the whole map. Well, the whole map has terrain that is better than terrain in most campaigns. With its natural looking waterfalls to its evil cemeteries this map simply leaves you wanting to play it again and again.

Story/Instructions- 5
The instructions and the story in Warriors Odyssey II were very detailed and clear. While the story was deep and enriching, it didn't limit you. The story, if read throughout, is perfectly clear and has a very good plot. I'm not going to give anything away about the archangel of death or the king of Falroth- you'll just have to play it for yourself! The instructions were clear and explained to me everything I need to know about using magic and traveling throughout the map. Warriors Odyssey II truly lives up to the epic and hard struggle that is an Odyssey. For any fan of RPGs or simply a good time Warriors Odyssey II is a must download. Sypher_2k1 has brought us another awesome multiplayer adventure.
Map Design5.0
Before I start the numbers, some points :

-Warriors Oddyssey II- Is a Multiple RPG, which will take you to a world of Magic, Beasts, and a very good storyline.
I managed to beat it on my own, but I think it would be great if you can play it multiple...

Playability: 5
Very Good! It kept me playing till the end :) It was very amusing.

The idea of magic, your view on the world of magic is very creative and cool :)

the side quests are cool, but I don't want to tell everything of it, so just download it and see for yourself! It's worth it, a very good Multiplayer RPG, with all the stuff you need in a RPG

Balance: 5
Easy mode was fun, just like the hard one, and the Balance was great!
I tried to play on easy, and I was wondering why nothing happened when I destroyed that outpost near the Old Wizard... Then I figured out I was playing on Easy, but I repeat, it's worth to play both difficult levels, cause you'll find out more...
Good job!

Creativity: 5
When Sypher2k_1 made it, not many tricks weir revealed yet, so If you see what he did, it's amazing!
The world of Magic is fantastic, as you can use it on many places.
Also, the story was very creative, and I enjoyed to read it!
It's really a shame that he couldn't finish his first -Warriors Oddyssey-, because what I've seen now, was really amazing!

Another good job!

Map Design: 5
This is a short point :
Good. Not overloaded with eye-candy.
City's weir great, however, lots of them didn't really have civilians...
But the forests, cities and other places weir realistic, and that's important.

Story/Instructions: 5
One word : Amazing!
The story will take you to a place, called Falroth.
Throughout the game, you'll see enough cut-scenes, which gives you more information about the past of Falroth.
A powerfull wizard came along with his friends and plenty of magic power, slayed the guards who guarded the 4 relics, which each contains an element, and ran away with them.
Since the King is scared about the destiny of these 4 relics, you are send out along with your teammates, to retrieve these 4 relics of Water, Inferno, Wind and Earth. But the story isn't finished when you have all of them...
But that, my best readers, is what you have to find out!

Ingame introductions : 100%
Story : 100%

Additional Comments:

This is a MUST download for all the RPG-lovers. This scenario is also good for all other AoK - players, as it contains lots of ideas...


[Edited on 03/27/08 @ 10:27 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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