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The Trojan War

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Control the Greek army as they lay siege to the city of Troy.
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Mike This is a very enjoyable campaign. Good map, good storyline, a great battle at the end. My only complaint is a lack of instructions.
File Author
For all those who liked my scenario, I am currently in the process of creating two more scenarios for The Trojan War. Please tell me what you liked and didn't like about the first one.
Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
If until today I thought it was impossible to make Greek mythology into a decent AoK scenario, "The Trojan War" proved me wrong. It shows that the author thought abut the concept quite a bit, and though there is a little room for improvement, I would say it's a good start without a doubt.

Playability was given an average score because of the multiple choice missions; Meaning in the beginning of the scenario, one can choose whether to invade the native setllement or the village. Also, after that is done, one gets extra forces via transport.
I do have a comment to improve upon. Perhaps it's just foolishness on my behalf, but there were two things about the recieval of the extra forces that stuck out like a sore thumb:
1. The ownership over the transports was changed only partially; Some of the ships stayed as player 8, "Immobile Units", which was the same color as the player - blue. It was hard to distinguish between the ones that belonged to me and those that stayed under the ownership of player 8. In fact, I had to switchon "Friend or foe colors" to help me out.
2. I don't know if this part is incompetence on my behalf or not, but once I got the transports, I thought I should unload the units south of my base. So I can scout a bit as I move my troops. I discovered to my surprise that there was an impassable river between the unloading site and my base, so I had to load and unload all the units again... should have scouted before. Oh well. Didn't take down any points on this part.

Balance was a mixed blessing. I got the feeling I always outnumbered my enemies, both before and after I got extra troops. Number isn't quality though; In one battle against some village people dressed in red, I lost all my units except the hero I needed to keep from dying.
I felt that once I got re-inforcements from Greece (the infamous units mentioned above) it was all way too easy. I took a military base with ease (but then again, maybe it was the stupid computer that left the gates wide open, giving me free access). The interesting part, however, is that Agamemnon, one of the heroes in the scenario, called the 50+ units horde a "rubble of an army". :)

Story/Instructions really left me baffled here. On the one hand, the story at the introduction screen was told in a vivid and explanatory manner. On the the other hand, the only instructions to find were in the hints. During the scenario, the lack of numerous dialogue messages made it very difficult to figure out what to do next. At one point, the first time I played the scenario, I was clueless what to do. My approach to the Trojan base was by guesswork alone. After conquering that, I was told to seek someone to help me with an ambush against the Trojan army. I seeked. After a certain point I quit and opened the scenario up in the editor, to discover I missed a lot of the scenario... a discussion with a hermit, visiting a grave etc...

Creativity in this scenario includes mythoplogical heroes, hermits, gods, armies, places, events and more. Who'd ever thought that one could make an AoK scenario out of the Trojan war. I was quite surpised to meet some Aztecs and Franks in Asia Minor. Another interesting point in this department is that you don't quite get to see Troy. :) (Again, for the last two remarks, no points deducted).

Map Design in this scenario was better than a random map (hence the 4, to comply with the guidelines) but could do better. I disliked the straight lines that although didn't dominate the landscape, stood out. Like the coast line, which was straight, flat and incredibly un-Aegean. Or a forest in the northwest of the map, which was a near perfect square. On the bright side, I did notice some terrain blending (very overlooked feature these days) and intelligent use of rocks and cliffs.

Interested in Greek mythology? Download this without hesitations. Not? Hang on for the promised sequel, I am confident the author will improve for the next time around.
sirsleepalot This is a great campaign, but where is the horse and achilles? is that coming in later scenarios or what?
just wondering.keep up the good work!

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Map Design4.0
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