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Capture Blood

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of players: 8
Capture the flag/Blood styles game.
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Map Design5.0
As you may already have noticed, this scenario, Capture Blood, is yet another scenario designed by the renowned scenario designer CSG_DiabloNight. There are few other scenario designers whom can actually match DiabloNight's creativity of scenarios, and his humor, and it is always difficult to find a scenario that matches the quality of DiabloNight's scenarios.

Playability: 4: This scenario was among the most entertaining scenarios that I have played with, while also hosting quite a wide array of humor in DiabloNight’s messages. However, just like many other multi-player scenarios, the fun factor of this scenario did decrease as time went on, and by the end of the game, many players found this scenario quite boring. Of course, the flag would be captured, and this game would end earlier than most other games, but certain players still eventually found this map boring when their units could find no advantage to the much stronger units of their enemies, and would quit in frustration as a result. There is also the fact that the strongest player could capture the flag and could then camp out against the units of the enemy, and while his units are weakening in HP, his units can still hold ground, and the enemies might get bored of the fact that they’re fighting a losing war. However, the victory conditions of this game do discourage camping out for the players without the flag, and the problem of camping out in this scenario is not as severe as the problem of camping out in the numerous other bloods that are frequently played in the zone. When I play this scenario, I believed that the first 75% of the game that was fun was enough to offset the boredom that I may have experienced while playing the last 25% of the game, and the real only problem with the playability came in the end. This map had very few, if any bugs, and there was a whole myriad of strategies that you could use for this scenario, not to mention the wide variety of game types that you can play on this scenario, like free for alls, team games, and even diplomacy style.

Balance: 3: The map was completely symmetrical between the players, and no player hosted an unfair advantage over another. There were also no major bugs that gave a certain player a huge advantage, like many other maps. The player whom captured the flag also had his units gradually lose HP, so that the flag wouldn’t be so difficult to capture. However, just like many other blood games, this map did have a few problems in the subject of balance. First of all, there is the feeding factor. A newbie player could easily feed a more advanced player, and eventually, the more advanced player could gain a large amount of kills from the newbie player, and if he had captured the flag, then he would be the obvious winner. While there is a purpose in the fact that the more advanced player’s units would lose HP when he captures the flag, his units may still be enough easily overcome the enemy attacking units. In a team game, one team can also easily get an advantage over the other team, and would capture the flag, and then the results would not be pretty for the losing team, for they would have very little chance of obtaining the flag within 10 minutes of the game. There were quite a few players whom quit in frustration while playing this scenario, and while there is certainly a steep learning curve to this scenario, it could be a bit more friendly to the people whom may lag a bit behind in score.

Creativity: 5: As you can see in this scenario once you have tried it out, DiabloNight has obviously invested quite a lot of creativity in this scenario, not unlike his other scenarios. The concept of this scenario involves capturing the flag in the center and holding it in your base for 10 minutes, which is new in the multi-player scenario world. It is also nice to use a villager for capturing flags from the center and from enemies, instead of a military unit. There were also the unique flaming walls in the center of the map, which blew up the whole center once razed. These walls could have a very strategic role, and were also fun to play around with, and are only encountered in the scenarios of DiabloNight. If you are looking for a scenario that is unique from the myriad of other multi-player scenarios out there, then Capture Blood will definitely capture your nerves.

Map Design: 5: The map was beautifully designed, and was also very symmetrical, while not having an excessive amount of eye candy, which can cause game lag. This map had one of the best balances that I have ever seen between lag control and a beautiful map.

Story/Instructions: 4: The instructions were adequate, and were not confusing at all, and were also displayed in the beginning messages, instead of the objectives, which most players don’t read. However, the instructions were only enough to explain about the basics of this scenario, and there could have been a few more instructions or hints that some new players may find useful.

Overall, while this scenario had a few weak points, its strong points are enough to overcome the weak points of this scenario, and if you’re looking for a unique scenario to try out, the this scenario is definitely for you. However, you must still take note of the steep learning curve that this scenario does possess. Many new players have never fully understood this scenario, and have quit in frustration. In order for you to truly understand this scenario, you must take time and patience while getting used to this scenario.

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Map Design5.0
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