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Castle Blood Millennium

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of players: 8
Smaller and faster style of Castle Blood.
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Map Design5.0
In all of the castle blood games that I have played, Castle Blood Millenium is by far, the best one of them. There are special units for every single civilization, helping the civilizations with naturally weak unique units become effective civilizations in this scenario, as opposed to many traditional castle bloods, in which a player with a strong gunpowder unit can mow down virtually all other civilizations, while a civilization with a cheap infantry unit suffers. I have seen many other great scenarios by CSG_DiabloNight, and he is by far the best multiplayer scenario designer whom i have ever heard of.

Playabiity: 5: Over the many tims that I have played this scenario, I have not discovered a single disabling bug. While some players could become "cheap," like transporting siege rams to attack houses, or using bombard cannons to attack the special monks, these were not extreme problems that would have disrupted the gameplay early in the game when the scenario was at its most entertaining point. Parts of the scenario could also get pretty funny as well. However, the scenario isn't necessarily perfect. Late in the game, it is often difficult to kill off the remaining players, as many people choose to camp in their bases. Often when I play Castle Blood Millenium, many players resign at the end due to boredom. This is often typical of many scenarios, and if this Castle Blood Millenium version isn't complete, I would really like to see DiabloNight make a trigger to discourage camping, which would inprove the gameplay by quite a bit. :)

Balance: 4: This castle blood is much more balanced than virtually any other castle blood that you could find, as the weaker civcilizations could have stronger special units. However, this scenario is still not perfectly balanced. I still find that gunpowder civilizations have too much of an advantage, while some infantry civilizations are at a disadvantage. Still, there are no balance bugs, and every civilization on every side can have a good chance of winning, unlike the traditional castle bloods, where a Viking could have virtually no chance of winning without a powerful ally.

Creativity: 4: This was a very creative castle blood, but much of the main idea of the scenario is built upon the traditional castle blood structure. Two great new creative aspects were the monks that could be used to purchase special thing, and the starting king.

Map Design:: 5: This map was just amazingly beautiful, with adequate amounts of eye candy. There wasn't too much eye candy that would lag the scenario down. It is already pretty obvious that the author spent quite a bit of time and effort to make the map look beautiful.

Story/Instructions: 5 : The instructions for the scenario were perfectly adequate for any newbie who could try this scenario. I would have liked a tad bit more humor added in this scenario though, like the humor in Capture Blood and Mystic Blood, which the author has also made. :)

Generally, this scenario is a "must download multi-player scenario." After playing this scenario, you will soon learn the acknowledge that every other castle blood scenario is less than mediocre in quality, and that DiabloNight is the best multiplayer scenairo designer. :) I certainly would look forward to the next scenario that DiabloNight might make.

Tonto_Simfish Oh shoot, I did make a few typos when submitting this review.. Keep in mind that playability is rated "4," not "5."
File Author
Hey man thank you for the great review, I can tell you put time into writing that, thanks! Don't look at my old newbie scenarios that I uploaded here, I'm kind of emberassed of them because I put unneeded gaia eye candy and the gameplay is horrible. My favorite maps that i made are: Castle Blood Millenium, Capture Blood, Flame of Eternity, Mystic Blood, and Alpha Blood.
Thank you for playing my scenarios and thank you for saying the praise about my scenario designing :) I put a lot of time into it. Sometimes only to be dissapointed by no one playing my maps :(

Catch me on the zone sometime (My Zone name: CSG_DiabloNight).
Tonto_Simfish DiabloNight, may I ask what has happened to It was my favorite site for downloading scenarios, but then it suddenly went down. :(

I'll try to review your other scenario soon. :) I haven't played ALpha Blood as of yet, but I will soon, but I have played the others, and the humor in them is great! :) (I nearly laughed to death on that "14 units on respawning island trigger," hehehe.

Oh, and by the way, my ZN is Tonto_Simfish. :) I mostly play scenarios with other AoKHers in the Agincourt room, but I also play in the custom scenario rooms once in a while.
File Author
Uhh this message is about ... 7 months late but was shut down by me because I was doing all the work. My staff were a bunch of lazy asses that didn't do anything. I had too much schoolwork to maintain a big site and pay for it, so I decided it was time to let it go. I had no way of competing with the big sites like AOK Heaven so I decided to forget It sure was a great place to download AOK Scenarios though!

I will be releasing more AOK Scenarios though, I just got my ... uh 'design groove' back. See you around.

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Map Design5.0
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