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Ravenous The RPG

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 6
¤-Ravenous The RPG-¤
by the_loco_snake

There is an ancient Native American myth, known as the legend of The Wendigo, that tells the story of the cannibal...

...When a man eats the flesh of another, he steals his victim\'s strength. He becomes a Wendigo. Wendigo scavenge to the ends of the earth looking for victims and eating their flesh. The more victims a Wendigo preys upon, the stronger he becomes; often gaining supernatural speed, strength, endurance, and cunning wit in the process.

However, the more a Wendigo eats, the more hungry he becomes. His hunger becomes more...Ravenous.

+=1847 A.D.=+
...As American settlers pour into the Wild West, stories of cannibalism among wagon parties have begun to increase. One story was that of a one Colonel Ives, a very detestable man. A very evil man.

When his party was stranded in the Sierra Nevadas during a winter storm, they were forced to seek shelter in a cave. They waited for days, however, the storm did not pass. And they soon ran out of food. They resorted to eating their oxen, their dogs, even their own shoes, and belts. And one day, a member of the party died of starvation.

At first, Ives\' party hesitated, but they had no choice. They ate the dead man\'s body. And they noticed, that for the first time in months, they felt healthy and strong.

But then strange things began to occur. People began to die, and in violent ways. Jones, the manservant of one of the settlers, was found lying face down in pink blood-stained snow with a large piece of wood impaled through his chest. The evil Colonel Ives then began slaughtering each member of the party, one by one. And in time, he began to prey upon other helpless travelers in the mountains...

Now Colonel Ives commands a vast army of cannibal mercenaries to do his bidding. They literally consume everything in their path, and a single man has yet to be found who can take on such an evil.

The only people capable of this mighty task are you, the men of the Elite Mountain Task Force.

Your Force has been sent to Fort Spencer in the Sierra Nevadas to prepare for your mission: Kill Colonel Ives and wipe his cannibal army off the face of the earth. The freedom of the Western Frontier and most likely the whole world rests on your shoulders.


-10 different hero characters to choose from
-Upgrade any unit in your party by killing enemy units, razing enemy buildings, and converting enemy units
-Elements new to most multiplayer RPGs, like sub-bosses, secret bonuses, and puzzles to figure out along the way
-A scripted full-scale battle
-Great map design

Any suggestions/bugs to report? You can reach me at my email ---> <>

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Map Design5.0
+Ravenous The RPG+ is an RPG style game (who would've guessed) that puts you against a cannibal army to save the world. Ravenoue stands out among all the other RPGS, for several reasons.

Playability: 4
Great playability the whole way through. However, sometimes the computer player resigns right at the end, making you win instantly. Give Orange a few more units off to the side to prevent this. Also, that Flame at the end should not have been added. There is no hint given as to what it does, and its nearly the game winning decision on whether or turn around or not. However, this is partially made up for by the great soundtrack, which helps keep the game from getting boring.
Suggestions: Fix the resign bug, and get rid of the Flame of Death.

Balance: 5
Great balance all the way. Very challenging, yet there's an easy mode for inexperienced players.
Suggestions: None

Creativity: 5
The genre is cliche, yet the game isn't. Great storyline, as well as the first (I believe) to allow you to choose your character. Some doubt, but I'll give the designer a 5.
Suggestions: None

Map Design: 5
GREAT eye candy. The whole map is used, and all of it looks great. It lags the game slightly, but isn't too bad if everyone has a good connection.
Suggestions: None

Story/Instructions: 5
Gripping story, nice elaboration, I have to give it a 5. One of the strong points of the scenario.
Suggestions: None

Overall, it's great, but that resign bug needs to be fixed. Worth the download, even if only for the soundtrack, which is not transferred if you get it from the Zone.
Dantares IV !!!!!EXCELLENT JOB!!!!!
Dantares IV Say, how long did it take you to make it.

Everybody, If you want a real challenge, play it with only one player. It is very challenging.
Map Design5.0
Ravenous is a multiplayer game that can be played by single player, or with friends online. You control a hero in which you use to progress through the game. However, during your journey, you will recieve additional units to add to your squad.

I played this map with a friend, therefore, I will review this map as a 2 player game.

Playability: 4
At first, I tried 3 times to load the game, however it failed. Then when I reattempted it the 4th time, *with different settings* it manage to work. I suggest you put the settings in a readme file, rather than in the scenario instructions as some people may be confused on how to set up the game properly.

There is a slight bug in the game. If you put computers in the game, at a certain point, that computer might convert an outpost which prevents you to progress the story further. However other than that, this was a pretty enjoyable game.

Balance: 4
*Game Spoiler Ahead*

Farming (killing units to increase stats) in the beginning will greatly affect the gameplay. In the end, I killed the last boss in 3 shots. The enemy was quite weak, compared to the hero we started up with. We completed the map in one try, which suggest that the game was pretty easy.
However, other than that, it was slightly difficult near the end.

Creativity: 3
Not very original, however it was fun to play. Bosses, subbosses, and an intruging storyline boosted the score. The music really added to the tension too.

Map Design: 5
Beautiful! The map was nicely crafted, realistic backgrounds and environments. No glitchy areas where your units get stuck. Overall, an excellent effort!

Story/Instructions: 4
The story really drawed me in, however, the 'cannibalism' wasn't greatly potrayed. The instructions were clear and the hints were helpful.

Additional Comments:

How to set up the game:
1. Open all slots, DO NOT CLOSE any slots.
2. Depending on how many players you are playing with, the remaining slots should be all computer.
3. Everyone should be on the same team, except player 8.
Player 7 - Viking: team 1
Player 8 - Viking: team 2

Hopefully this will help new players set up a game. :)

Good job !

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Map Design5.0
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Size:2.05 MB