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World Map [Beardedaxe]

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 8
The very first custom scenario created by misterxman, from the Beardedaxe Design Team. This World Map is final version and may not be changed in any way or form thanks. As you can see, this is not an ordinary world map, not edited from an old version, a real one made from scratch. Because of the detail put into this giant sized world map, this scenario is best played with less than 8 players even though 8 can be done. Start on a transport ship with one scout and three villagers, land somewhere, build your empire, kill your enemy, yes that simple. Many different surprises awaits you online with this World Map. Please leave comments about this Beardedaxe custom scenario here so future projects come out better and cooler for your gaming experience. The only warning is that this scenario is not made for rook world map players, only real AoC players will enjoy this map. Thank you for downloading a great World Map. Check out the other maps made by misterxman and leave comments about them please!
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File Author
well i see a lot of people downloaded this scenario, could someone of those 1300's people please leave at least one comment, and if you dont have anything nice to say dont say it.
zyxomma100 Who do you think we are? We aren't stupid. You are just repeatedly pressing the download button then going back and repeating just so it makes you look good. Over 1600 downloads is just about impossible in a few days.
zyxomma100 Ok, the number is 1300 (my mistake), but you guys get the point.
File Author
ok i sort of have a life so i cant waste time clicking the game link, wait for the download page to load, then download the map, then delete the map, then go back to the page, reclick the game link, wait for the download page to load, and so forth, you know how long that would freakin take? even for like 50 its like 3 hours, and i got 56k so you can imagine, i cant help it if people download it a lot and liked it i guess

please leave comments again thanks
zyxomma100 Ok, so it may not be you, but SOMEONE is doing that, because you had 1600 downloads in about 5 days. That is impossible to do if everyone downloaded once.
File Author
Or maybe, my map is just so oustanding that whoever downloads it makes other people download it. I'm not an expert on statistics or how many people play the game but I guess 1453 downloads in a week might be possible. So if someone is faking these downloads, please stop and leave this download clean, thank you. And please leave comments ABOUT the scenario, not the number of downloads or stupid things like that. Thank you for downloading an awsome multiplayer scenario!
CSG_DiabloNight misterxman, all you have to do is repeatedly click on the download link, you and I both know that you do not have to wait for the page to load, then for the scenario to install, and delete it.

You did the same thing to all your maps on my old site. Please stop trying to make your map look good. Over 1700 downloads yeah right. 300 people downloaded it for real, at max.

I did the same thing when I was a newbie to scenario design and made power blood. I repeatedly clicked on the downloads link. You don't even have to wait for the page to load, it counts the times people click the link.
File Author
Or maybe it just happens that I have been advertising my scenarios in many places like the Zone and posting in other people's clans.

And just because you deleted your page doesn't mean you got to start a fight against other people's scenarios. So far no one has left a comment.

Go ahead give your theory, as long as you comment in some way about the download.

Thanks for downloading my scenarios and enjoy them!
AIM_54a Okay, you guys need to grow up. It is a nice scenario and enjoyed playing it. Keep up the good work.
And if he is repeatedly clicking the download button, let him. Who cares?! If people want to check it out, they will on their own I did.
Map Design4.0
The map is very playable, and is interesting to boot. There is nothing that significantly detracts from gameplay, the map is well-designed; the author has maintained a good balance of detail vs. open terrain for building up and waging battles. The only issue is space. 4 to 6 players is a better max number than the suggested 8. With a full roster of players, towns begin to edge on each other and space becomes very limited.

The balance is good, but difficult to rate well because all players begin offshore a long ways and must decide where to settle. Therefore the game can be more or less balanced depending on where the players decide to settle. More often than not players will end up landing at the same spot and slowing each other down comparatively to the rest of the players.

I realize this is simply part of the game style, though, so it is acceptable. As far as the map goes, the balance seems to be satisfactory. A few of the continents provide more room than others, and can provide certain advantages (such as more resources and build room). On a world map, however, this is pretty much unavoidable. Given the type of map, and after some intensive playtesting, the balance turns out quite good. A little work could be used, but since I can't give a 4.5, I'll simply round up.

The map is quite well done, but the concept has simply been used countless times in the past. There are no significant creative additions by way of triggers or special bonuses. One addition is a volcano on Hawaii that goes off every few minutes, killing all units on the island. This doesn't add much to actual gameplay, though, because the island is barely big enough for a couple of buildings at most and has no valuable resources on it that would merit the risk. Overall, no innovative new material.

The map is very well designed, with a lot of good terrain mixing and detail. Unfortunately, several spots are a bit cramped and feel restrictive, especially where the map features a lot of cliffs and trees. In addition, the map feels slightly rushed (but only slightly) in a few spots, though it is minor and doesn't detract much at all from the game as a whole.

The instructions are fair, but I'd like to see quite a bit more description in a few places. For example, Mt. Everest is mentioned as having a bonus, but many players would have no clue where that is on the map, or what to look for. A note such as "located to the NE" or "The cliffs with the flag on top" would have been helpful.

Also, the notes everywhere asking players not to change the map get annoying after a while (especially when it pops up at the very beginning). This combined with an abundance of credit to the designer make the map feel overly "commercialized" and can be detrimental to the feel of simply playing a fun map. 4 mentions of credit in the messages is simply overkill.

COMMENTS: In all honesty, my biggest beef with the map was the excess of designer credit and requests not to modify the map. No one is making money off these maps, and the over-the-top promotion of a map designer seems completely unnecessary.

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Map Design4.0
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