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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of players: 6
This scenario was not made by me, only submitted. I currently cannot find out the creator, but will update it. Submitted for the use of the MCSN (Multiplayer Custom Scenario Night)
Obtained at the MSN Zone.
Any questions can be e-mailed to me at
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HART19 what is this map about man can you please give some more description thanks
zyxomma100 I will describe it. TTF was a fairly common scenario on the Zone, but it is not played as often anymore.

In TTF, you are against 5 other players in an attempt to collect gold in a series of entertaining races. You are given gold depending on how well you place. 1st place is given 5 gold, 2nd place is given 4 gold, and so on. At the end the one with the most gold wins.

The races are great, meaning you have different objectives to cross. The one that got me hooked is the one where you must cross a river with moving bridges. :)

With TTF2 came the addition of the hard mode. If the host activates it, even repeat players will have a hard time completing certain races. For example, villagers in the sheep race (don't let your sheep get converted!) move faster.

I'm not giving it away, download it yourself!
Map Design5.0
TTF2 is a scenario with 6 humans racing against each other in a series of races to get gold for their placing. First place gets 5 gold, second place gets 4 gold, etc.

Playability- 5
TTF2 has unlimited replay ability, even though it has a set path you must follow, which is hard to do. One of the best things to do is get together 6 good players and heat up the battlefield getting incredible times. With the hard version, it gets even more exciting. The only problem is the ending, which loses some of the game's racing genre, and gets bad. (Hellmonk is annoying.)

Balance- 5
Each player has been perfectly staggered as to give near perfect balance. No matter the race, the best player wins. Although unintended, the players can tie if they reach the end at basically the same time, which is nice.

Creativity- 5
No other AOK scenario has been like this. The author went to painstaking extremes to create this, the scenario having about 1,400 triggers! Believe me, I've created maps of this size, and it's not easy.

Map Design- 5
I'd have a hard time taking off points for this. The map includes everything it needs to, yet it still has a bit of visual appeal. Any more eye candy, and the scenario would lag the players to death.

Story/Instructions- 5
I'll give the maker a bit of leniency for this, because of its success in the other subjects. The in-game instructions tell you all you need to know, however, and it leaves it up to you to figure the best way possible to win.

+ points:
*Unlimited replay value
*High creativity
*Leaves players to find their own preferences to win
*Hard mode gives even expert players a challenge

- points:
*The end gets annoying

I highly recommend you download this scenario.
Lean_Frag907X [B]Your[/B] TTF is the better twin of TTF itself, Exellent work! But I will be making the true [B]TTF2[/B]*wink*.
Lean_Frag907X Okay, so now that I don't think this is legal to make a [B]real[B] sequal, [B]the[B] host shoud make it.
matt1990cash I actualy got this in a utility and diden't know what it was so i opend it in the editor and tested it and was so cool, and challinging. i looked at the trigers and there are at least 500 trigers. you sould try it.
RIPMKIV9398 1987 Same thing happened to me, it came in a utility for explosions. When I played TTF for the first time, I was just astounded!
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Very easy to understand map with LOTS of tasks to play through with alot of competition going on. It can get pretty heavy.

Balance: 5
Very balanced game, no real differences between the people that are human players.

Creativity: 5
VERY creative map with alot of "never would have thought of that" competions that are hard pretty hard to beat. The Last task where u had to guess the way through was 1 of my fav tasks.

Map Design: 5
very flexible design with ALOT of task fit into it and i was kinda amazed that it could all fit onto the map so i give it A 5.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions werent even in english so it was kinda annoying not to kno the instructions BUT the story was very good so im giving it a 4

Additional Comments:A little better translation could be good but the Game itself IS 1 of the best ive ever played
insectoped It's amazing! It's fantastic!
But it does get a bit frustrating when my king gets killed just before the end and I see someone else finish before me.

Whoever made this has to make more!

EDIT: What does TTF2 stand for?

[Edited on 07/13/08 @ 09:20 AM]

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Map Design5.0
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