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New Alkatraz 2

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Version: Age of Kings
Number of players: 4
This is a cool scenario made for multi and single. If you want a challenge, play this you have to escape from the island you must get on the transport ship and get your ass out of there. There are hundreds of units ready to kill you so be ready. You have to special units you will find them out when you download. Player 1 has a special unit also better than yours. When you play this do not be blue because then it will just be cheap. Be Red, Green, or Yellow. I would suggest not being green because they have no special units. Please Download

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File Author
Please leave some feedback! I want to know what you think.
Map Design1.0
NEW ALCATRAZ 2 is a multiplayer scenario in which Red, Green, and Yellow start off with a few villagers on Blue's heavily defended island and must escape to their base, and proceed to defeat Blue. The balance is horrible, and some mistakes have been made in creation.

Playability- 1
Not very fun. The three escaping players aren't even allied if standard teams are chosen. It is just about impossible to escape, because Blue has over 80 Genghis Khans nearly camped outside the "prisons". Since the players have no other villagers, their chances of winning are dead within the first minute.

In addition, Red and Yellow have Monks on an isolated island in the north. If they leave the Monks there, Blue must go and kill them himself, which leads to problems. Blue has no transports, and he must delete over 700 units just to get under pop limit and build a transport ship. :S

Although the author said to make Blue a computer player, this is impossible, as Blue must always be the one hosting the game.

Suggestions: Add more fun in escaping. Maybe have dynamite charges blow up walls, or crafty tunnels built, or something. Remove the island to the north. And get rid of all the Khans. :S

Balance- 1
It is impossible for Blue to lose, unless he resigns from boredom deleting his units. His total population is 850 units, most of them heros, including over a hundred each of Genghis Khans, William Wallaces, and Theodoric the Goths -- all among the strongest units in the game. In addition, he has a Super Khan, with over 30,000 HP and 6,000 attack. It would be possible to win the game with this unit alone. :S

To counter, Red, Green, and Yellow have about 15 villagers, 2 Furious the Monkey Boys, and a tower, all stuck in the middle of Blue's town. In addition, they have a well defended town, but no villagers in it; only a dock, castle, two mills, and two super heros with added HP and Attack. These towns have extremely large amounts of resources, but no way to tap them, unless the villagers can escape Blue.

What makes the balance even worse is that Green starts off much worse then Red and Yellow. He has less villagers, and he doesnt have a town to retreat to. In addition, if you leave the teams as standard, he is an enemy to EVERYONE, so he'll be lucky if he survives over 2 minutes.

Suggestions: Give Green a town, and give the players some villagers starting off in the safety of their town. Give them much more starting resources too. Get rid of about 800 of Blue's units, especially the Super Khan.

Map Design- 1
This is a very boring map. Completely Grass 1 except for the water, of course, no elevation, and no extra terrain objects.

Suggestions: I know that it's not a good idea to put too many GAIA objects into a multiplayer scenario, but no effort at all was made to make the map visually appealing.

Creativity- 2
I like the idea of an escape map, but it seems more like Jailbreak. In addition, I have seen this "Alcatraz escape" concept used before.

Suggestions: More RPG style would have been preferable. Make the players escape using strategy.

Story/Instructions- 1
None at all.

Suggestions: Add a hints section. Give some info about the map and where certain stuff can be found.

Overall: 1.2
Final Notes: This scenario is too unbalanced for Blue. Until some units are deleted and more feature added, I cannot recommend this scenario.
Hitari Why do new designers always seem to like making armies of Genghis Khan? Lol...

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Map Design1.0
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