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Moses, Liberator of the Hebrews

Author File Description
Lighthouse Creations
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 2
As the enslaved Hebrews dragged massive stones to
build great palaces...
As the Pharaoh increased their intolerable burden day
by day...
As the slaves' infants were thrown into the Nile...

The time was ripe. The prayers have been answered. An
Exodus was about to occur; a people to form.

This story starts from where "From Prince to Renegade" left off. We very warmly
recommend downloading and playing the above mentioned
prequel before downloading this. This is to ensure you
familiarize yourself with the characters and setting.

"Moses, Liberator of the Hebrews" is the first half of
a campaign in which you, the player, play the role of
Moses, one of the greatest men who ever walked the
face of the earth. From a prince in the palace upon
the Nile, to a renegade murderer in a nomad tribe of
Midyan, to a liberator of the Chosen People and their
shepard in the wasteland of Sinai, the story of Moses
is undisputably one of the best, if not THE best
stories ever told. And in this campaign, you get to
play it.


  • An epic biblical story, including the Exodus, the
    crossing of the Reed Sea and much more.

  • Fiction included, so if you already know the
    story, you won't necessarily know what to expect, but
    if you don't, you won't get too confused

  • Edge-of-your-seat gameplay, requiring economic and
    military skills, as well as common-sense

  • A debate scene (!), based upon the story of
    Korah's rebellion. Prove your wit as well as your

  • Dramatic music scores, to fit the mood of each

  • As in "From Prince to Renegade", (and, more
    recently, Shadows' 'Swallowed Realms' series)
    user-friendly dialogues (set your own speed!)

  • Also, as in "From Prince to Renegade", alerts to
    notify you when to save your game.

  • Much, much more...

Coming-up Features (in 2nd half of campaign):

  • A user-friendly patch (less download time!)

  • The recieval of the Torah at Mt. Sinai

  • Cutscenes galore

  • And of course, some things we won't tell you

Be sure to download the included 4MB music
. Although not really required, you'll
be losing a really big part of the experience if you
don't download it. (Guaranteed.) Also, if you're kind
enough to do it, you'll make us feel a little bit
better about ourselves :)

The music is taken from the soundtrack of "The Prince
of Egypt" by DreamWorks and is for sampling use only.
Please, don't copy it, or circulate it among your
friends, or do anything otherwise foolish with it. If
you really like the music, go out and buy the
soundtrack, it's worth your while. (and no, Steven
Speilberg did not pay us to say that).

The bitmaps are scanned from:
"A Child's Bible", The Old Testament, Re-written for
children by Anne Edwards, Piccolo, 1969, 1992.


  • Anne Edwards - "A Child's Bible" (see above)

  • DreamWorks - "The Prince of Egypt", Soundtrack,
    (see above)

  • SCN Punk
    Sound Database
    - For some sounds we used in the
  • David (The_Cartographer) - For his "Dialog" script

  • Vertigo_Extremist - We didn't use your installer
    proggie in the end, but thanks for your time and help
    anyway. :)

  • Mark Stoker - And the reason for this is twofold.
    Firstly, for the songs from his outstanding
    "Tamerlane, Prince of Destruction" campaign (an idea
    we scrapped in the end, but thanks though) and for the
    description for his campaign, which we largely based
    this one upon.

Special Thanks:

  • Our Alpha testers - Cat and The Great

  • Our Beta testers - [insert list here].

  • Our Creator - for being the great guy He is.

Important Notice

For a better Balance and Playability play the first scenario with original AoK. However, it might happen that the second scenario does not play on your computer. In that case, change for the second to The Conquerors Expansion where it plays without any bug.

The story starts in From Prince to Renegade
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Tonto_johnlee their= Christians believe in the trinity if you demand an explanation.
Warlord This was indeed a great campaign, I especially liked the crossing of the Red Sea. With this title out, I say Lighthouse Creations is becoming another team that is worthy to be among groups like Dragon and Tsunami in the scenario design world.

Sequel! Sequel!
cavfancier I'm having some trouble with being returned to desktop when I exit the northeast gate from Memphis. Does anyone know how to fix this? I really want to complete this campaign...I loved "From Prince to Renegade."
cavfancier Hey, the problem seemed to sort itself out once I achieved all the objectives in Memphis. Great scenario! I'm looking forward to the next installment. It's also nice to still find well-designed campaigns for those of us who still don't have AOK:TC yet...
Meat_Wagon_ This scenario was good, but the text did'nt display long enough sometimes. There was an overload of information too. Other than that, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good job. Someone rate this.
King Ringabing Whenever I try to get into the second scenario, the game takes me to the first scenario. Screwy, but what I played is fun.
Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
King Ringabing, you mean the second scenario won't pop up on the list? There are two workarounds for that:
* Delete all the other .cpn's and .cpx's in the /Campaign folder (or just move them to another directory.
* Start a new player in Options.

Everybody else, I forgot to mention this in the description above, but please visit us at our new home @ Thanks! :D
King Ringabing No, it pops up on the list, but when I click on it, it opens the first scenario, no the second one.
Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
That's really weird...
* I'll e-mail you the second scenario. I hope you don't mind, it's just faster without asking first ;)
* Is anyone else experiencing this problem? I may have to re-upload the campaign.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
When I downloaded “Moses, Liberator of the Hebrews”, I wasn’t very excited about it because I have seen so many movies about Moses, so I was a bit pessimistic. However, this campaign turned out to be a great experience thanks to the efforts that was put in by Lighthouse creations. In fact, this campaign will give a serious challenge to any veterans of AOK Heaven, and as a result this is a wise download.

The campaign's playability was pretty good. The campaign can be very captivating at times. As an illustration, the crossing of the Red Sea was well done and exciting, and if we consider the limitation of Aok TC I must say that lighthouse did a great job on making a very fun and playable game.

“Moses, Liberator of the Hebrews” balance was right on. I died a couple of times because I was a bit careless at times, but everyone should be able to complete these campaigns. The best advice I can give to people is to always save at save point and always be on your guard because Moses’ adventure is no easy task.

This campaign's Creativity was amazing! In the first campaign we start under a time crisis, so the player must think quickly or else he/she will fail. There was also a lot of smart use of triggers. I know that some of trigger tricks had been done before, but in this campaign it was done so well that it makes you forget about the other ones. For instance, the crossing of the Red Sea, the escape from the execution, and many other scenes were all special and add a lot to the game’s creativity.

In terms of map design, I must say that “Moses, Liberator of the Hebrews” has many eye candies and interesting details. I know that this map isn’t exactly on the same level as the Swallowed Realm series for instance, but the map design was fitting the game perfectly. In fact, designing desert areas can be very challenging because we simply do not have enough tools to create a picturesque desert. Therefore, Lighthouse creations has really maximized what AoK TC to its limits and I’m sure every players will appreciate their efforts.

The storyline was very good and interesting. I think that Lighthouse Creations has done a great job in being as accurate as possible when telling the story of Moses. The instructions were very good. In addition, the mini strategy guide is very helpful because it provides vital information on how to succeed through this challenging campaign.

In conclusion, this is a great campaign for everyone and this is definitely a good to have, so give it a try.
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Map Design5.0
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