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Battle for Europe

Author File Description
Herr Coatl
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 8
Battle for Europe (BFE)
By _RagnarokCoatl_

Hallo, this is my newest creation, BFE.
It's sort of like a WM, RM, and a touch of a Blood in one-- but with many more features.
It took about two months to finish, and has 813 triggers!

Main Features:
- A damn good map of Europe, stretching from North Africa to Norway, and Russia to Spain.

- Full eye candy, I've done my best to make the entire map easy on the eyes.

- Resources on the map will infinitely respawn. No more of that twenty ugly gold piles all stuck together that eventually run out! All gold, stone, berries, deer, boar, some fish, and even some trees will respawn forever.

- You choose where you spawn; you don't just start by, let's say England because you're player 5, or load up a transport on Antartica. You can choose from three different locations, so you can get closer to where you preferably want to go.

- An active "timeline" which affects the map, and the way the game unfolds.

- There are twenty-one cities around the map, they're designated by particular buildings named for the city they signify. They will create military units for you to use in battle. (Like London makes archers and longbows)

- Historical heroes will appear to help whoever finds them first when the right year on the timeline has come. Some heroes will give free technologies, but most are just to help you in battle.

- Seven "Gods" are available for you to choose, each one is unique and will affect you in different ways.

If you're going to host, treat it like a World Map and unlock teams unless for some reason you don't want to. Also, remember to make sure there are at least five players when you start a game, or the startup flags will be messed up. If you don't have five players and you still want to play (Like if you only had four people), just add a computer player to fill the slot. Don't worry, the computer will be booted once the game begins anyway.

Made by_RagnarokCoatl_
Creative input, Beta testing, and some parts of the map done by TheDarkJihader

Download it damn you.
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Maximus Aurelius Whoa sounds great I tried making a map like this once, tried making the resources id love to know how u did this I could never figure it out.
Herr Coatl
File Author
Making resources respawn is a pretty easy procedure, you can do it many different ways depending on what you want to do, for example, have a pile of gold respawn immediately after it is used up.

Make a looping trigger, no conditions are needed, but you can always add one if you'd like to, maybe a timer or something.
Then just use the effect "create object", player as Gaia, and in the "others" section you'll find gold mine.
Choose that, place the location down, click "go to location" or whatever to ensure it's functioning, then leave the trigger, and never highlight or open it again. If you highlight the EFFECT that respawns the gold, it will erase that effect, ruining it -- so it's very important not to mess with the trigger once you've made it.

You can get more creative with it, like make a deer, then a trigger that is looping and make two conditions, one that's a timer on 180 seconds (3 minutes) and the other that is "object destroyed", and click on the deer you made.
Then do what I mentioned above, effects, create object, Gaia, units, deer, and place down the location, if you did it right, when the deer is killed, it will respawn, then continuously respawn (As long as nothing is on the tile it needs to respawn on) every three minutes. This is what I did on the map for all huntable animals. However, if you click on the effect that makes a deer, the effect won't be deleted. Think of it this way, if you're creating a Gaia "other" unit, leave it alone once you've made it.
Map Design5.0
Battle for Europe (the actual name of the scenario) is a Build and Destroy multiplayer map. As a general rule, I don't play B&D (my last game was a win, and I'd like to keep it that way :p), but this map was a great surprise.

Playability: 4
Great playability. I love the "capture" of cities, and it is great fun to have to run around the map trying to prevent other from amassing armies gathered from cities. The strategy in choosing your god and location is also good and makes you plan how you are going to attack, especially by the time you start your second game.
Suggestions: None. Minor gripe that you have to leave a unit by the city to have it in your control, but I guess it makes sense in real life, too.

Balance: 5
Every player has the choice of where they settle, and what god they choose. If they get a bad spot, it's their own darn fault. Some worries with the god Ittougami, however... he may be a bit overpowered.
Suggestions: None. Consider increasing the time for Ittougami's upgrade, however, if you ever update this map.

Creativity: 5
I have never seen a B&D like this before. Other than the fact that he copied the idea of Europe (heh), some great ideas went into this work! Besides the idea of capturing cities and gaining units from them, there's the gods idea, and the fact that he added an actual timeline to the map, and units appear according to actual history. I was wowed by that, as indicated by the score.
Suggestions: None. Wait... Maybe a way of changing gods would be neat. I dunno.

Map Design: 5
Even on a single player map, I would give this a high score. As the author indicates, he has spent enormous amounts of time making the map pleasing to the eye.
Suggestions: None.

Story/Instructions: 5
Not only has the author added the story of history to the game, he has thoroughly explained every feature in the game, and even a Zone n00b could understand his map. (Ok, ok, maybe a slight exaggeration.) He even included an FAQ and analysis on every area of the map. It doesn't get much betetr than that.
Suggestions: None. You are a natural at n00b speak, however, as shown by the questions in your FAQ. ;)

Overall: 4.8
This is one of the best scenarios I have ever seen for multiplayer. If the map doesn't get you, the gameplay will. Even though it's a B&D map, the author has done an incredible job in developing the map. Download it immediately.
Gwame Hold on. Are there 813 triggers? It only shows one.
Lunartic There is surely 813 triggers. But they are hidden.
L2D_eLF4 Authors protect their work by hiding their triggers, making it uneditable from others who try to steal their work. It's simple, just select a trigger and delete any text, making it invisible and unselectable.

However, there is a program here which can crack those hidden triggers ;)
Raghna Wow! I totaly agree with what zyxomma says. It's just amazing, I personally tried about the same map, with slight difirence, of course, but
1 I never had the patience
2 I wouldn't be able to have done it that good!!
Can't wait to see more scenario's of you!


[Edited on 09/28/05 @ 06:05 AM]

Official Reviewer
In the editor you can view two triggers and there are 812. ;)

L2D_eLF4, with which program can I view hidden triggers?
austriahungary wait when i played this and started the scenario it told me to put a king by the flag i wanted and after that it said i was victorious and the whole thing ended?

Edit: how come in the begining when i get the villagers in the boat the game ends and it says im victorious?

[Edited on 08/08/07 @ 01:23 PM]

nyases To austriahungary and anyone else who thinks there too cool to pay attention to the readme, this game MUST be multiplayer. If you want to play single, all you have to do is add TCs and villes for each comp you want to play, where you want it to start. However, the any kind of challenge in the game is lost as comps cannot capture heros or cities, and never pick a god. But dont let this discourge you because the is unarguably the greatist multiyplayer map Ive ever played and it is well worth the trouble of finding as many opponents as possible.
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