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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Castle Blood 3000 Extreme © 1303 Triggers

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Castle Blood 3000 Extreme © 1303 Triggers

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of players: 8
New Style of Caste Blood like no other.

It has:

Assume Volcano
Kill Counter
Real Waves
Cool Stuff For Kills
Sea Towers
Base Cleaner
1303 – Triggers
If you get bored, tired, or thank the game is unbeatable you can activate a monument that you can battle over in the center. You do not have to activate the monument.)

Made by: The_Gamer917 & Lea_05 (Zone Names)
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: It is very easy to play.

Balance: Every thing is balance just perfect. No player has any avenges.

Creativity: The creativity of this castle blood map is the best I have ever seen for a castle blood map.

Map Design: The volcano, waves, walk able water, water on hills and ect. make this map look really sweet.

Story/Instructions: It tells you # of kills – and what you get for the kills.
Map Design3.0
This map is a blood-style game with castles (and only castles). It consists of 8 players on "arms" around a central mass of land - well, walkable water - that is topped by a volcano. The entire goal of the game is to unceasingly pump out units and destroy all your opponents before they wipe you out. A fairly standard blood-style scenario with a few unique twists.

This map is extremely simple and easy to play if you're at all familiar with bloods (although the instructions are lacking if you aren't; see the related category). There is no limit to your building of castle units except your population limit. The map is very easy to navigate and extremely open. The many triggers offer interesting effects and motivations that compell the player effectively. Overall a good job of ensuring playability and avoiding anything that would cause an impediment to a player's game.

The balance is perfect; the map is symmetrical. All players start out with identical starting conditions and have access to the same bonuses and upgrades. No problems here.

The map idea is not overly creative in and of itself. Blood maps are old news at this point, so the core concept is not unique. The author did include some fairly unique trigger effects, though, that are not standard fare for blood maps. I would definitely like to see more unique functionality, however. Although I am not supposed to grade based strictly on triggers, blood maps in particular are essentially built around them and so I tend to grade much harder in that regard. The bottom line here is more functionality that goes above and beyond the standard requirements of a blood-style map design.

The map design is difficult to rate. There are many cool effects and neat little touches with triggers, and that grabs the attention at first. A fire-spewing volcano and lots of text and fancy fanfare greet the player at the beginning. But that passes, and the map itself must be contended with.

The basic map design is, unfortunately, relatively lacking. It is a simple issue; the map does not make effective use of interesting foilage, objects, or design elements that are so key to a really immersive map. The terrain does not utilize a great deal of effective terrain mixing; what there is does not feel natural (although I won't detract to much for this, since it is an arena-style map). The water does not include shallow water around the shores, which is an oft-forgotten trick for a polished map.

It feels like the author put more effort into the triggers than the map they are part of. Even potentially cool effects like walkable water and waves just aren't used to achieve their full potential. Including eye candy just for the sake of including eye candy doesn't cut it; any eye candy should work towards pulling together the map as a whole, not standing out for its own "coolness factor." An entire portion of the map composed of walkable water is simply boring; the waves are used in such small amounts that they hardly stand out, and are not at all spectacular. Granted, quite a few objects are used throughout the map (including torches and stone heads), but they primarily serve as borders and leave large open portions of the map untouched. Above all, the map is somewhat monotonous and lacking in interesting and immersive visual content.

The only instructions tell the player what amount of kills get you what prizes. This is helpful, but the player is not even told that's what the list means; it is simply a list of "# kills = this prize" without further explanation. The scenario could definitely use more instructions on all the special features of the game.

All the other options (such as activating a wonder/monument, cleaning your town, etc.) are completely devoid of explanation as far as I could find. The author seems to assume players will know what he's talking about, but that should never be assumed. A designer should always assume the players will know nothing about their map and craft their instructions accordingly. This could definitely be improved.

The author obviously has a great deal of skill with triggers and showcases it here, but some work is needed on the simple basics of the map itself. The map could be greatly improved with the addition of better terrain mixing, trees and foilage, better water variation, and more cosmetic features such as objects (statues, torches, etc) in places that are currently plain and undecorated. It feels too empty, and that removes a lot of the visual intensity from it, which is important in a blood scenario.

Lea_05 please tell me what you think of this map

Kill Counter
The outpost is the the kill counter. It will tell you the nember of kills you have.
It will go by tens.

What you get from kills?

50- 2 Alexander Nevski
100 - 2 Archers of the Eyes
150- 2 Attila the Hun
200 - University
250- 2 Charles Martel
300 - The Accursed Tower
350- 2 El Cid
400- 2 Genghis Khan
450- 2 El Cid Campeudor
500- Imp. age
550- Jean de Lorrain
600- Blacksmith
650- 2 Pope Leo I
700 -A Petard every 2 min. until you get 3
750- 2 Subotai
800- Castle
900- 5 Monkeys
1000- Villager
1100- 2 Genghis Khan
1200- A Trebuchet every 5 min until you get 2.
1300- 5 William
1400- Super Roben Hood
1500- Town Center
2500- ??????????

Play online
Map Design3.0
There are some PROS and CONS here:
-Easy to navigate map
-Lots of space to build
-Good base organizing and positioning of the buildings and other stuff (like spawners)

-The fact that you only have one unit makes winning almost a matter of luck
-The roads leading to the bases are so small that the paths get blocked easily making it tedious to go into someone's base.

The map is still very playable.

Every player starts exactly the same way, wiht no differences so the rating. The only bad thing is that as you have to rely on only one unit, everyone eventually gets a certain number of kills/minute during the hole game until someone reaches the villager prize. With that I mean that you can predict who the winner will be at the very begging of the game, and that after the first 5 minutes the game becomes really unbalanced

Not much here. ANOTHER CASTLE BLOOD!! Just as if we needed another one. Despite of the minor differences and nice upgrades like the volcano, the map is nothing new.

Again, not much here. Random map is 3 points, and the mapping is pretty nice, and features some nice tricks likke sea waves by creating and deleting bridges. Anyways the "Map Design" score is not to be looked at in Arena Deathmatch maps....

Poor information. Whenever you make a map you have to assume that the player doesn't know anything about the map... Almost no intructions at all, no hints, etc. The map makers thought that all players would be total experts or somethin...

Unless you like rook maps, don't download this

[Edited on 03/23/09 @ 07:59 PM]

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Map Design3.7
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