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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » LotR Helm's Deep ver. 3.1

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LotR Helm's Deep ver. 3.1

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of players: 4
This is the newer, updated version of my Helm's Deep map. Many thanks to Pally for his review of my other one, I hope he can review this one also, and I hope this one is somewhat better.

This map lets you control one of four armies, and there are two overall teams - Humans: Helm's Deep & Riders of Rohan, Orcs - White Hand & Orc Forces

Helm's Defenders: You are fighting this battle to save the lives of every man, woman, and child here. You have already lost your homes, your farms, your ways of life. You must now battle the Enemy. This is the only course of action, there is no turning back. Show them no mercy, for they will have none for you. Good luck, and now prepare your forces to repel the invaders. UNIT REPLACEMENTS: Elite Longbowmen - Elven Bowmen, Woad Raiders - Elven Warriors, Kitabatake -Aragorn, Hralf the Granger - Gilmi, Robin Hood - Legolas, Kushluk - Theoden,Scythian Wild Woman - Eowyn

Riders of Rohan: Gandalf the White has riden for days to find and bring you back to your people. YOU are their last chance, even when you were exhiled, you still rode as soldiers of Rohan. Even with you path blocked, Gandalf will eventually clear the way, allowing you to lift the seige of Helm\'s Deep. UNIT REPLACEMENTS: Cataphracts - Riders of Rohan, Jean Bureau - Gandalf,various other hero riders - Exiled Nobles of Rohan, Sieur Bertrand - Eomer

White Hand(or Orcish): The pathetic humans have retreated to their last remaining hope, and now it is time for them to face the harsh reality of death! Today, we shall drink the blood of humans and eat from their flesh! Onward to Victory!
UNIT REPLACEMENTS: Jaguar Warriors - Urk-Hai, Plummed Archers - Orc Archers, Eagle Warriors - Orc Warriors, Hunting Wolves - Wargs

Any Comments are welcome, as well as criticism(hopefully constructive)
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Hand of God WHERE YOU DRUNK WHEN YOU MADE THIS. Seriously you could have done such a better job of this. I don't claim to be all that good at making multi-player senarios, but man you could have done better. Did you even see LOTR-TTT.

Okay I'll lay of the critisism a bit. But here are a few ideas

-Switch the plummed archers with crossbow-men or arbalests
-Make some of the jagurar wariors men-at-arms, or malitia. They have that orcish, cobled together armor look to them
-Many of the uruk-hai in the movie had spears so try some pike-men or halberdiers
-Actually change the names of the units instead of having a translation
-Add a Lurtz or Uruk-hai commander, with insane high amounts of HP, attack, and armour. Just for fun
-Possibly make an Isengard with wormtongue and sauruman in orthanc
-Shape the valley of helms-deep to be more like the movie.
-Add some torches and other touches to give it that finished look
-A few passages from the movie would be really cool
fishface60 A good map
The reason there is a translation is the map was made for the METC(Middle Earth Total Conversion) It is in the process of being changed at the moment, It includes a Language.dll, which changes all the Unit names

The map needs to be revised because there are changes being made to METC, Look it up

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