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LotR Middle Earth Reloaded

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 8
Ok, here is the second version of my Middle Earth map
(no, it in no way ties to the Matrix Reloaded). It is
basically the same map, but some new landscaping has been
done, and rivers are actually rivers now, not shallows.
Also, there are now tarkans in the group of Rohan horsemen
and Gollum is now on the map as a Furious Monkey Boy. And
the mountains around Mordor have been touched up as well and
I made an effort to include some eye candy, but it\'s kinda
simple looking. And if the One Ring is captured, more power
to its bearer.
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fishface60 There is nothing in the Zip
File Author
Hmmm...doesn't make sense. When I was zipping it it was there; it had size to it. I must've done something wrong, I'll try resubmitting when I get back from Europe.
File Author
Fishface, did you unzip it to the right file? Cause I just checked it, and the file is there, and it does work.

Other than that, when playing the map, leave the settings alone, except for starting age and victory conditions if you wish to change them, and have teams unlocked.
fishface60 I redownloaded it recently and it had very few triggers, the name triggers had no objects selected, and you can't name something that isn't on the map, you can't create the super soldier and change its name, the triggers need sorting out
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Middle Earth Reloaded is a multiplayer scenario for eight players, a vast level featuring the whole of Tolkien’s fictitious Middle Earth in excellent accuracy.

Playability: (3.0)

Middle Earth reloaded is a fun multiplayer scenario to play, one that is to be treated as a random map than anything else. Featuring a large and accurate map of Middle Earth with plenty of resources, fish and streams, mountains, historical locations and strategic areas such representing Gondor or Mordor the map is definitely on par with the best of Lord of the Rings for a multiplayer scenario that I have seen. However, though the map is fun to play around and discover it needed that little bit extra of detail to be all the more fulfilling. For instance, I encountered the more than occasional burst of lag because of the needless amount of fish stacked up upon one another, and saw much terrain that needed more work. Nevertheless, a good, albeit ‘lacking’ multiplayer scenario for those looking for a simply Build and Destroy game, a random map with no special qualities or tricks.

Balance: (5.0)

Balance in a multiplayer review deals strictly with the starting positions of all players, as rating balance in a multiplayer review according to difficulty is rather ridiculous and pointless since all players are of different skill. The starting positions of all players in Middle Earth Reloaded were perfectly balanced as everyone began with an equal distribution of villagers, resources and a scout cavalryman, even to an equal starting position out in the sea off the coast of Middle Earth, the player expected to sail toward the mainland, maybe even go up stream and settle wherever he or she desires. There is the chance that a certain one player will always be able to gain the hordes of Gaia units found around the map, but that can be fixed by setting all players in a different order so that they appear in a different location of the sea.

Creativity: (3.0)

The scenario had potential to be very creative, but simply and disappointingly isn’t. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have creativity, the author just hasn’t taken it to where it could have went. Here we have a great, extensive and accurate map of Middle Earth, and the author has used layers of interesting cliff formations to form the long, giant’s teeth of mountains instead of actually using mountains from the Gaia list themselves. I really like how this is done. There were several historical locations one could capture such as Barad Dûr, Helms Deep, Isengard, Rivendel and Hobbiton, however none’s capture brought one any bonus which I thought would have been really great. You will find a few heroes (not renamed by the way) located respectively around the map such as Frodo, his hobbit friends and even Gandalf, to Elrond and the Rohirram riders. Relics act as rings and with each accumulation of one gains you a ‘super warrior’. In conclusion, things like how Dagorlad, the Dead Marshes and the Gulf of Lune have been conveyed also factor into creativity. A nice effort, but more could have been done.

Map Design: (4.0) -

The map design was certainly nice to look at and very extensive, an accurate design of Tolkien’s fictitious Middle Earth and a surely exhaustive project on the author’s behalf. I felt, however that not enough effort was applied to the overall design that could have been. Underneath lush fields, rolling hills and barring mountains is a rushed effort, a lack of detail and Gaia where needed, many areas of the map needing refining and further terrain enhancements. The map in itself needs terrain mixing, as three quarters of the map is literally without it, covered purely in a green swab of grass 1, with the occasional sea of dirt 2. The map ranges from the very Grey Mountains of Forodwaith to Mirkwood found in Rhovanion, even to Gondor and Mordor itself. The map is an accurate description of Middle Earth and that is perhaps its only strength. There is a good use of streams and cliffs, but fish is ill used, with many being placed numerously upon one another causing lag, possible to cause crashes for some people. The flowers are used nicely, to add atmosphere, but could be used more flowingly, more with thought as to how they are actually placed. The mountains look ugly and could be better placed using map copying, and the Gaia in some areas is either over used or just plain lacking. In addition good interpretations of the main countries such as Eriador, Rohan, Gondor and Mordor, the atmosphere very lush and dark, very natural and surely enjoyable to discover, but lacks in what could have been something great.

Story/ Instructions: (3.0)

There was no story, rather several fairly useful, albeit brief hints. They were useful in the regards for explaining why we should quickly take control of a major forest, and how most of the resources can be found “around or in mountain ranges”. However there could certainly have been more hints, Scout best used for explaining the location of things, History used as boat to explain why the players are on ships heading to colonise Middle Earth, but instead has been used to explain the actual “history” of the scenario, that is, when it was made, and how long it took to make. In conclusion, a weak effort in regards to both Story and Instructions alike.

In a word – Accurate.

In closing – A recommended download for all Lord of the Rings fans (In other words pretty much everyone).


[Edited on 12/09/06 @ 07:57 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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