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Snow Island

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 6
First off, I wanna say that I did not make this map, my
younger brother did. So don\'t get mad at me if you don\'t
like the map.

Each person starts out on a small island with villagers, a
scout, and transport.Get to the mainland and try to find a
place to land because of the cliffs.There are plenty of
recources and ready supplies of food.And there are mountains
in the center and many trees making travel slow and no parts
of the main island are safe from FU cannon galleons.
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Map Design4.0
Snow Island is a simple build-and-destroy multiplayer map. There are six players, so it can be played with many team settings, like FFA, 3x3, and 2x2x2. The map consists of a central island, with the players starting off on small island outcrops around it.

Playability: 2
It plays like a basic random map. There are a few problems, however. In the northern part of the island are few good starting locations for towns, and what few there are are easy kills for cannon galleons. The island has enough room for expansion (except maybe in the far north), however, and plenty of resources, so long games can be supported. Unfortunately, there are only a few large flat spots, so a few players have to search hard for a beginning Town Center location.

Suggestions: Flatten some areas of the map, and allow for more Town Center locations. Give Green some more room, so he can build up.

Balance: 4
Each player starts off with the same setup, 4 villagers and a scout, with a transport nearby. It would seem to be perfect balance, but there are many GAIA military units lying around, and any player can take them. Since Teal has no GAIA units anywhere near his starting location, he is at a severe disadvantage. And if any one player gets enough of the many cannon galleons, he has won.

Suggestions: Get rid of the GAIA Cannon Galleons.

Creativity: 2
I can't give much creativity to a build and destroy scenario with no triggers. Perhaps you can replace the scout with a hero of some sort for the player, or add a volcano, wolf caves, etc. The choices is yours.

Suggestions: I just mentioned them.

Map Design: 4
Very nice. The author has managed to make a visually appealing map without using many GAIA objects, so it shouldn't lag TOO much. However, a few things might have been added in the large flat areas, and some cliffs were messed up due to the elevation around them.

Suggestions: Fix the cliffs, and spice up the flat areas.

Story/Instructions: 1
There were none.

Suggestions: Add a scouts or hints section to explain the layout of the island. And if you add to the playabilty by adding triggers, you can explain those features here and add to this score too. :D

Overall: 2.6
Final Notes: It plays ok, and it's kind of fun searching for your starting location. But I see no reason other than that to play this over a random map. I cannot recommend or disrecommend (is that a word?) this scenario.

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Map Design4.0
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Size:36.38 KB