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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Kashra~The Foreign Hero

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Kashra~The Foreign Hero

Author File Description
Talon Karrde
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Excerpt from Journal of Kashra
...I heard the official call out that adventurers are wanted to defeat the bandits. At that I snatched up my armor and ran out the door, just catching my sword. I would not go to kill bandits but to go to Japol, my homeland. I would only test my mettle against the brigands. No doubt others will be about trying to gain fame. After I reach Japol, I shall avenge my clan!

Enter a world full of danger. The bandits swarm around you in a minutes wait after a battle and the primitive Fantasti are preparing to lay waste to all of Japol, and Basarab too. A civil war rages in Japol. You must choose sides, rebel or imperial. Take the rebel path to defeat the imperials and make an alliance with Basarab. Take the imperial path to crush the rebellion and bring fire and sword to Basarab. Again, the choice is yours.

~Sounds for buildings! (mill, market, bazaar, barracks, smith's shop, wheat farm) I want to get sounds for the temples too, but I don't have any yet.
~Choose sides in a bloody civil war!
~Take command of an army in the second half of the game, imperial or rebel
and more!

Have fun

Triggerwork~Talon Karrde
Map Design~Talon Karrde
Storyline~Talon Karrde
Testing~First_Dragoon, Exlax, Bearded_Dragon
Bitmap~Talon Karrde

Thanks especially to First_Dragoon for his excellent feedback!
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Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"Kashra~The Foreign Hero" is an okay scenario, and it's even better than good for any player who doesn't like the economic aspect of AoK and prefers the military side alone. The sound loops, that although can be annoying at times, are nice to listen to (the first couple times around) and the story is sufficiently pleasing. :)

"Kashra"'s introductory story is good, dealing with the revenge of a young warrior for the murder of his family. His joining of battles, moving to cities and diary entries all made the intro colorful and lively.
The introduction map is a bit overloaded but that's okay, (better than no map at all).

Playability is average, it's fun at some times, less at others. No economic build-up, long travelling distances. In addition (and unfortuantely) the looping sound effects got very irritating after a while of listening to them. :(

Balance is a little bad, (much too easy both before Kashra gets an army and after) but I raised the points from 2 to 3 because it's a shame to give a 2 to such a nice scenario.

Map design gets 3 because it wasn't a spectacular work. Way too many straight lines for my taste. Some mountains were out of place (mountains 3 and 4 look really bad on grass). Flowers were abundant... too abundant. On the bright side, however, I did like the farms with the shallows and the flowers, it looked as if the villagers were picking tulips at their leisure rather than working for their living :)

Good scenario, the author sure has a sense for scenario design!
Map Design3.0
The game starts of really well ,,you click on people ,they talk ,outside the city someone is selling statues that move , the map design looks great ,your instructions are to return to your homeland ,you start out and meet all kinds of resistance ,, nothing you can't handle though. You finaly make it to the bridge where you have to make a decision as to what battling faction you could join, and that's where it gets puzzeling.
PLAYABILITY: I was having a decent game until i got to the bridge where i made my decision to help the rebals. After that the instructions fell to the wayside, i had to save a lot, as i rode all over the map loking for orders that never came. I suspect that there might be a trigger problem somewhere
BALANCE: I saved the game too many times to make it enjoyable
and never received any rewards for any side explorations ,just attacks after attacks.
CREATIVITY: There was a problem here starting with triggers that were probably not firing , and the two hundred deer found in the jungle, the map is overun with deer, which is too bad as the map was doing ok on it's own
Map Design: Random maps in the AOK are deserving of a 3. I was leaning toward a 4 until i encountered all those deer which blew the reality aspect of the map back to a 3
STORY/INSTRUCTION : This was a difficult aspect of the game. From the beginning up to the bridge there's nothing ,no matter where you explore or who you faught .Half way to the bridge you encounter a ally unit that, as soon as you get in range of him, he runs off and try's to defeat 20 enemy.
The game ends giving credit to 4 play testers , which made me go back and play again thinking i did something wrong. I do not beleive that much play testing went into this game

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Map Design3.0
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