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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 8
+++Red+W@ter++Final+Version+++ Created By: DeYoShUm

Red W@ter is total water warfair. There are 8 players fighting for their lives in one large ocean. With only 6 docks to spare you must create and think fast.

As you get kills you, you get upgrades for your ships and towers. Ex: At 50 kills you get into Castle Age. And with other amounts of kills you receive upgrades like Heated Shot for your towers and Ballistics for your ships.

In the hints you will find all the info. about this game needed so I suggest you take a look at the hints in this game.

This game is similar to Castle Blood because each player has docks, like in Castle Blood each player has castles. This is a very interesting game and it would be wise to take a peek.

With 250+ Triggers what more could you ask for out of a good water game!

Message Written By: DeYoShUm
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Map Design4.0
Red Water is a Naval warfare map and as the author says is similar to a Castle Blood. Each player has a set of docks from wich they must create ships to gain advantage over their enemies.


This is probably one of the more playable bloods I have met so far, no trigger bugs what so ever were found while I went played this..there was no reason this map shouldn't be enjoyable, there was little or no lag and the large map gave a lot of room which led to some rather large naval battles..but if there is lag this is where it will happen. But over the zone in bloods..lag is something we must expect. Like in all bloods your objective is there was no confusion on my part at what to do, everything was clearly stated in the instructions and/or hints.There as just smoething eneregetic about the map that made it fun, probnably all theexcitment of creaming my enemites ;-) . It looks as if extensive playtesting was done on this map before release. But lag does happen so I had to take a mark off..


Balance is pretty much perfect, all players begin with the exact same start and the layout gives all palyers pretty similar bases. Heros and bonuses are given equally with no advantage for any player. I found no faults after playing this map quite a few times.


The map had the regular blood style features i.e. Heroes for kills, new ages and technoligies etc. Which didn't bring down its score in anyway. But it was refreshing to play a different style of blood map (in case you didn't notice..its a naval map)..and I had quite a lot of fun with the large naval battles..the author also had the last ditch effort which was some pretty nice trigger work. All triggers were well implemented in to the map, while map design is rather bland this may be because some large scale battles take place..and you need quite a lot of room..but still not very creative map design.


Because of the style of the map I suppose there is a reason for the rather bare and bland map..I did think it was rather bare but once I was into the game I barely noticed the map becasue there were missiles and explosions all over the place, so I had little time to notice the map as I said..but there as something that could have been added to the map..


Well there was no story obviously (at least I hope it was obvious), but the depth of the instructions was perfect and the author gave some rather extensive hints..for the map which went into great detail..then some rather plain hints for those who couldn't be bothered reading all the hints:

''Build Demolition Ships,
''Go in and slaughter your enemy''

As I said very extensive instruciotns/hints and the author also gives a list of the upgrades that the players receive for such and such a number of kills.

Well Good Luck..on this map..and Have Fun.
Map Design3.0
+++Red W@ter+++, by DeYoShUm, is a multiplayer blood map that, unlike most others, focuses oh ship building and naval warfare.

Playability: 3
As a blood map, this scenario features an upgrade system in which the players receive upgrades based on the number of kills they get. However, once a player reaches 1000 kills (a very reachable number in multiplayer blood maps), he receives so many upgrades that it becomes impossible to win the game. While it does take skill to reach this level before anyone else, it is not very fun to have a player suddenly become invincible. The battles are fun, but the map lags horribly, even on good connections.

Balance: 5
A perfectly symmetrical map. Nothing else needs to be said.

Creativity: 3
The whole idea of multiplayers bloods has been done over and over to death. I give an average score because there are fewer naval bloods, but other than that fact, all the features and ideas on this map are pretty standard.

Map Design: 3
There were no attempts at all to make the map visually appealing. The map is all shallows except for the rectangles of desert where buildings needed to be placed. I will give some leniency for the multiplayer setting, but an occasional island or some sort of order in the players' bases would be nice.

Story/Instructions: 4
The scenario's upgrade system was explained thoroughly, and the instructions and in-game messages were for the most part in good grammar. I thank the designer for not typing in IVOO|3 SP3/ K!!!!!!111 like some other multiplayer designers are apt to do. ;)

Overall: 3.6
This scenario is an average multiplayer blood map, although I do give it some brownie points for featuring naval battles. Add it to your collection if you want.

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Map Design3.5
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