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Downloads Home » Campaigns » King Arthur vs William Wallace v4.0

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King Arthur vs William Wallace v4.0

Author File Description
Vertigo Extremist
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of scenarios: 6
You are King Arthur, returning from a failed Cursades. You are tired, weary and the morale of your troops is low.<p> To make matters worse, you have just received word that a Magical 'accident' has caused a rift in time, caused by one of Merlin's assistants, Mab.<p> But, from out of the darkness came a figure so menicing, mean, and deadly, his only name spoken would be:<p> William Wallace the Destroyer of the English.<p> He has vowed to place your head on a stick as he returns to his homeland.<p> Will you defeat such a montorous foe? Or will the crows be pecking at your eyeballs?<p> Only you may decide your own fate. . .
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Angel Jerusalem
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
I've always been taught that there are much better adjectives than "nice". Once I was even told a story about a thank-you note for a "nice" present, which left those who gave the present offended. But that's all what the "Arthur vs Wallace" campaign is, a nice campaign. Nothing extraordinary, actually approaching mediocre.

Playability: Maybe it's just me, but with the exception of "The Gauntlet", the fourth scenario, (which I REALLY liked), the whole routine of each scenario was rather bland and repeditive.

The one scenario that I truly enjoyed, as I mentioned earlier, was "The Gauntlet", which had a map composed of a long, narrow passage. One was supposed to get the hero from one edge to the other, but here's the catch: there are enemy units galore within the passage, and the hero needs to get to the other side alive.

Story/Instructions was a big disappointment in this campaign. No bitmaps, except in scenario 7, and even that one was rather sucky. The instructions got the message through, and had a bit of story in it, but again, it was bland and lacked the vitality and flavour of the second, "Alexander" campaign.

Balance was average, no more. Easy at times, hard at others, blends defence and offence, but not any more than every scenario should.

Creativity was also rather tasteless. Nothing I haven't seen elsewhere, not anything to write home about... except "The Gauntlet", of course. Then again, that concept was chewed-up again in scenario 5 (with slight modifications), so that was a bummer.

Map design was okay. Some scenarios were random maps with modifications, which was disappointing. There were some interesting inventions, like bamboo in England, a flat Scotland, and Germany and Scotland sharing a border, but as this is a fantasy scenario (William Wallace and Adolf H*tler were allied), I didn't deduct points due to that.

Like the "Alexander" campaign, this campaign featured a user-friendly, self-extracting zip, automating the installation process.

In conclusion, I'd like to repeat my initial opinion; it was a nice, okay campaign, and I don't regret downloading and playing it. I'd also like to add that as I understood, this is Vertigo's first work (the second is the "Alexander" campaign). I really, wholeheartedly think the latter is much better than its' predecessor (except "The Gauntlet" scenario).

However, you never know, maybe you'll like the "Arthur vs. Wallace" campaign more than I did...

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Map Design3.0
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