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Knight of the Rose

Author File Description
Han Xu
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only

You are Roland Tal'Amrine, a Squire of the Crown. In your quest to become a Knight of Solamnia, you have vanquished numerous evil doers, helped out the poor, and promoted the causes of good. But now, it is time for the final
stage of your quest -- it is time for you to become a true Knight of Solamnia.

You and your friends have journeyed to Vingaard Keep, a stronghold of the Solamnic Knights. You are hoping to meet High Warrior Lord Alencon, who will beknight you. Three of your lifelong friends have agreed to join you on your

Robin - A ranger with the ability to summon a mythical wolf named Misha. The wolf dissapears upon death and reappears moments later.

Tuck - A cleric/mage, with the power to heal and charm.

El Cid - A big, brawny fighter, with an equally big appetite.

>Your task seems simple enough; seek out Lord Alencon in Vingaard Keep for your knighting ceremony, and perhaps spend a few days in the glorious city of Vingaard to kick back and relax...

But you should've known...Things are never what they seem...


This is an Age of Kings scenario based on the DragonLance campaign by TSR. It is more of a story oriented adventure, requiring the player to think for themselves. Much freedom is given to the player in that respect. Features of this scenario include:

- Numerous dialogues with civilians, knights, priests, etc.
- A mythical wolf that reappears upon death.
- Use of computer's blacksmith and marketplace upon selection
- A varied and detailed city with a part, beach, dock, markets, slums, mansions, keep, jousting arena, etc.
- Attend a jousting tournament!
- A full scale battle between Knights of Solamnia and Knights of Takhisis.
- Much more!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lrd_Darksaber Wow! Great Scenario! How did u get the ice! A little too short though. You should make more! One problem I had was with the blacksmith you had to leave the click on it, or the upgrade would stop, which was time consuming, and there was a little cheat u could do, by sending the trade cart alone to the mountains, and you could make that other guy win in the joust tournament by healing him, and attacking the other guy, but overall a masterpiece!
Vector This is nicely crafted and fun to go through. There's an
unfortunate loophole, though. You can change your diplomacy
towards the CP's to neutral or enemy, and then use your monk
to convert them. By the time I got to the final battle of
this scenario, I had an army of about 20 powerful warriors I
had converted. It made the final challenge darn easy.
Future updates of this scenario may fix this. (I hope)
Otherwise it's very entertaining!
WARLoRD WOW. One of the best campaigns i've ever seen, other than
The Quest. Shoulda been longer though. -=SUGGESTION=-
There should be something to do with candlestick park...
*AND* the city should have been a bit more interactive...
Ross A great scenario the best yet the ending could have been better keep them coming!!!
Paulo Monteiro Like someone said, the monk can convert all units that we want. Good AI, but the scenario is a bit poor. The tools are all there, but the gaming is mostly boring.
Han Xu
File Author
Just to answer some feedbacks:

- The monk's "loophole" was an oversight. I really did not expect players to go around changing diplomacy to "cheat", as it does hamper the enjoyment of the scenario.

- I think one of the comments did not know much about scenario designing; The scenario doesn't have a "Good AI". In fact, it doesn't have much an any AI. It simply uses an idle ai and all actions are carried out through triggers.

Thanks for everyone who submitted feedback!
Dragoon This was a really great campaign. Although, the game was a bit too short and the ending could have been better. The scenery was very good and the snow too. I hope you could make more Dragonlance campaigns, because I love the Dragonlance stories. Keep up the good job.
Anton I really liked your campaign! I like the joust. The stragety of the level is awesome! There is 1 problem though: where there is a cavalier guarding where Duke attacks Prince Cyan, I can just go down in the trees & slip past them. I can then attack Prince Cyan & Richard. They don't even attack back. I like the ice & all the heros in the city. The dialogue is neat.;-)
Danny This is a great campaign! I wish you would make more because
I think yours was better than any of microsoft's. (And a lot
of theese other campaigns really bite!)
A-Man Great Campaign. Short but sweet. You kinda stole those sounds from Baulder's Gate though. That "kor Joanhelp" was from Imoen. Other than that, it kicked @$$
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