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Knight of the Rose

Author File Description
Han Xu
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Role Playing Only

You are Roland Tal'Amrine, a Squire of the Crown. In your quest to become a Knight of Solamnia, you have vanquished numerous evil doers, helped out the poor, and promoted the causes of good. But now, it is time for the final
stage of your quest -- it is time for you to become a true Knight of Solamnia.

You and your friends have journeyed to Vingaard Keep, a stronghold of the Solamnic Knights. You are hoping to meet High Warrior Lord Alencon, who will beknight you. Three of your lifelong friends have agreed to join you on your

Robin - A ranger with the ability to summon a mythical wolf named Misha. The wolf dissapears upon death and reappears moments later.

Tuck - A cleric/mage, with the power to heal and charm.

El Cid - A big, brawny fighter, with an equally big appetite.

>Your task seems simple enough; seek out Lord Alencon in Vingaard Keep for your knighting ceremony, and perhaps spend a few days in the glorious city of Vingaard to kick back and relax...

But you should've known...Things are never what they seem...


This is an Age of Kings scenario based on the DragonLance campaign by TSR. It is more of a story oriented adventure, requiring the player to think for themselves. Much freedom is given to the player in that respect. Features of this scenario include:

- Numerous dialogues with civilians, knights, priests, etc.
- A mythical wolf that reappears upon death.
- Use of computer's blacksmith and marketplace upon selection
- A varied and detailed city with a part, beach, dock, markets, slums, mansions, keep, jousting arena, etc.
- Attend a jousting tournament!
- A full scale battle between Knights of Solamnia and Knights of Takhisis.
- Much more!
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Flamesnipe Wow. You are a really talented scenario/campaign crator. I really liked how you used the heroes. I can't wait for more!
Andrei Stetsenko This was the best scenario I have played in my life. The only bad thing I noticed was the shortness of this scenario and the lack of sequels!I'd love it if you could make more scenarios or even better, campaigns for us all to enjoy. Great job, Han Xu!
Emperor Jonte Great scenario!! I like RPG scenarios and this one I think is one of the best. Good job!
2nd Death There is one way the player won't be able to convert the others. You can make a trigger that changes the players' diplomacy with his allies that gets activated every second or something. That'd make sure everybody gets to finish it the way it's supposed to.
Ingo van Thiel A brilliant and very entertaining scenario. One of my all-time favorites! I didn't mind the ending - I found it short and crisp.
Cherub Lobby
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
This was an excellently crafted scenario (albeit in Campaign form). Nicely crafted story, map with good balance and excellent gameplay. The joust was nicely executed as were all the missions (although I got a bit confused as to what happened in the “thieves quarter”).

I discovered that it was possible to use you monk to convert a big army and make the final battle a bit of a whitewash. As I assumed this was not the authors intention I battled it out he may have anticipated.. it was a tight close enjoyable battle.

A couple of things, to avoid the monk converting you can set a trigger to reset diplomacy so this is not possible, also after the final battle a cut-scene might have been nice to savour the victory !

All in all a very enjoyable first rate scenario/campaign.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
“Knight of the Rose” by Han Xu” is an excellent RPG, which is really easy to pick up, and fun to play.

The playability was pretty good and like I said this game is easy to get into. However, there are certain that could have been better. As an illustration, the player must navigate through a large city and find certain characters in order to progress through the game, but this task can be very tedious. In addition, I noticed a trigger problem. During the thieves battle Joan died since I didn’t have enough time to rescue her. Then, in the next dialogue Joan was talking even though she was dead. In this case, Han Xu should have made saving Joan a must in order to prevent that trigger bug.

The balance was actually fined tuned. In fact, the moment the game begins I did find the battle rather challenging since I didn’t want to lose any of my units. Also, through out the game and in the final battle, I did find the game hard enough to have fun and try various strategies.

The creativity was pretty good. This game features nice little scene such as a knight duel, and a very nice closing battle.

The map design was pretty good but it definitely lacked important details. For example, the map design could have used more elevations, and a variety of other visual tricks. Overall, the Han Xu made a very nice map that was well suited for this RPG.

The story line was good and the central part of the game. In addition, the instructions were a bit vague at times and finding its way through this campaign was harder than what it should have been.

In the end, this campaign is pretty solid and fun to play, and this definitely a good choice for RPG lovers.
Monty_Python007 This game is awesome. I dont understand why people complain the ending was bad well i never got to see the exact ending because i could not defeat his army! I brought joan the monk and they slowed my army down to much. This is great and not boring either. Great job!
laz123 I couldn't even find the Thieves' lair. I gave up after 10 mins.
Official Reviewer
Sad that you gave up, it is a very good, enjoyable scenario. No way that you can fiend the thieves' guild in ten minutes, you need a password and a side quest before looking for them. Explore the city first.

The crow flies low. ;)
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Map Design4.5
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