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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » LotR Helm's Deep - Battle of Hornburg

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LotR Helm's Deep - Battle of Hornburg

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of players: 7
This Map is based on the movie Lord of The Ring The Two Towers's Battle of Hornburg (Helm's Deep) The Maps Are Mainly Form Movie So something May Not The Same With The Book and also sorry guys the wall of Helm's deep is not so good
This Map Have A Ladder Active Trigger (Not So useful Because The Trigger is not quite good in aok but i do all my best) p.s the big ladder which near the gate will be undestory able after active it but others can be destory
and wolf raiders, hero and siege weapon can't use ladder for realism
humans tips: this map for denfenders to say must be hard but it is not hard if you don't waste your arms
uruk-hais tip: just rush mad don't think anything just rush sometimes help grey active ladder and help purple to bash off the bridge then you will easily rush to the inner gate
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Map Design3.0
This is a multiplayer version of Helms Deep from the book The Two Towers, by J.R.R. Tolkien, this battle is Saruman's orcs, against the Rohirrim who fled to their fortress for protection.

The map sadly lags, but is an enjoyable map anyway, there are few trigger bugs, and some great ideas used. The author did a good job of having it so, you wouldn't be dissapointed if you weer Orcs, or one of the numerous "good guys," I had some serious fun playing this, despite some lag, which really effects the fun this is a fun scenario. For this I give a 3

Perfect, well it was the numerous times I played it, balance is hard to acheive a map in this style, normally it is leaned towards one side, but the balance is one of the best things in this scenario. If I play as Orcs, using teamwork you can break though the defenses, and grab victory but its never easy! The allies have numerous palisades allied to you, and themselves which can be used to good effect. Really, great work here. For this I give a 4

Mentioned above in balance was the palisades, this was very creative as they can be used for tactical advantages, by both sides, and I couldn't get over how much fun it was putting archers behind them, defended by knights etc. He also gave each of the Orc players a special "ability" we will say, one will have rams, another scorpions, and another "wargs" etc. He also uses a great "siege tower" effect, considering the towers are spawned, where you set up trebuchets in certain areas a tower is made, you can then put men in the towers, and they "get" onto the walls. I had great fun using this, good job. For this I give a 5

Map Design:
The map, was sadly a bit plain, there wasn't much to look, nesdies the practical aspesct, it was pretty plain. I didn't get the mountain feel when I played this. It didn't say this is Helms Deep, a better use of mountains and terrain mixing would boost the score. For this I give a 3

Well we all know the story, but the author didn't tell us the story, didn't say who the characters were, or why they had to win. The instructions were minimum, and your grammer was perfect, I think if you add more of the storyline in the objectives page, and in the campaign itself it could bring up the score. Only some hints are given and they aren't great. For this I give a 2

Good Points:
+ Great fun to play!
+ Great tactical advantages used
+ Varying "weapons" for the orcs

Bad Points:
- Lag..sometimes a lot!
-Map design is sub par, only the practical aspect kept the score up!
-Story/Inst are pretty bad, add some more in and I can update the review!

Final Thoughts:
This is an enjoyable map, and one of the better Helms Deep maps out there, fans will really enjoy this. The instructions etc really let you down, fix that and I can give better points! Still Good Job, I would like to see an updated version at the Blacksmith.
WildCardDoW I really think an updated version would boost your score, include a booter and or a few triggers so uits can be swapped between players if someone leaves the game, and an updated version of the instructions would boost your score considerably.


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Map Design3.0
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