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Archer Bloodbath

Author File Description
Medieval Warfare
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of players: 8
Put this in your C:\Program Files\AOE\AOK\Scenario\

In the dark ages, archers where feared do to there attack range, but their lack of armor also made them easy prey for other archers of the like! As technologies advanced, so did the archers armor, weapon and skill! No archer's arrow pierces deeper than an arrow from Robin Hoods bow!!

Have Fun! :)
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aka the Pilot
Map Design2.0
General Description
A very simple 6 player archer blood with no unit choice (automatic spawning). For those who like it really simple: grab units, go somewhere, let them shoot it out. Every five minutes you get a Sapper, other than that there is no unit diversity.

Playability: 2
With a pretty featurless map, no unit choice (automatic spawning), long timing between unit upgrades and balance problems, I found it hard to enjoy this blood. It was, however, apparently bug and lag free.

Balance: 3
The designer didn't do any one of three things:
- Turn on the all techs option for the scenario in the scenario editor.
- Inform players that they must turn on the all techs option in the game settings.
- Inform players that they must use a civ that gets all archer relevant upgrades from the Blacksmith and University.
You receive a Blacksmith and a University after certain numbers of kills, and the upgrades you get there are civ-dependant since the author didn't turn on all techs in the editor. Thus, for example, if you were to get Huns when you choose random civ, you would not be able get the Ring Archer Armor ugrade and are at a disadvantage to civs that do get it.

Creativity: 2
This blood is about as simple as it gets. There's just not much meat to it. There were also some extra triggers that had to do with age upgrades, which had already been triggered elsewhere.

Map Design: 2
The map consists almost exclusively of gras 1, with minimal elevation changes, and small, square dirt patches ordered in line patterns. Torches in the middle suggest some sort of bonus, but nothing is to be had there. The map is not symmetrical, which makes for long walks to certain opponents.

Story/Instructions: 3
The instructions are short and simple, but absolutely adequate for the game. However, if the author decides not to turn on all techs in the editor, the author must at least explain in the instructions that all techs should be turned on in the game settings, or that the civ you choose should be a civ that gets all archer relevant upgrades from the Blacksmith and University. The author also forgot to list one of the three razing bonuses that was set in the triggers, and the grammar was questionable in places.

The author should turn on all techs in the editor or instruct players to turn it on in the game settings. The author should consider reducing the number of kills required to upgrade to the next better unit. The map could be improved greatly by mixing terrain and adding some landmarks. Though the triggers seemed well organised, the author should look out for double triggers. They didn't cause problems in this case, but can be very problematical.

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Map Design2.0
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