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Battle Tournament

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Version: Age of Kings
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 4
My third scenario published,

This is my favorite one, hope you like it.
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Da_Sleek_Ranga This map is Retarded!!!
This is the worst blood ever!!!!

Time to calm down tale you why. When you load this game you will notice it looks like a standard blood, a cross between Castle Blood and Tsar Gory (without the triggers of course).
At the start you have 5 mins to build men and you are provided with 3 barracks, 3 archery ranges, 2 Castles, 2 Siege workshops and 2 Monstary. Now this would be a good chose of building to build a good army except (and this is a BIG except) The default age is Feudual which means half these building don't work. When 5 mins are up all your units move in the middle of the stage, half the time they bang into something and stay there. When they get to the middle you have to battle the 3 other players for Supremecy, this could be fun except the gates don't lock behind your men so people can just keep bring extra men so conserving men here doesn't matter. After 3 mins of this the survivor get 10 stone and first the to get to 50 stone wins. The biggest hole in this game happened when i tested this against computers i easily beat them in the middle but 1 of them sent a scout out when the timer ran out and he got 10 stone also, If the game maker had put more effort in to stop this the game might be better i dont want to know what would of happened if the game became a draw, how would the game deal with this.

In Conclusion this was a poorly made map with a load of bugs. If you see someone playing or downloading this consider it your duty to shot them through the head and put them out of there pain.
Map Design1.0
Battle Tournament is a Blood-style multiplayer scenario for four players. Players receive a large number of military buildings and huge reserves of resources, actual fighting take place in the middle of the map. The scenario is orchestrated in "rounds" where for five minutes you build up, and then the units of all players are tasked into the middle of the map for a huge battle that lasts for three minutes. The winner of the battle receives 10 stone, everyone goes back to their base, and the process repeats itself. If you get 50 stone you win. Or at least that's the way the designer intended it to work.

PLAYABILITY: the scenario's bugs prevented me from fully enjoying it. The way the triggers determine the winner of each round is if there is a single enemy unit left in the central arena. Since none of the triggers deactivate each other, it is possible for all four players to be declared "winners" at the same time. The designer no doubt assumed that at the end of each round only one player would be left in the middle of the map with all his enemies dead, but that isn't the way it works in reality.

That's the most serious of Battle Tournament's faults out of the way, but there are a number of other issues worth mentioning. The scenario has the requisite feature where you receive bonuses for kills, but this concept is totally messed up. The first player to get 200 kills immediately goes to Imperial, and since players start by default in the feudal age this effectively makes him invincible. Also, the designer tries to prevent players from "camping" by tasking their units into the centre of the map. However the players can just task their units back again to completely avoid fighting. Lastly (although this is more a matter of personal taste rather than a problem with the scenario) is it really necessary to give the players 99,999 of each resource? I personally would have enjoyed it more if players received a smaller amount, forcing players to pick and choose what units they would create, rather than madly queueing up 15 of everything at all avaliable buildings. But like I said, it's a matter of taste. 2

BALANCE: starting spots are equal and the triggers all work the same for each player as far as I could tell. Nothing more needs to be said.

CREATIVITY: some credit is due for having a scenario that operates in rounds (even if the execution is flawed) but other than that there is nothing worth mentioning. From its theme, to its gameplay, to even the map design this scenario is almost indistinguishable from dozens of other blood maps, and the scenario imitates rather than innovates. 2

MAP DESIGN: Battle Tournament takes place on a tiny area of land surrounded by water, with bridges connecting the players to the central arena. Only two terrain types are used throughout the whole map, desert and water. There is no eye-candy at all, other than the bridges. 1

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Battle Tournament's brief instructions outline the scenario's gameplay, but I think the designer should have been a bit more detaied in the instructions. The player is not told that he receives upgrades for kills, and there are many other aspects of gameplay that the player is left to discover for himself by trial and error. Spelling isn't great, and there isn't any story to speak of. 2

SUMMARY: Battle Tournament's issues prevent it from attaining a status higher than something you play once and then forget about. Please update the scenario, fixing the problems mentioned above, improving the map design and maybe adding a story. The scenario gave me some entertainment, but it isn't something I would want to play again.

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Map Design1.0
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