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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 4
Everyone has a convoy.
Convoys give resources.
Lose convoy control to lose the convoy.
No convoy = no resources.
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Map Design2.0
Convoy is a 2vs2 B&D multiplayer scenario with an interesting new aspect, there is no gold or stone on the map, and the said resources are collected via a trading system. Trade carts belonging to the player are created, tasked along a palisade road to the opposite side of the map, and at the end they are removed and the player receives resources. All the time new trade carts are created, and so all players in the game get a steady stream of resources.

The author is definitely on the right track, but some numerous playability issues prevent this scenario from scoring an above average rating in this category. The convoy system was neat, but what really irritated me is that the two teams are seperated by a massive band of forest. I'm not talking about a thin layer here, either. Convoy is on a giant-sized map, and almost all of it is buried under trees. Thankfully, all players receive a siege onager with which they can cut paths to their enemies, but it is annoying nonetheless. Players don't have much room to build, so that siege onager will also come in handy to clear areas for additional room.

Another issue is the player colour issue. Players blue/red and green/yellow are teams (and each team occupies one side of the map), so trying to play a 1vs1 game (by changing teams) is...awkward, to say the least. The game just deteriorates into using your siege onager to destroy the town center of the enemy, as your enemy is so close to you. You can't change your colour so that you occupy the empty space on the opposite end of the map, as that removes all of your starting resources in multiplayer scenarios. This scenario was intended to be a 2vs2, so no deductions will be made, but in future it would probably be better to have the teams blue/green and red/yellow, so that it can be played as a 1vs1.

Games are also long, as they usually are on any giant map with only four people. The vast forest (and the fact that your siege onager disappears after 10 minutes and you cannot train a new one) means that the defender has the advantage over the attacker. Other units that are denied are bombard cannons and trebuchets, valuable siege weapons that could easily turn the tide against a stubborn opponant. Resources are unlimited, so going all-defense is a viable strategy. In an update, give the players the option of training siege onagers, trebs and bombard cannons, and make the map smaller. 3

Perfectly balanced, everyone starts off equal and civ bonuses have a minor impact at best. In Imperial, the Turks (+2 range for bombard towers) and the Celts (+10% woodcutting) should have a small advantage, but nothing that would unbalance the game. 5

Highly creative, I've never seen the convoy system used before, and the starting siege onager adds some interesting gameplay possibilities. Will you use it to cut a path to the enemy, or to enlarge the area around your base to provide some more room? You won't have enough time to do both. Perhaps you could arrange with your teammate so that you cut a path while he clears some room, or you could just hope that the enemy cuts a path for you. The author also uses the uncapturable gaia unit trick. A point is deducted for the unoriginal map. 4

Not exactly awful, but close to it. 90% of the map is buried under a massive forest, and there is no attempt to add eye-candy, other then some flags and deleted farms. The starting locations of the players are just grass, with a bit of shallows fringed by palisades where the tradelines are. The players have hardly any room to build. Take some time to create more aesthetically appealing map, or at the very least generate one. 2

No story, a lot of hints, and spelling mistakes. 3

A worthwhile B&D scenario that is recommended for players who enjoy....long games.

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Map Design2.0
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