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The Forgotten Realms

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
The old rickety ship creakes as a seamingly eternal onslaught of waves pound the ships hull. Sir Darrien of Tyr, a Paladin and member of the Most Noble Order of the Radiant Heart, surveys the situation from the deck. The Ship is moving along the Sword coast for the meeting between Darrien and his men with Lord Arachnos, Lord of Arachnos Castle near Waterdeep. Darrien is safeguarding a mysterious amulet, one given to The Order by Arachnos's nephew. This nephew, Savon, told the order it was an amulet of righteosness and his uncle needed it to hold of against the Orc attacks from the spine of the world. To Darrien, the amulete seems to a mysterious aura about it. The constant barrage of waves masked the approach of fiendish intruders. Perhaps thieves, Darrien thought. He knew the day would end in battle, however, and he knew the intruders had come for the amulet. That was the last Sir Darrien remembered, as he woke up in the Amnish city of Athkatla. Sir Gailin was the only other Paladin who was apperantly with him. The amulet gone with his memory, Darrien sets off to get answers, about the mysterious intruders, the amulet, and why he has ended up in Athkatla with only one other comrade.

Hey, I would like to thank:

Enrique Orduno: For testing and bug fixing, without you I might not have finished this.
Nazgul Lord: Testing
Talon Karrde: testing
Eightball: testing
Dastal: testing
Angel Tyrael: For accepting me into punk, so I would be inspired enough to complete this scn
Shykre: I don't know, just thought I'd thank him, and testing a little

Sorry If I left you out

Crusader14 - SCN Punk Team
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actium Actually, my AOKTC is acting up, and I won't be able to play this :(
actium I look forward to it! I'll be reviewing it ASAP.
Danish Viking Who is the author?
Enrique Orduno The author is Crusader14.
File Author
I would appreciate comments please
The Conquistador This campaign is certainly mediocore and frankly, unworthy of being put under the name of SCN Punk.

The playability is just flat awful and deserves a one. It super confusing to play as you are given 10 scenario objectives in the first 10 minutes of gameplay (not in any order, mind you) and in the hints you are told that "some quests can only be completed after others". However, this is impossible to predict as each quest seem to be entirely independent. Also, a bug allows you to win without actually beating the final forces of the enemy boss, which IMO is a fatal error. I must say that my hour has been wasted.

The balance was acutally very good, which is surprising for a scenario that got such a low score in playability. There are enemies on the map and with the forces you are given, they are quite difficult to defeat.

The creativity was also above average, as some relatively new concepts are applied to the scenario and they all contribute to gameplay. An example of this would be the 'buying armor' trick with the blacksmith.

The map design was great. However, the author left some spots on the map entirely blank (and you could easily see these blank spots) and that prevented it from getting a full 5.

The story was good, as you are a charismatic paladin out to slay evil. However, the instructions were extremely poor and confusing and since instructions outweigh story, a below average 2 will be given.

+ Points

- good map
- good creativity
- challenging gameplay

- Points

- extremely confusing to play
- don't know what to do

Final Thoughts: Well I am disappointed that a campaign with the title "SCN Punk" could get such a low score, but life is life. I think that this guy has a lot of potential and I am proud that he is a fellow member of SCN Punk, but I think that he needs to apply more time to scenario designing and ditch the concept of doing too much too soon, which is obviously what he did here.

[Edited on 06/13/09 @ 07:42 AM]

Vegeta Finally! A campaign set in the Forgotten Realms world! I own Baldur's Gate II and I was looking forward to a campaign that includes the City Of Coin, Athkatla! Thanks SCN Punk team for giving me great campaigns!
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Although Stan made several good points about the “Forgotten Realms” campaign, I have to disagree on the score received. There are two area in Stan’s review which I believe were not fair, and therefore I have decided to add a review for this great campaign.

Playability is one of the two most subjective categories in scoring, now with that being I don’t feel that this campaign deserved a 1.0 in playability. It is true that we are assigned with many tasks in the beginning, but the reason behind this was to help the gamers understand what they have to do. Furthermore, in this campaign you can actually cheat. As an illustration when you command the large army you can avoid your objective and use it to complete the game. Also, it’s a pity for the fatal bug, which allow you to win the campaign. However, I did find this campaign enjoyable and fun, but I feel that if the fatal bug had been removed, then this campaign would have scored high.

The balance was fantastic, and it’s obvious that the designer of this campaign has done a great job making sure that it was hard but challenging. I died a couple of times because of losing my heroes, but I was able to manage and win. This game deserves a high mark because the balance was dead on.

In terms of creativity, I have to say that this campaign uses a variety of trigger concepts and this actually enhanced the gameplay experience.

The map design was very good and detailed. I have to say that it wasn’t far from a 5.0, but some areas of the map were a bit lacking. I also feel that the big city could have been designed better because it was too flat perhaps in contrast to the countryside.

According to Angel SpineMan “If there are instructions but no story, the max score is a 3”. Now, I must say that this campaign had instructions and hints, therefore it deserved at least a 3.0. In addition, the story was actually pretty good and interesting, and this is definitely above average.

In short, if you are interested for a sweet and challenging campaign I suggest you download this one because it is well worth it.
von vindicator nothing to say this is the best scn ive ever played

[Edited on 06/12/05 @ 08:11 AM]

Jas the Mace1 It is a good scn. at first...worth playing up till near the first big screw up came at the mages castle...nothing happens when you defeat him...and why the peasants.??..and I agree with the The Conquistador the ending bug does ruin it...certainly not worth a high score just for that one because it's stuff that's easy to fix...
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Map Design4.0
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