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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » THE LAST SAMURAI THE BATTLE (improved)

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of players: 2
An ancient battle between the Troyaans and the greeks
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Map Design2.0
"THE LAST SAMURAI THE BATTLE (improved)" is based upon the, yes you guessed it, the last battle in the film. "The Last Samurai" unfortunately, the designer perhaps chose to resemble the final scene from this film to closely. Playability: 2 It opened with a few scouts standing on a plain grass map, the player 2 simply moves his men forward, and annhilates blues army with his hand cannoneers, conquistadors, and jannisaries, I did not have fun playing this scenario. Full stop. The lag was unbearable, there was nothing new in this, a simple task to kill one huge army. Balance: 2 Red always won when I played, as stated above he has all gun units and any random "Zone"/Online player will have enough skill to completely destroy blue. I have yet to play a game where I win as blue, or lose against blue. The odds are stacked completely against them. Creativity: 2 I saw barely anything that reminded me of the film, besides the basic setup of the army, but even that was incorrect to a certain point, player one has a few rows of palisades to protect his men from the enemy, which made no difference as the guns of player two could simply destroy the weak palisades, I think the author should really watch the battle, and pay closer attention, there was nothing about the tactics used by the rebels, even the map barely reminded me of the area. It was only because of a few things that I felt this score was warranted. Map Design: 2 A plain grass map with a few mountains placed here and there, the only impressive map design was the rebel camp, the rest was plain and bare lacking imagination! Story / Instructions: 2 There were simple instructions, and not an ounce of the story was explained, who are the characters why are they fighting? Needs a lot of work. Suggestions: Story / Instructions: Add the background story. Why are they fighting who are all the characters? Map Design: Use terrain mixing, make the map interesting, you don't have to be extra strict because you didn't see a waterfall at the battle, or you didn't see rocks, or whatever, be creative. Creativity: Look at any map by MCrnigoj, that should give you some ideas for creativity. Try include more scenes from the battle, such as the palisades being lit on fire. Balance: Reduce the size of reds army and/or make blues stronger. Playability: Lag, sort the lag.

[Edited on 01/25/13 @ 09:53 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
THE LAST SAMURAI THE BATTLE (improved) is a mix of FF and B&D, loosely based on the Hollywood movie. You play Nathan Algren, Tom Cruise's character, an American officer who became a samurai, fighting side by side with his former enemies against imperial army, to save their lives and Japanese traditions.

PLAYABILITY: It was no fun to command a huge army in an unbalanced game on an unappealing map. The red player has hand gunners, scorpions, bombard canons and conquistadors against cavalry archers and samurais. Still, I liked the opening scene with the sound and to 'avoid' the battle was an interesting alternative, there was no bug or lag and I have seen worse. 2

BALANCE: I wonder why the scenario is a Multiplayer scenario, for a perfect Multiplayer balance, the starting positions of both players should be of equal strengths, comparable, so that the skill of the player decides the outcome. THE LAST SAMURAI THE BATTLE is unbalanced to an extent that the red player always wins in an open battle, and the battle seems to be the author's intention as the title suggests. Blues' only surviving option is to avoid the battle, retreat to the southwest to defend and to build a castle. While red starts in the Dark Age, with resources but no buildings or villagers, blue starts in Post-Imperial with a mill, town centre, stables, barracks, archery ranges and four villagers. There is plenty of wood in the east, the base contains sheep, turkeys, some trees, a deer and forage bushes, and a market to build is all it needs. If blue manages to build up defenses, chops wood and goes to massive farming once the population drops under 75, the tide changes into a hopeless situation for red. Unfortunately there is no hint considering a defense strategy for blue, on the contrary the objective "assemble your army and crush the enemy" is suicidal. Still I give the author the benefit of the doubt. 3

CREATIVITY: The intend to play the battle of The Last Samurai failed, the story told vaguely the background of the main character, the map is uncreative as well is the balance. 2

MAP DESIGN: Good things first, there are elevations. The only terrain is the editor grass 1, a one kind of tree forest in the east and a poor design of the rebels' camp in the southwest. 2

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: You find directions under scout, the story in the history section and a simple objective "assemble your army and crush the enemy". Some hints about the B&D aspect would serve the scenario. The short author's description alone has two spelling errors, "An ancient battle between the Troyaans and the greeks", is misleading, and refers to another scenario of the author. 3

OVERALL: The scenario misses effort.

SUGGESTIONS: A battlefield is not beautiful and should be sparse in eye-candy, still some terrain mix and trees would help. Look at Hastings and Tannenberg by MCrnigoj for realistic battle field maps and most important, work on the balance.

IN CLOSING: I recommended the scenario if the novice plays red and the expert blue.

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Map Design2.0
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