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Wrath of the Gods 1.1

Author File Description
Era Productions
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 8
In Wrath of the Gods, the player leads a nation against 7 others, using his might God Powers and summoned heroes to wreak havoc and death. Gods and Demons are summoned by spilling the blood of monks. Powers are used to do anything from smash the defences of thine enemy to give a single soldier divine strength.

But as in all good legends, this one has a history:
In the Beginning, there was nothing. Then two gods descended from the heavens. One was SYMPHONIA, goddess of light, nature, and harmony. The other had no name, and was merely known as the GOD OF SYMPHONIC DESTRUCTION. Symphonia, using her holy, harmonic music, created a spherical mass of living flesh, wandering through the empty void of space. Then the God of Symphonic Destruction played his ominous, violent march, turning much of the mass into earth, and dividing the remaining flesh into animals. The Symphonia took the most advanced of these creatures, the chimpanze and turned into humanity. She taught the humans in the ways of hunting and gathering, farming and building. Soon, the humans ceased their wandering and settled, creating 8 glorious nations. The peacefully traded and shared. The God Symphonic Destruction was bored and lonely, so he taught the humans in the ways of war, and taught them how to build awsome engines of destruction. He taught man how to build walls and forts. Soon, the humans were at war, and the land was immbroiled in chaos. Symphonia was angry, but could not openly fight the God of Symphonic Destrcution, who was her blood brother. Instead, she reminded man of peace, and taught them in the ways of diplomacy. The humans made peace. The God of Symphonic Destrcution ordered that a great temple be built, on the God of Symphonic Destruction's island, in the deepest part of the sea. There, the destructive god opened a portal to another world, where he enslaved the inhabitants, and took the best them, making his eliete army of DOOM KNIGHTS.

Much time past, and Symphonia finally found her brother's foul deeds in this world. She, furious, banished his Doom Knights and froze her brother in stone. Horrified by her violent acts against her own brother, she hid with her 8 human priestests in her small garden, sealing herself in.

Many years have past, and now the ambition of men has grown. The seek to ressurect the Destructive God, and use him to conquer.


Please note that WotG now includes several fixes to known issues, as well as a new optional RPG system, that is fully describes in the hints section.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
This review is concerning a game of this with Powery and 5 other unknown people. I understand that he is making a separate review.

Playability: 3
The game was enjoyable to begin with, as I was situated with an opponent directly to my north.
However, the difference in RM skill became apparent and I quickly overwhelmed him. After this the main battles were based on frontier resource skirmishing and a long campaign between me and Powery. While he was never able to force me back or launch an effective attack, I could not do the same for him and we eventually resigned in stalemate.

Balance: 2
The Balance of the game varies depending on the God powers of each team. Certain players had excessive powers at certain times, such as my summoning of a fleet of CGs, Yi-sun-shins and Heavy Demolition ships. These allowed me an early advantage over other naval-going players. However, my power did not reload after its set time (30 minutes) while other players' did.

The positions are poor, players in the centre have a difficult time while those at the edge are easier.

Creativity: 3
While the diversity of the God Powers raises the score here the game is simply a pre-placed random map.

Map Design: 4
The map was rough, with uneven resources and oddly placed cities, but the piles of gold and wood drove the fighting out into the open and varied the gameplay somewhat.

Story/Instructions: 5
An entertaining story was provided, along with excellent instructions.

Additional Comments:
This is a promising scenario let down by simple flaws. If the God-powers were improved slightly, and perhaps given more emphasis on the starting heroes, the game would not drag on for as long as it did. Spies is disabled, which made late-game very frustrating as players would frequently chance upon resource outposts the other player had yet to fortify.

The game needs more ways of finishing off other players as it isn't quite a land map, nor quite a water map.
I would propose a kill-linked hero levelling system, such as +1 Ap per kill balance and +5 HP.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
While being a build & destroy scenario Wrath of the Gods is succesful to distinguish itself from a regular random map. Having every player start in their own built-up bases, some better, some worse fortified (solely because of geographical elements), it establishes a large and diverse battleground for many types of strategies and clashes from coastal bombarding to narrow forest path skirmishes to large open ground confrontations. While some MP scenario players may find it boring for the lack of trigger intensity, an aggressive player with experience from random maps always finds something to implement.
Regardless of certain issues with balance and triggers, it can easily qualify as entertaining as any huge random map with equal skilled players.

Balance: 3
This is no doubt the least succesful section in the scenario but can be partly understood as it is hard to give equal chances to win for every player in a map that is not a plain symmetric arena.
There are some team settings that can be too beneficial for some players and too adverse for some players. Some being right next to each other and some in totally different corners. Teams consist of two players each but there are two players that are all alone. I can guess that they were supposed to be together but the creator forgot it.
Bases cannot be said to have equal pros and cons as certain bases can only be attacked with naval forces while others stand in the middle of a battlefield only protected by walls.
Each player has an unique "god power" that is very situation dependent. Some god powers help protecting base, some give an economic boost and some provide troops. The base defending powers are worthless you can keep the game aggressive on others. So when you can't choose these powers but they depend on your player number, they can affect the balance with even a large margin.
Also resources are not equally available as some players have to make outposts away from their base in risky locations to get certain resource.

Creativity: 4
I find the scenario very unique, especially when it comes to map and its shapes that give the scenario alot of potential for diverse strategies.
Although triggers are few here, they are used neatly at some points and thus introduce some unique gameplay elements, my favorite being god powers. For example, with player 1 you can close the bridges leading to your base so that it is only reachable by ships.
Also, there exists a story that is brought into the game as two gods that can be gained by players to fight with, although some issues come with them.

Map Design: 3
The map is realistic and looks amusing, although it lacks terrain mixing and has over-used eyecandy at some places.
Geographical diversity is one of the major things that really make this scenario. It's too bad it creates so large gap between difficulty levels of players.

Story/Instructions: 4
To me this seems the only multiplayer scenario created on base of a story instead of other way around. The concept of two gods is interesting and so is the fact that you can get them. However, there exists some instructional/trigger problems with one of the gods. When you get "the evil one" he is constantly stopped by a stop effect trigger and also you're supposed to get additional unit spawns but it isn't told anywhere that you have to move a unit on a certain flag to create these spawns.
Otherwise instructions are very simple and straightforward.

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Map Design3.5
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