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Downloads Home » Best Files » Bound for Glory, Chapter 1

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Bound for Glory, Chapter 1

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Mix
This is the first scenario of a campaign that will probably
encompass 10 or so scenarios when it is complete. However,
this scenario took much longer than I expected, and so I'm
going to wait and see if there is any interest / enthusiasm
for the rest of the campaign before I continue.

This first scenario, Chapter 1, introduces the world and the
major players in the campaign. It is more role playing than
hack-and-slash, and it probably owes more than a little to
Ingo Van Thiel's excellent campaigns.

There are over 600 triggers (mostly for dialogue), and the
scenario is about as non-linear as a scenario can get.
Some conversations can change depending on what you've
done in the past, so there's even replayability if you're
looking for that sort of thing.
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The Conquistador
Map Design4.0
This is a great scenario with lots of stuff worthy of a compliment. Definitely one of the best scenarios I have played.

This campaign is so fun. There are a lot of witty things in there and you will have lots of fun. Also, there are a lot of side-quests (I haven't found them all, unfortunately) that are both fun and will aid in your main quest.

The balance was a bit poor. Because I fully expected to be able to complete the scenario without the aid of any side-quests, I did not expect the small army of longswordsmen and cross-bowmen waiting for me in the mine. I almost failed and had to run away until I got rid of the bowmen and when my heroes healed. Because this campaign is designed under the original AOK and not AOK:TC, it is probably to the author's knowledge that heroes can't heal like berserks. So, the balance is a bit off.

The creativity was also pretty good. There are a lot of trigger tricks used in this scenario, such as the sign trick and the color-changing robe trick which are pretty impressive. The use of the original AOK editor was so great that I don't think any designer who used the original editor could say with good conscience that they are better than this guy.
Two thumbs up for swcarter!

The map design was definitely above average but really didn't strike me as impressive. But a 4 is definitely deserved here.

The story was great. You are two nobody bandits who are out to make it big. Although the tale itself is a bit childish, it definitely was a good story. Of course there were a lot of instructions.

+ Points

- Very fun gameplay
- Very creative and excellent use of the editor
- Good story and excellent instructions

- Points

- Mediocore map design

Final Thoughts: A most excellent scenario that has excellent employment of the map editor. Definitely worthy of your precious time.
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
In the land The Face, the area called the Nose, has its own King, called William, with its capital Willsburg, originally Port Hardoon, situated east of Port Heftoon, north of Mipsville and we write the year 12 OhK. You play El Cid and Hrolf, who go out to rob and steal, to become famous, feared and well respected criminals like Robin Hood and his men. This is not the place to discuss if and when Robin Hood existed. The fact is, that there are severel cases, beginning in the 13th century, where outlaws committed their crimes under the pseudonym of Robin Hood and Little John, to become as famous and feared as their idols. Have fun and accompany two of these men on their quest.

PLAYABILITY: The playability is the best part of this campaign and that is what it is all about. We want to be entertained for a while in the fantasy world of AoK, forget the rest and have fun. Bound for Glory really is great fun. You have a main objective and four side quests. You walk through a good map, have great dialogs, see tricks and have surprises. After Sigfried in TKBM, this is the second time that I identified with a hero, El Cid. He and his friend Hrolf were helping people in the beginning, instead of robbing and killing them, until a plot twist occurred. 5

BALANCE: The balance is the weakest part of the scenario, as there is not much challenge. So do yourself a favour and play AoK, not TC. Use normal speed, on fast you practically overrun the trigger, which generates the enemies defending the trade carts. 3+
-That’s life, it is too easy for me on AoK and for the other reviewer too difficult on TC. The solution? More enemies, you got two monks for healing and as the end is too difficult without exploring the mine, maybe a hint to explore or simply “there is more in the mine than you expect.”

CREATIVITY: The creativity is well above average. Wall pieces are used as signs and from all colour changing items on this site (flags, RofDM; flags with monk, MLofH; elephant, CLofR; and tent, LofCh) the monk in this campaign is the best. He really looks cool and gives a meaning to each colour. I never saw a mud slide before and I specially liked the pig show for its dialogues. As the show goes on, click until it repeats. Even the text you read in the window after quitting is creative. 5-
-Good work

MAP DESIGN: Good city design, you have a rich and a poor sector, separated by a gate, near which you find the red light district. You find people gathering around a fire at the beach near fishing bridges. Swcarter makes it possible that a beach with a shipwreck gives a very special atmosphere and you ask yourself what his design secret is. The only negative aspect is, that the vast wood areas are throughout the map the same kind of trees. 4+
-The editor gives you many choices for trees and some clearings with ruins, a lake or anything would have helped.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The bitmap shows The Face, you get a history section, hints and the instructions are perfect. As this is a RPS I want to mention the dialogs, which are creative, funny, informative and entertaining throughout the scenario. There is not much of a story and it does not develop during the game. The simplicity of the story is a sharp contrast to the good dialogs. 5-
-The story by itself is good and authentic, but you could have done much more with it.

Overall: I had to rewrite this review, as it was not up to the standard of this scenario. This is one of the better RPS and I recommend to download.

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Map Design4.0
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