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Absolute Blood - Ultimate Version

Author File Description
SMT Bleu
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of players: 4
Absolute Blood - Ultimate is a remake of a map I did about one year and a half ago. The original version was buggy, unbalanced and had other problems. This version has been totally fixed.

The map is a four player blood with loads of different features, from which the most important ones are COST FACTOR, LIMITED RESOURCES and the fact that RESOURCE MANGEMENT is required.

The map features 4 bases and a big central arena with a special central area in a pit. Each base has two castles, towers,a bombard tower,a hero, 4 barracks, archeries, stables, 2 monasteries and a siege workshop. The players will get resources in small periodic tributes every 30 seconds, meaning that they will have to create a balanced army and economize and manage their resources. The aim of the game is to destroy your opponents' bombard tower in their base.

The map has many other features like a very complete buying system, where you use monks you get from kills, razings and every five minutes yo buy things from upgrades for your hero and buildings to special units and techs. There are over sixteen buyable items there, including a middle hellfire. (damaging explosions in the middle). There are over twenty varied kill and razing prizes. The middle will upgrade a player's hero if twenty of his units stand there. If forty units stand there, the hero will be upgraded much faster, and if seventy units are placed there, that player will get 25% more resources. (Pop limit is 100) This is to avoid massive camping and to also make the middle more interesting.... You might risk more units by placing them there because the enemy might buy a hellfire, but as well you earn better things. Researching your unique technology will give you a hero which varies depending on your civilization, and unlike other blood maps, they will be created gradually and with a pop limit... For example, brits get Henry Vs, one about every 50 seconds with a low max pop. This way, the map doesnt turn into a hero war like it might happen in CB Lod where the heroes are generated every second(no offense to the map... It's just that I've seen that happen)

To sum up, Absolute Blood is much more than your average Blood map... it has limited resources which balance the game a LOT, heroes, power ups, unique bonuses for each civilization, variated prizes, central power up, a lot of strategical game play, the hability to trade and send resources to your allies, a very complete buying system and other things that I didn't mention to keep the suspense.

I encourage you to write reviews or comments, and to contact me if you are going to write a deadly review :S so that I can fix any bug that I might not have found. The only thing I ask you is that if you review it, take in consideration that I didn't add many eye-candy stuff so that the map and the middle arena was funtional, and not full of ojbects that allowed players to camp or messed up the armies. How ever, I tried mix naturally different types of terrain, but in a way that you could still notice what is what and where is where.....

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


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SMT Bleu
File Author
Hey it's me SMT Bleu.... I'm just telling you that I updated the map, because I found out JUST AFTER uploading the map that I had left 1 big "error" (let's call it that way) unfixed... The thing is that I had placed map revealers in the middle, but they would count as units of an X player, so the players would need less units in the middle to get the corresponding power up. In this new version I fixed tha by placing the pakcs of map revealers arround the middle. AAAAAAH I felt SO stupid when I realized that I had forgotten to fix that. Well, see you next time!

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