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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 3
Just kill the other team. Simple and easy.

The resources have been reduced for more balenced gameplay.
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Map Design3.0
If I had to sum up this multiplayer map in one sentence, I would say that it's Death Match on steroids. There are two teams between three players. The first team (players 1 and 2) have a typical three villager + town centre start, while the second team (player 3) has an enormous base and a large army. All players receive a lot of extra resources, and you'd better believe me when I say a lot. Using triggers gaia tributes 1410065407 food, wood, gold and stone to everyone. At the start of the game, the score of me and my team mate was 564035215. :S

PLAYABILITY: the scenario was no fun to play. If you're on team 1 the game plays just like a death match game except with unlimited resources. If you're the green player, you just research Spies at one of your many castles, grab some of your units and kill the enemies before they can build up. The uninteresting gameplay is compounded by lag. The game is on a gigantic-sized map (which is odd, considering there are only three players), and when I was playing with a friend and a computer player lag would frequently spike up to three or four second command delays, making the game almost unplayable. One of the fun things about Death Match is that you quite quickly run out of resources, and you need to balance an economy with building an army. This scenario does away with this challenge, and since resources are unlimited players can abuse it in all sorts of ways, such as building hundreds of bombard towers all across the map. If you play with the rule that no-one attacks for 15 minutes (so that blue and red have time to build up) the game just drags on forever. Even aside from the issue of lag, this scenario just isn't any fun. 1

BALANCE: Ultimate2x1 is unbalanced in favour of the green player. Green can research spies, has a massive base with dozens of military buildings, and has a large starting army. Blue and red have town centers and three villagers. Even if green doesn't research Spies, he/she can still easily finish off blue and red by isolating them in their small starting area. By far the best way to play this scenario is with players 1 and 2 as humans and the green player as a computer on hard or lower. 2

CREATIVITY: the scenario makes use of the author's infinite resources trick (Utility ID#505), but other than that there is absolutely nothing at all. You play on a random map with random map settings with no discernable theme or story. Other than infinite resources, there is no originality whatsoever. I was unsure of whether to award a 1 or a 2, but even slight creative elements deserve credit. 2

MAP DESIGN: a random map with a few modifications (namely a massive city for green). There is no extra eye-candy added and the map just adds to the feel that you're playing a death match game rather than a custom scenario. The unecessarily big map causes a lot of lag. 3

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: or rather, the lack thereof. There is not a single line of text in the scenario. No story, no hints, no scouts, no explanation of the scenario's theme. Even a small paragraph explaining how the scenario works or some gameplay strategies would have been enough to salvage a point or two. 1

SUMMARY: what Ultimate2x1 needs is not so much an update as a complete re-design. What I'd suggest to the designer is to make the map size smaller (either that or add some more players) and improve the scenario's balance so that blue and red stand a chance of survival. Maybe add a new spin on the scenario's gameplay rather than having it almost indistinguishable from a Death Match game. A story and hints would also raise the rating. Release a new version of the scenario and I will gladly update my review.

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Map Design3.0
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