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Clash of the Coloured Kings

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Version: The Conquerors
Number of players: 1
Another update I decided to do after finding numerous bugs in the game, it should run now without error. Enjoy!
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Map Design4.0
This upload is an update of the previous Clash of Coloured Kings. With almost all of the problems of the original corrected (or at least alleviated), this upload is an immense improvement upon its predecessor.

Clash of Coloured Kings is a massive amount of fun...moreso since you don't even need another human to play with. This is perhaps the only multiplayer scenario I've ever played that seamlessly integrates single player support. Just activate "single player" at the start of the game, and the AI will play for red, moving its king with triggers to counter whatever you make. Games are fast and furious, a flurry of counters and counter-counters. Lag is all but nonexistant...but unfortunately, so is strategy. With such a limited playing area, you can't really micromanage your troops. Basically, all it comes down to is countering what the enemy sends at you at the right time, and hoping you get lucky. Other than the slightly repeditive gameplay, this multiplayer blood's playability is almost faultless. Whether played as singleplayer or multiplayer, hours of mindless fun are guaranteed. 5

Both players have equal positions and starts. You start in the dark age, so at that point there are no unbalancing civ bonuses. In fact, the only bonus that is anywhere near helpful is the Mongol scout LOS bonus, which allows you to spy on what your opponant is an extent. Even against the computer, the game is challenging and well-matched.

The only problem I have is that late in the game you can create your civ's unique unit. So, if you're playing a civ with a strong UU (Koreans or Persians most notably), you've got a huge edge over the opposition. It basically takes all skill out of the game if you're getting war elephants and your opponant is getting tarkans. On the description page the author suggests that both players pick random. Uh, like that's going to fix it. If anything, playing random civs will exacerate the problem, basically turning the scenario into a lottery where you win if your civ has a better unique unit than that of your opponant. But that's a bit unreasonable, since you need to *survive* until the late game before you can utilise your UU. But all the same, it bears mentioning. 4

While the blood genre is definitely old rope, Clash of Coloured Kings is undeniably creative. I don't think there is a blood scenario in existance that has single player support as streamlined as this one, which makes it a scenario that you can play again and again. Despite its relatively low number of triggers, players have a staggeringly large number of units to select that can be unlocked by kills. Battles start with spearmen and skirmishers and end with elite cataphracts and samurai. While you could never say it requires a lot of skill and thinking, it has a simple replayability that has only rarely been captured in scenarios. 5

The author has put a lot more time and priority into this version's map design. A lot of extra effort and detail has been put into the map, and the result is much more aesthetically attractive. The previous version looked barren and empty, but this has been remedied with a lot of eye-candy. Perhaps the designer went a bit overboard in this area. The masses of flowers and trees (even inside the play area) gets tiresome after a while, and there is not much variety in the actual terrain. 4

The previous version's woefully inadequate instructions have been fleshed out and improved enormously. There are gameplay hints and tactics, a kill table, and a list of counter units. The instructions were cleared, concise, and easily understood. There was even a small story added...although not one good enough to push the rating over a 4.

An excellent update.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 5
I played this map numerous times and I found no bugs. It was very fun and a top map for its kind. It can be played 1v1 humans or 1 human vs 1 computer. Includes optional choices in gameplay.

Balance: 5
The balance is perfect in 1vs1 humans it is exactly even except the unique units which can be turned off. The computer player offers something fun to do by yourself and also a helpful trainer to understand unit type bonuses.

Creativity: 4
This arena style of map has been done before but this version offers a storyline, 1vs1 humans or 1vs1 human and computer play and a nice looking arena for its type.

Map Design: 3
The map design is good for its type of game but not exceptional only for the fact that its not meant for eye candy but meant for a fun game and is not possible to cram that much map design into one small arena.

Story/Instructions: 4
An excellent short story setting the scene on this arena type game. Excellent instructions.

Additional Comments:
Very fun game to play over and over again.



[Edited on 01/19/07 @ 10:30 PM]

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Map Design3.5
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