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Protect the ONE

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Number of players: 8
Red is the evil guy. the others have each a robin hood and 4 workers. run away and build up a strông defence to protect your robin before red. red gets 10 waves of units, ever wave is getting stronger. you can win if you kill reds "evil hero" or if your robin survive all 10 waves. its a very good teamgame, because you have to help eachother if hes weak to beat red in the end.
have fun with this scenario its for 5-8 players
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Map Design2.0
Protect the One is a multiplayer scenario based (or so we're told) upon a Warcraft III custom scenario with a similar theme. Players 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are the "runners" and have a robin hood hero and several villagers each. They have unlimited wood and stone, and must build a base together in which to hold out against red for a certain period of time. Player 2 is the hunter, and receives massive amounts of respawning troops, with which he/she must annihilate the robin hood hero of all other players.

PLAYABILITY: the scenario is fun but laggy since player 2 receives over a hundred units. For the runners there is frantic build-up, and then the massive slaughter begins. Your robin hood gets stronger with every kill, so leaving him garrisoned in a castle or town cente all the time isn't such a good idea. Probably the biggest thing that negatively affects the scenario's playability is that there is so little room to build on. The map is covered in cliffs and, so finding a good spot to build your town center (especially with six other guys competing with you for the same space) is much more of a chore than it should be. The cliffs also restrict movement, it is difficult to get units to move from one area of the map to another. Like many multiplayer scenarios, the host has the option to boot certain players by moving a king next to the player's flag. But here, the king and the flags are in the middle of the map, surrounded by cliffs. Player 2 can kill the king with ranged units if he wants to, or even fire at the king so that he runs up against a player flag, booting the player accidently. 3

BALANCE: the scenario is a bit too easy for the runners to win, since they have unlimited wood and stone. They can sell it off at the market for vast sums of resources. Within 15 minutes the players will all be in imperial and have large armies to beat the hunter. The designer tried to make things easier for player 2 by setting the pop limit for all other players at 50, but it doesn't stop them from building masses of bombard towers and castles. And the designer has made no provision for countering the "hide your robin hood in the corner of the map" tactic. 4

CREATIVITY: the scenario makes extensive use of beta units (specifically the cannonballs suspended in mid-air found in scenario_t_c's template), and tricks such as invincible units. The scenario's theme is intriguing, but the map was a real let-down. 4

MAP DESIGN: mostly just cliffs, grass, and gold mines. There are a few patches of water and some tiny clumps of trees. No terrain variation and no gaia. The bland map is difficult to move around on due to all of the mazelike cliffs. Frankly, the map would have been more fun to play on if it had just been grass with no cliffs at all. 2

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: there was no story, but the instructions were sufficient for the scenario, explaining how to play and giving some general tips. The whole intro message was typed in all caps, and the frequent spelling and grammar mistakes made the whole thing a bit difficult to read. The hint reading "go on place where flag to powerp your ship" makes no sense. There is also a hint suggesting that the host put the king used for booting on stand ground, so that he doesn't run off and boot someone by accident if he gets attacked. Kings can't be put on stand ground. 2

SUMMARY: I highly suggest that the designer updates the scenario. Remove most of the cliffs, add some more eye-candy, make player 2 stronger, and maybe add a story. Protect the One is a promising scenario.
File Author
thank you very much for your comment. first iam sorry about my english, but its my school english, so dont expect too much.

-if the game laggs, its either a bug with the triggers or the comps/internet connection from some players is slow.
-if the map would be bigger, it would also be very much harder for the hunter
-the booter king: the king is a hero and he's indestructable. you can set him to "passive" and he wont move (because he is a hero)

-you cant build a market
-bombard towers are limited to max. 30 towers
-mostly the hunter looks at the corners first, so it isnt that save to build there.

-the map is no RPG, so there is no history whos told in the game.

Map design:
-I had the idea with the cliffs because you can hide and defend very well

-i just found out how to make colored messages.
-sorry again about my english
-hero king wont move

-ive already made alot of updates and new designs.
-thank you for the tip with the story, maybe i will add something like that
pha0001 Hey melchior. It is a very nice map you created. I like your map a lot and i am wondering if i could have the permission to recreate the same map for aok(age of the king).

Andras350 Is this the original of the thousands of PTOs out there?
SharpX @pha0001

You ask for permission to edit MY map from the creator of this map?

Then you put this site as proof in your own site that you asked for permission to edit a map.

1. I don't see any answer from him.
2. You didn't edit his map, you edited one of my maps, called "PTO Cliffs & Waters". You only changed a few triggers but kept almost my entire map design and put your own name on it. Then linked to this site to pretend its not my map at all and you asked for permission from the creator.

My map Cliffs and Waters which i made back in the MSN zone has been ripped by many people, claiming to have made it themselves, but your case takes the prize of how low some ant can sink.

Link to my map showing i uploaded it several months before you asked for permission here to some guy who had nothing to do with my map:

[Edited on 10/08/12 @ 03:52 AM]

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Map Design2.0
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