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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 4
Bedouin is an MP scenario that can be played with two or more players and any team configuration. The idea is to destroy your opponant's tower. To do this, trade for gold with the market in the centre of the map. You receive ten respawning camels, and you can unlock new unit types by achieving certain numbers of kills.

I decided to design this scenario to address problems in the blood genre itself. Most of the popular multiplayer scenarios that are commonly played at the time of this written document (Castle Blood, U Da Prey, World Risk, etc.) have one fundamental weakness...they take too long to play. Bedouin is designed to be a quick and streamlined multiplayer scenario. Games are usually over relatively quickly (30 +/- minutes), and small numbers of units help reduce lag. Even though it is extremely simple (by blood standards), hopefully it should be at least somewhat enjoyable. Comments, complaints, etc can be sent to me via email.

© 2005, Lord_Fadawah
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Bedouin is a Multiplayer blood game with B&D elements for four human players, playable but not suited for Single Player mode.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario had a good game play, quite enjoyable until player 1, blue destroyed the yellow, player 4’s tower. Yellow did not loose and continued to receive up to three war elephants, while blue did not anymore and the green, player 3, being ahead, lost within minutes because he received no more of his units, the Elite Mameluke. On a replay the game crashed when player 4 reached 250 kills. 2

BALANCE: All players have the same starting position, play on an Arabian map the Saracens, and receive the same unique units, the war elephants. This would qualify for a perfect rating but due to some trigger failures the perfect balance changes to a game of luck after a player looses his base. According to the tutorial, “A player should not win by luck, the scenario should be constructed so that a player can learn from mistakes and use his skill to complete the objective”, the balance is not perfect yet and player 4 does not receive the ‘heavy camel’ upgrade. 3-

CREATIVITY: The scenario has modest pretensions, to be an example of a quick blood game, simple and enjoyable. Every aspect of a scenario factors into creativity, the basic idea was creative, balance showed some promise, the theme not developed, the trigger work perfunctory and a monotonous map. 3

MAP DESIGN: The map was Arabic like with many elevations, lacking in terrain mix and Gaia, too repetitive, monotonous, of random map quality, serving technically the game play and to balance the chances. 3+

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The scenario instructions explain the rules of the game and the hints are sufficient. I found “can be played with two or more players” misleading. This is not a random map where you can choose any number of players from two to eight; it is a Multiplayer scenario for four players on a tiny (two player size) map. If you play Bedouin as 1 v. 1 with a comp ally each, it affects playability in a negative way. The computer player does not trade with the Gaia market in the centre of the map, the AI set to none works good as the units spread around the base, but it does it also with trade carts which distract the military units and a three player game, 2 v. 1+comp will be totally unbalanced. A comp player with the AI set to none will only trade with an ally market if that market is in the line of sight of each and every trade cart at the game’s start. It is not a solution to set the comp players to the standard AI. The standard AI will either use one trade cart only to trade with the Gaia market in the centre or spread the trade carts and start trading later in the game with the ally market across the map. As a result one comp player trades with a single cart, the other with ten, unbalancing the game. In one test with the standard AI two comp players used a trade cart each for the Gaia market and one ten, to trade with the ally. As the map is now, it plays for human players only meaning four players. There was no story no theme, no explanation about what the game was all about, leaving the player wondering why four Bedouin tribes trade with a Gaia market while they were fighting. 2+

OVERALL: A promising Multiplayer in the need of play testing.

SUGGESTIONS: The reasons for the crash, under player 4, trigger ‘kill count 250’ delete effect 1: stop units, source Gaia, object list units, without a set object it crashes. Same trigger for a better balance add new effect research technology, heavy camel source player 4. In trigger p1, p2, p3 and p4 you deactivate triggers cart, camel(s), paquis, 3paquis, mames and sabs. Any of these triggers exists four times. None of these triggers exists below p1, 2, 3 and 4; the game engine will deactivate any effects it detects activated above. Rename your effects according to the player number, like paquis1 or 3paquis 2 for player 1 or 2. You could explain your theme and Bedouin is a good one. You could have an explanation of the word Bedouin, they are Nomadic Arabs that pushed from the east into the Negev and the Sinai peninsula and from there it is easy to develop a small story, like ‘The valley with a mysterious location known since the early migration, legend says it is the gate to another dimension, nobody recalls the creators, some Nomads settled, deposit a black easy inflammable liquid on the market place to receive gold in return, when you get near you hear an aggressive buzzing sound like from a hornet, anybody who gets near with metal/weapons dies, leaving a carbonized body as if lightening stroked, over the centuries the lake’s resource of oil became smaller, the Nomads go to war, a fight for the valley, the market and the oil.’ Introduce a fifth player for the market to have the game balanced with two or three human players.

IN CLOSING: Not recommend without an edit.

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Map Design3.0
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