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Havoc Bot v2.0

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Version: Age of Kings 1.0

The AI lacks the coding that tells it how to manage and gather resources! If you take out the cheating, the AI will LOSE. It will have no resources and won't know how to get more!

I added cheating because the AI is not as smart as us. You have a huge advantage over the AI since you have much superior resource managing techniques. I've also seen that the AI stops farming and gathering resources late in the game. This cannot be fixed and is evident on all the AIs, including the default AI. That means the AI gets no resources and lets you easily win. You can still starve the my AI though. Late in the game, the AI will "use up its resources" and start building mostly Pikeman, Skirmishers, and Light Cav. They will build wonders but since only one peasent works on it, it would take forever to build, so don't freak out when they start building one. The difficulty has been toned down overall but harder in the fact that it will counter what you build and is a lot mor efficent. It can easily beat at least 3 of any other AI out. It took out 7 default AIs but I didn't really test it with the other AIs much. All I know is that it can easily kill them. BTW, this AI will use Trade Carts.

I concentrated this AI on the military aspects of the game. Since good players can easily kill a AI by rushing it early or using other cheese tactics which the AI doesn't know how to counter, I made it harder to do that. It builds a military early so it can defend from a rush or forward buildings. It uses Camels and Pikeman since I've seen that people can easily kill the AI with an army of nothing but Paladins. On the AI's I've seen, they build nothing. They build peasents but no army until late in the game which makes their attacks futile. An early rush will easily kill them. They stop all farming late game and just waits for you to kill them. This AI is different. It defends and attacks and acually provides a long intellegent game requiring strategy.

Now this AI supports water and land. They will build transports and a navy on water maps, a few ships in part water maps, and no ships in land maps. It rebuilds the walls if they get knocked down or they chop out a hole in the wood. They will respond depending on what you build and each civ will act differently. For example, if you build tons on Paladins, it would respond with Camels or Pikeman. If you build archers, skirmishers will be made. The Mongols will tend to build a lot of Cav. Archers and Mangudai while the Japanese will use mainly archers and infantry. It defends itself unlike all the other AI's and will make it much more of a challenge to kill.

The AI does not build much siege now and they have an army composed of more living things. In the last version, there was too much siege and some people conplained. The AI is still very hard but it doesn't advance as fast, builds more peasents, and builds less siege. They use combined arms, even the Franks. The Franks build lots of paladins, but will still support them with Throwing Axemen and such. If you try to counter the Paladins with Pikeman, for example, they will build infantry to take care of them ;P

I myself really like my AI. I play it all the time. It's hard and fun and since you only need just one, it won't slow down your game. I first played MDE Agr AI and thought it was great, but lacked a lot of things and was way too easy. I modified it greatly for months and now, it plays like a completely different AI. Then I thought, hey! People want a harder AI, why not submit this in? That is how this AI came to be.

For the people who are ignorant and insult me saying "cheating sucks, no wonder it wins".
"This is very disappointing. I took out the cheat and it didn't do anything." Well maybe if you read the instructions. I don't really give a crap if you hate my AI. Because you can't beat it doesn't mean you can come up and flame me for it. I like my AI and it gives me a challenge. I'm going to continue making this AI for myself and my friends who have great fun with it. Be prepared for the next version!

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DarkWulf I like it! great job, but did you change the readme thingee? because i liked the one for the 1.5 version better.
DSC =) at least you can't just jump to imperial on islands in a standard game and build a wonder =)

that's what i did with the old havoc bot...
graham Love I was one of the people who was critical of your first Ai and I would like to apoligise for that. We have played a lot of the AI's and been generally dissapointed especially when they stop gathering resources. The game we have enjoyed most was when we both took on your havoc bot. We started at 10 and finished at 7 in the morning, it was intense and tough but in restrospect the best game we have had.

I have just downloaded your new one and will give it a go on one of my maps.

Keep up the good work
Rusty Nail Could you consider doing a special DM AI that would duplicate the typical DM "drip" rush strategy favored by many players - either Paladin or camel. This would enable beginners to practice against a realistic multiplayer strategy that they will meet. I tried to use the scenario editor for this, but it doesn't seem possible.
File Author
Whoops. Made some stupid bugs but they barely effect gameplay.

Anyhow, should I make it so if you have no docks, the AI won't build any military water units? Sometimes, for any reason you want to play a land only coastal or rivers map, just don't build a dock. Also, if they annihilate your shoreline and you have no docks left, this might give you a chance to rebuild your water force. You could just build a wonder in an islands map and not build any docks though :P

So far, this works fine. But do you guys want it added in?
Carcharodon first of all,relax..
your old AI sucked..
i changed it myself and played with it WITHOUT cheating(i added resources mangement),and it worked just fine...
i didn't simply remove the cheats..
second of all,your old AI was simply agressive,no smart moves,no special tactics,and it had problem with walls..
you CAN make an AI that doesn't use any cheats,and still is very very good...
now your AI is great..
it still uses cheats,but it has great tactics and counters your units instead of just randomly pumping out units...
it is the best AI around,actually..
remove the cheats,and the AI will be PERFECT...(yes,it won't destroy 7 normal AI's anymore,but it will give the human players a satisfaction of not being ripped off...,and it can destroy at least 4 or 5 normal AI's without cheats,trust me...)
and one other thing,don't attack us just because we didn't like the fact that your AI cheats...
we can say whatever we want...
you don't have to get angry...
your old AI was nothing special,with or without cheats,that's all..
now you have something great here,work with it...
Carcharodon by the way,you made a very small and quite idiotic mistake in your ai,but it CAN affect gameplay...
let me just copy and paste this here so you'll understand:
(cc-players-unit-type-count any-enemy militiaman-line > fifteen-percent-pop)
(unit-type-count-total mameluke-line < fifteen-percent-pop)
(can-train mameluke-line)
(train knight-line)
(chat-local-to-self "Counter Infantry with Mameluke")
simply fix this the next time you'll fix this AI...
Jonas E. Hjortlund A new AND better version!! Hurra!!!!
We have played your old AI non stop, but had to include tons of ressources to beat it as it just kept going. It has a problem with water maps, so we just didnt play those.
I don't mind its "cheating"- its like a zillions times more fun that the standard AI. Right now I am looking into how I can REPLACE the standard AI so I dont have to make a map myself everytime we want to play. We play it on hardest and 2 humans again one Havoc and its so coooool and intense.
We would have 2 AI if the game could handle it but it starts lagging after 20 mins or so.
Thanks for your efforts. I value your work!
Klutharg Hi Temjin Bot,

Thanks and congratulations for your AI, it’s really a powerful and a challenging one. I found it really good to play a deathmatch though too tough for regicides or random maps. I played it on non-watery maps (pop limit : 100, difficulty : hardest) with Teutons myself playing Saracens (not so shitty, I’m telling you : a mixture of 15 mamelukes moving grouped on the front followed by 3 sieges onagers protected by 15 arbalests, 9 hand canoneers, 10 pikemen and 6 monks, all on stand ground, with 6 bombard canons, and 3 trebuchets behind is rather deadly provided one nevers sends mamelukes against elite teutonic knights, which are better converted by monks !).
Some remarks about your AI :
- Thank you for dubbing me ‘Lord of Ham’, it’s pretty cool especially for Saracens !
- I launched a powerful attack against Havoc_Bot_2.0’s town and almost razed two thirds of it including two castles and two town centers) but as I’m used to play the computer default AI, I thought it was almost done, and did not sustain my attack by replacing the troops I had lost. Bad mistake ! An unexpected and huge party of cavaliers (or paladins ? anyway…) rushed at me and wiped out the remains of my army. WAAAHHH ! The default AI would’nt have made this ! Nice reply. It makes the game more funny.
- As for fortifications, your AI builds it fairly well, no complaints (except from my dead troopers’ widows !)

Now some suggestions to improve your AI if possible :
- In the same game I subsequently built two castles and nine keeps across a ford near HB_2.0’s town and had to withstand the continuous assault of HB_2.0’s armies. So I posted there three siege onagers and few mamelukes and found it too easy to butcher a score of HB_2.0’s raiding parties (the time for my resources to grow). The raiding parties were not reacting to the onager’s attack and kept moving toward their target (they could never reach) : my castles. As soon as it notices deadly things like onagers any army should adopt the staggered formation (especially made for this) and order its mounted units to separate from the group and attack the siege weapons and its monks to try to convert them (which they can do at distance for all siege weapons excepts rams and trebuchets). It would have put me into trouble ! Though as I’m just beginning with AI script writing I don’t know if it’s feasible.
- Secondly HB_2.0 villagers did’nt rebuild a single one of all the buildings I had destroyed (except the town centers) although I left them enough time after my first attack (one game hour), as I had razed all stables I had to face only elite teutonic knights (tough guys, I’m telling you), skirmishers, pikemen, monks and siege weapons, but no cavaliers or paladins, smoother for me, no doubt !
- I noticed a small bug. There was a small perimeter of water (sort of a lake) inside HB_2.0’s town and your AI built a dock there with few warships : a waste of resources and military units.
- Last remark about the ‘cheating’. I don’t complain about this, as any computer player is at disadvantage against human players. Still I think there should be some limits to it. 1) I agree that any AI should start with a greater amount of resources than any human player. But 5000 I think is far too much and the amount of cheating should be far less at the dark age (500 ?) and of course increasing as the AI is advancing to feudal, castle and imperial age. 2) The cheating should be allowed only for the resources that are still available on the map. If there is no gold left on the map the AI can still sell wood or food to buy some, but it will get only a reasonably lmited amount of it. This could prevent from unbalancing the game.

This AI sends a neverending flow (flood ?)of troops. And the best tactics I found to defeat it is to canalize it by surrounding my town with fortifications, and leaving a part of it open (close to two or three castles with keeps), so it will more surely come to me that way, and post siege weapons there. At this stage I can attack with almost all my military units, going upstream this flow of troops (YAAAAA !) and fortifying along the way if necessary. Well, it takes some time, but is quite efficient To conclude I would say it’s a very good defensive AI, but its offensive capabilities can still be improved. And it seems to me it is more balanced than BingAI as it doesn’t advance so fast in ages.
I hope these few remarks are constructive and may be useful to you and that you can give me some tips about AI script writing as I am just a rookie in it. And sorry for the english mistakes (me french, u know).
DarkWulf Small thing... in a small map... i was playing, and there was 1 ally Havoc AI and 2 enemy Havok AIs (1 was taken out early tho... but that isn't a problem really...) and i was trying to defeat the last lingering AI... then, i ran out of food, gold and stone. (well, i still could get some food from farms, but no more foraging, or fishing...). Sooo, i am sitting here, w/ a rapidly dissapating army of cheap units, and the comp keeps pumping out all these units... that is a problem. perhaps some sort of slow down on growth?
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